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    This is kind of like the point at which they re-branded the old ABC as an Odeon, It performed the same function, but it wasn't quite the same. It's been an good time to keep an eye on yourself, Mr. Ellis, as the scope of your work has ever increased, and become evermore interesting, and I believe we were all very honoured to have a common point of interest that was so transparent, wherein you could be, about what was making your world tick.

    During my time on this board, my life has changed dramatically, largely of my own volition, and after re-locating to the South, I've finally, I think, managed to stagger to my feet. It's taken a while longer than I anticipated. The short term future is finally settled, and now I guess I'll finally see if I can actually draw something in a non-geological timescale.

    Whitechapel is fantastic and like a petridish raped by a mad scientist, what it has created, is probably quite beyond what anyone here would have guessed. I've not got so far with my own schemings, but I've seen a number of great talents flourish and grow and will hopefully following them long into the future.
    Best of luck to you, sir.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011

    If not for this place, THIS image would not have jump-started my career in a way that I could not have ever foreseen.
    This place got me to level up, to draw more stuff more often, and to get it done fast and good(er).
    Turns out all I needed was a strict/inspired headmaster and a community that would kick my ass to produce better each week. That and fear of forum humiliation.

    I've worked my entire career to prove that comic illustration and typography could be a viable combination and to find my niche in it. My failing was to wait for clients to ask for it. I needed to just fucking do it and when I finally did, they started coming to me. In (relative) droves.

    So thanks Warren, for making this place somewhere that incredibly smart and talented creative people congregated and showed each other a next level existed.

    Thanks for putting up with the shit so that the good stuff could rise to the surface.

    I'll not abandon Whitechapel, because I think there's still a lot to be accomplished here, but it will be a different place without you poking stuff with a stick.
    Cheers, sir.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    This week I have made a new and excellent friend. I am settling in to my new place and my new job, both of which are fantastic. Life is as good as it gets, really. I'm going to spend this year adventuring around New York and the world, and some small portion of it being sad that there is no Uncle Warren to be afraid of.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Well the other great folk here at WC have already said it all better than I could, Warren - so I'll just offer a hearty Thank You for all of the ways that you (and this great community) have affected my Life, my Art and my Future.
    One day I will shake your hand (and offer you a bottle of good Canadian Whiskey with other).
    Happy Trails, Cap'n.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Hello Mr E,
    I'm just going to keep things simple.
    Thank you for providing everyone with such a unique environment, it's been a real pleasure.
    As for me, the rest of the year will be challenging and interesting if the last 18 months are to go by.
    And as the mother of a possible future overlord, all I can say is watch out world He wants to "Fix things".

    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011 edited
    Hey Warren. I know I've never been one for kissing your arse every chance I got, and I question the silliest of things from time to time. But I'll really miss you around here. Be well, produce more great stuff for me to waste what little money I have on, and if you're in Bergen I know where they sell both the best beers and the whiskys. That being said, I have great faith in the people taking over. It will never be the same, but I'm sure they'll make it a different kind of good, which is awesome too! Thank you for being part of setting into motion what became Whitechapel. It has truly changed my life, and all to the better!

    This week I've been relaxing, oh, and I went to see Bob Dylan live outdoors here in Bergen - and he had Suzanne Vega with him too. That was pretty awesome. For the rest of summer I'll first be at Norway Rock (babysitting The Darkness and Black Label Society and U.D.O. as an artist host), then to Slottsfjell in Tønsberg for some of the same (and seeing Mogwai!), then chillin' like a villain until it's time to go to Schlotheim in Germany and the Party.San festival and see great metal bands (and try to get backstage with Enslaved on the grounds of hey, you work at my favourite pub, I drink there, and your sound guy sometimes pretends to be my elder brother to get me out of trouble, LET ME IN). It will all be good. Rest of YEAR... Become a better light tech. Learn the GrandMA and how ot make them moving heads do sexy thing. Finish more high school subjects. Have good times but still try to drink less... That's about it!

    Ok, just to be sentimental:

    I added that photo to your Facebook page in 2008 and I STILL have half-scary nerds from all over the world adding me as friends just because I've touched Warren Ellis. You are appreciated.
    • CommentAuthor256
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Thanks for eveything, Boss. It's been a pleasure.

    On topic: Very strange week, and in a not very nice way. There will be Developments tomorrow, I think, and I reckon it's about 50/50 whether it'll get better or worse.

