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    Admiral Neck


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    John Warrender

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    Dec 1st 2007

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    Jul 30th 2011

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  • Most hated movie

    Dancer In The Dark

  • Favourite PKD novel

    A Scanner Darkly

  • Person I admire most

    Benjamin Linus

  • Most painful knee

    Right knee, at the moment

  • Best Rock Band song

    Jessica, by The Allman Brothers Band, because it's an enormous guitar solo that rises and falls and then rises and rises and rises and becomes an incredible soaring obstacle course for your fingers

  • Thing I hate most

    Daily Mail, and those who fail to recognise not only its truly evil nature, but also the depressingly banal nature of that evil.

  • Favourite Englishman

    Adam Curtis

  • Least fave Englisher

    Chris Moyles

  • Favourite book

    Infinite Jest - David Foster Wallace

  • Worst Rock Band song

    Should I Stay Or Should I Go, by The Clash. Because it's boring, because it's repetitive, because fuck The Clash.