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  • I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
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    Dave Daly

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    Nov 28th 2007

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    Jun 28th 2013

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  • Where to say hello

  • Spanish Inquisition


  • Major Malfunction

    I said too many wrong things in a row once and was very embarrassed.

  • Complaint

    My sentences have twice the amount of words in them as normal sentences and people say I produce no content.

  • Tracy Morgan replied

    Fuck that. Express yourself.

  • My response

    Pretty much fuck yes.

  • Why can't I

    get Flickr to work here? This is embarrassing.

  • I am being

    subject to police harassment in Portland, OR

  • I don't post

    here anymore because Warren is about the least important media stalker I still have.