    Wish me luck.

    This week was also filled with meeting people who "I'll just love " and "you have so much in common with". Instead it involved meeting people who spent nearly a hour talking about how Gremlin's is still a mind fuck
    Ah ha ha ha haaa
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011

    Steve Huls here. Thanks for the good times and the good comics, Swami! I've been there since the WEF, and I'll be there for whatever you do next, where ever and whatever that may be.

    I do hope there's another forum in your future. Maybe a few years down the line when your mind is failing and all you remember are the good parts.

    As for my Saturday, we went a little crazy with the credit card:


    So here's to forgetting:


    Be seein' ya, boss.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    It was another long, stressful week. I gave a speech on comics and mentioned Shoot. So that was a plus side, also my friend David may be finishing our comic short soon, and I am drinking. So, not all bad. Mr. Ellis, thank you, you will be missed, and stalked (politely).
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    I continue on as usual. Working, reading, and listening. The rest of the year will be a lot like that, only with a little less working, thank god.

    As much as all the great people here add to the content, this has long been a way to visit your braincloud, Mr. Ellis, and there will no doubt be a different tone around here with others in the big chair. I'm interested in seeing what's next here at WC, but that means my days will be that much less Warren-y, unfortunately. Keep broadcasting, we'll all be on the lookout for your transmissions.
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    Oh well, all good stuff comes to an end, and in this case the end might be a new beginning (more webcomics, yay).

    Wait, does that mean we have to start reading the website again? Haha.

    This week I decided to sort all the data on my hd. AS a result I'm burried under a truckload of things to watch and listen, backup and/or delete, happily rediscover long lost gems and scratch my head why the fuck have I dloaded this thing... and so on!

    Also, preparing for my own ongoing webcomic...
    And that's how I want to spend the rest of the year, cranking out chapter after chapter of b/w art. Hoping to start drawing (or at least thumbnailing) around my birthday (so around 15th). I find that birthdays and new years are fairly good motivators to work, as long as I don't let the "oh god, I'm older again!" mood to pound me into the ground.

    (I'm at the same time really anxious to just get started and really afraid that I'll screw it up without adequate preparations... I guess I'll just sort what I have already prepared, do more designs and just dive in, like I did the last time)
    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011 edited
    Hey Warren,

    I joined Whitechapel a year and a half ago when I was the most depressed I'd ever been in my life. I was failing classes at my Uni and not getting out much, as I was living without car in south San Diego where there is nothing to do and the public trans is god awful. I gained about 20 pounds during that time as well. Whitechapel was exactly what I needed - a group of people with whom I could socialize without needing reliable transportation, whose creativity and intelligence inspired and encouraged me to not give up, pull myself together, and start DOING something again. I made many wonderful friends.

    Fast forward to now and I've gotten my shit together. I now have my Bachelor's of Science in Ecology and I am doing volunteer work at an aquarium, spending my saturday mornings as a seahorse nanny, cleaning their poop droppings and feeding them (Btw, our aquarium has wolf eel babies, they're about forearm's length now and black and red and look very cool, you'd love them).

    I've also found the love of my life, a fiercely intelligent and creative being who also has a mohawk and goes to Burning Man. I've moved in with him in what I think is the best part of town (Hillcrest, in San Diego), where you can easily get around on foot, bus, or bike, where there is plenty of culture and art and folk of my kind, and many opportunities for actually being active around town in meaningful ways.

    I've also gotten fit, having lost those twenty pounds I gained, and now have a very healthy resting heart rate of 60bpm, down from a previous 90bpm. I can no longer eat simple carbs and sugars or I feel like total shit because I've been taking care of myself so well (Well, if I have too many. And I still have plenty of good beer. Mmm....).

    In short, when I joined the Whitechapel Legion I was at my lowest, and now on your last Saturday Open Mic Night, I am at the peak point in my life. I am truly happy with the direction my life is taking, and I thank Whitechapel for being part of that journey of success. I look forward to seeing what other work you come up with in the years to come and ranting at you again in whatever other message boards you run.

    Let me know if you want a wolf eel, the aquarium is in massive surplus of them.

