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  • Real Name

    Cameron Bassirpour

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    Aug 24th 2010

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    Apr 19th 2012

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  • Favorite stories

    Transmetropolitan, TDKR, The Long Halloween, The Authority

  • Descent

    Irish/Iranian (American)

  • Favorite Bands

    Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Meshuggah, Elliott Smith, Nirvana, Deftones

  • Instruments played

    Guitar, Drums, Vocals

  • Genres played

    Prog Metal, Jazz Fusion, Alternative

  • Religion

    Born catholic, explored Islam, settled on Agnostic

  • I love TM so much

    that I actually bought a Spider Jerusalem Action Figure lol (still haven't opened it)

  • Birthday

    October 28th, 1991

  • Favorite movies

    The Dark Knight, The Departed, Sin City, Pulp Fiction

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