    Oh, and some horror for the week, because you all simply MUST hear about this:

    The other day on the bus some 60ish year old dude with shoulder length hair and a bag of prescription meds gave me a note, scribbled on a wrinkled piece of torn brown paper bag, that said: "I do piercings and tattoos @ reasonable rates. I would like to party with you and put some art on u. My name is Pain." I'd post the picture I took of it except it has his email and phone number on it and I haven't taken the time to photoshop it out yet.

    - Argos

    Baby seahorses say herro!
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    As a semi-lurker I've never manned up sufficiently to contribute to these threads. But as this is the last ship from the havens (to go all fucking-elf-story)...

    What have you been up to this week? Just another dull working week sadly, building an online trade quote system for a solar panel company. I did relieve the boredom by starting work on an incredibly nerdy stained glass window design to print out and paste up onto the thin, useless window by my front door. Ideally it will convince my neighbours that I'm

    a: Creative and interesting.
    b: A mad bastard to be avoided at all costs.

    (If you can't make them like you being feared is the next best thing.)

    And how are you going to spend the rest of the year? Working, and trying not to spend too much money so I can actually afford to pay for the cruise to New Zealand I'm taking in the new year. It's all booked, but they're stating to send me letters asking where the cash is. I've also got to decide what I'm going to write while on said voyage. Too many old movies where a frustrated writer goes on a cruise to get away from it all have convinced me that I need to do some writing while on said cruise - no idea what about though.

    Thanks for everything Mr Ellis. You made us like you and fear you in equal amounts and shall be truly missed.
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    Fuck apologizing for this feeling: It remains inspiring and intimidating to post in your presence, Mr. Ellis. I'll miss it. I bought Fell, Desolation Jones, Ghost Boxes, plus whatever issues of anything with your name on it I could find in Rome because of this forum. I don't think I'm going to stop now.

    What have you been up to this week?
    I have started a new job. One that sounds like it's part/full time, which is good, because, I have just gotten one of those Ideas. I thought it and went "That would be a delicious story," then thinking "wait...I could do it!" Now, all I have to do is flesh it out.

    And how are you going to spend the rest of the year?
    Moving into an apartment.
    Sending off more applications/pitches for freelance gigs.
    Write letters.
    Make a .pdf compilation of my best writing so far. (I have no idea if it will "work" in any traditional sense, since I'm not an artist, but after seeing Public Domain, I'm inspired to do the same thing. Put it out on Mediafire around December and call it a Christmas present.)

    FURTHER EDITS: This is the 10,000th thread, apparently. Also, thank you for overseeing this place. That went unsaid the first time around pre-edit, and I want to correct that.

    • CommentAuthorMark R
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Evening Warren-
    I'm a reader, not a writer. But this being your last Open Mic Night, I thought I'd take a minute to jot down my offering of appreciation for the space you created here. I've enjoyed the last three and a half-ish years of your brain droppings, dnd the synapse tickling posts that everyone else drops in here, too. 'Your' Whitechapel has been a place that has routinely made me think. And I very much feel gratitude to you (and everyone else that has a hand in it) for making a space to allow it to happen. So then, here's to you and your future, and to the future of Whitechapel.
    Be well, sir.
    Many thanks.
    • CommentAuthorOrpheus
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    It has been a true pleasure, Warren. Just dropping in to see whats about and developing has always brightend (or indeed ruined, in a good way) my day. Whitechapel has become a beautiful amalgamation of fantastic minds, one entity. It is commendable, I say, and deserves some from of knighting. Pronounced, Sir Ellis.

    Personally, my day as a bar manager and waiter has been an absolute horror. Timings being constantly off balance, staff who cant find thair back pocket with two hands and a map and a tsunami of customers with a holier than thou frame of mind. I also need new shoes, as i can feel gravel stones as i walk over them and have a nasty tendancy to get my socks wet.

    The rest of the year? More of the same, really. Hopefully better than this day for a scale of good to rock bottom. OH! And a family trip to Brazil and Canada.

    I raise my dark glass of porter to all. Cheers!
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    My usual experience with these is to see them when they open think "Oh, I'll write something in there in a minute" and then wake up on Sunday afternoon when they're closed. But I do appreciate them a lot.

    What have you been up to this week?
    What I've been doing for the last couple months. Looking for work. Writing (currently about the Anti-Nowhere League's bizarre second album). Reading. Worrying about money. Greatly amusing an old drunk lady with your William Carlos Williams parody shirt. Winning a burrito speedeating contest (okay so the last two only happened this week).

    And how are you going to spend the rest of the year?
    Writing more. Reading more. Hopefully getting a job. Definitely going to the US at the end of October (my girlfriend's paying for me). I want to build up a decent readership for my blog. I hope there is enough of an audience of people who want to read 3000 word posts about 2 minute punk songs. I got into it properly mainly out of spite towards a bunch of terribly written punk blogs which seemed to be getting popular. I've recently received my first messages of support from people I don't know (and been described as 'if Laurie Penny just wrote about punk rock' by an Australian comedian friend of mine) and something close to my first hate mail (got told that nothing I said was relevant or worth reading as I'm a white male the other day by someone, which was fun). Which is awesome. In the rest of the year I want to keep it going while also focusing on my fiction a bit more. I'm also managing to worm my way into the local literary scene just by dint of having enough time to turn up at book readings and zine launches and things. By the end of the year I want the first draft of my novel done and to have received at least one death threat. That would make me feel like a real writer.

    This is from a few months ago now but my camera's busted and my webcam has a mind of its own so it's still the most recent picture of me I have (also featured, woman who is far too good for me):
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    Internet Jesus,

    Thank you for hosting this place, even when we are being vile hugging annoyances. And for SNOM, which continues to amaze me. I doubt you find my life interesting, but you seem to be willing to read about it anyway. Thank you for creating a space and audience for us to rant about our lives, show off our art/music/etc and connect to other wierdos. Wonderful weirdos. Also, thank you to Arianna, Mark, Paul Duffield and all the behind the scenes people for making this work. And thank you to Si for being mad enough to be willing to take over.

    This week: Work drama finally got dealt with, though it did mean I ended up crying in front of one the co-worker I was having problems with. At least he finally got it and is better at listening now. Yesterday I got to ride a horse bareback in the lake. Which was lots of fun and tiring. My legs were wobbly for a couple hours

    Plan to do by the end of the year: Moving into an apartment. I've been needing to do that for a while now. Time to finally do it.

    Photographic proof of mad horse riding claims, in which I am anything but glamorous (I'm still trying to get on properly in it).
    4 Me, elegantly get on a horse? Hah!
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011 edited
    Hey Warren, going from the only Comics person with a fun, interesting and usable message board to the only Comics person with no message board at all! Life is weird, thanks for the forum. Whitechapel was my introduction to both online communication and reading cool webcomics. I have made some good friends here and better yet the new enemies I discovered can’t actually reach across the pub table to stab me with their broken pint glasses.

    I spent the past week getting ready for some upcoming art shows…

    my bedroom, er I mean my

    and learning to speak Japanese from my buddy Mark ( on the left) and some new friends ( I'm the bald guy on the right)…

    For the next 360 days or so I plan to get a good grip on nihongo and fly to Japan just so I don't have to perpetually despair over the fact that every day of my life is almost exactly like the one before only more tired and wrinkly.

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    Dear Scary-Man-Who-Calls-Me-Bad-Things,

    I'm going to make this short, and not so sweet. Your presence will be missed, and your mad genius when it comes to using the net to do crazy techno magic. Because of you, I like ambient and dropstep music. It is also because of you, I realize that comics are not just a medium of communication, but the best means of communicating with a mass audience. Print is not dead, it just needs to survive. I like Whitechapel because of the community it builds, in my area I am looked at as the strange one, my viewpoints and interests are looked down upon as unnecessary. It is in Whitechapel I see new ideas spring and form. I was not once, but twice insulted by you. Please don't write about me on your website, I pretty much deserved it, and liked the fact that one of my idols (even though harshly) interacted with me. I hope that you pop back into here when necessary. Avatar seems like its got a level head, when it comes to dealing with creativity, and looks as though it isn't going away. The place has changed, the faces have grown, but its the intense insanity that I want to stay. Si seems like a worthy successor.



    Nathan H.


    Since I first lurked here I have: graduated; gotten an internship with a Senator's office; dumped a girlfriend; had my parents divorce; changed my politics; changed my views; learned to love history, strategy, and science; denounced my belief in "God"; got an iPhone and joined the cult of Steve Jobs; became addicted to "Coilhouse" and started more addictions than I have time to write. By the end of this year, I plan to be employed and moved out of my grandparents' home, FINALLY get "dream girl", and finally get laid again.

    Shine on you crazy drunkard diamond!

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