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      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011 edited
    I'm trying to refrain from saying it, but I just can't. Thank you and you will be missed around here.

    This week (today, in fact), I attended the funeral service of my mother's best friend, and a woman who was a strong presence throughout my life, Dot Stadler. But the week started with my girlfriend Liz coming home from six weeks out of town. Also, a friend got married and another one is having a child, so I suppose it balances out in some ways.

    This year, I plan to keep having fun playing with Minibosses all over the country (and hopefully out of the country) and I plan to keep hating working.

    Everyone has already said everything else I have to say.
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    I went to the local speciality booze store tonight and they actually had Brew Dog - so I bought some Hardcore IPA and drank it in your honor. It was really good, dark and bitter (like I like it) with some sweet overtones - just like our Daddy Warbeard.

    The Cult of Ellis and the grand maester himself have shown me a lot of strange and wonderful things over the years, like a dick covered in bees and witch house and burial. You all have turned me into a man of refined taste with a strong stomach for photos of dickbees.

    Tranetropolitan got me back into reading comics and books like Desolation Jones and Fell kept me reading them. When they stopped/hiatus-ed I went backwards and read great books by Pekar and Eisner and the rest of the slice of life old guard. Then I read things like Nawlz and The Nightly News and saw the future of the medium.

    None of that would have been possible without the rantings and ravings of some bearded, crazed British man.

    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Started hanging about a few years ago because I wanted to use the internet more often. I didn't know much about what was out here, and decided to dive in. I'm still falling. Thank you for opening my mind to so much stuff. I'll miss you.

    This week was good. Busy at work, but I'm not getting stressed out. Finally, I get that it's a job and not a vocation.

    This year I'm going to act on at least one of my crazy creative ideas.
    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Been writing. Been making things. Made a business deal to potentially start wholesaling my jewelry. Tried to make a new friend, but he turned out a bastard who incidentally now wants nothing to do with me. I think. He isnt saying either way, so im making an assumption here.

    My cat is trying to kill the footbath and my husband broke two of his toes after a morning quickie.

    Its been a really weird week.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011 edited
    Well damn.

    This week I've mostly been eating and drinking myself silly at this cabin here.

    How are you going to spend the rest of the year? Well. The idea is to just get back to gigging, seeing as that seems to be the only way I can actually make sound go like. Also, preferably with ladies, yes.

    That's not important right now, however. This is what is important; here's what Whitechapel has been to me:

    This is the first time I've been actively involved in a web forum for this long. Why? Because this is a forum of people who DO THINGS and GET THINGS DONE. I think that on a personal level being here coincides with the acceptance of the fact that I have at some point, despite my best intentions, become a musician.

    I shall elucidate. I come from a family of professional musicians, and if there is one thing their example has tought me, it is not to follow in their footsteps. I have seen people burn out, I have seen people lose their love of music, I have seen families disintegrate. And so, I decided not to be a musician. That was very much the plan. And yet, over the past 10 years (since joining Älymystö, to be precise) and especially the last 3 years (after starting my solo things), I have mutated. I have realised music/sound is what I do, what I think about, and what I pretty much revolve around. And so, here I am. I realize that the fact that I make as little music/sound as I do makes me a a rather shabby musician, but now that I've accepted my part in this thing, I guess I'll just have to start getting busy. I am reminded of your words in re: writer's block. And so I play gigs. And so I surround myself with people who DO THINGS and GET THINGS DONE. And so I am here.

    Whitechapel is a continual source of joy, and inspiration, and a reminder to DO ANYTHING. Start with the possible and move gradually towards the impossible. We are all freaks, and angels. (Excuse the awful comparison, but it does resonate.)

    Thank you for these connections, and your support, and the vectors for contagious enthusiasm. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope to see you in these parts evern after the garments of rulership have been passed on, bossWarren.

    • CommentAuthorAkiramich
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Hi, Warren. I just wanted to say thanks for bringing me here. I've met some really interesting people here and I hope to continue to do so. That's about it. My week hasn't been very interesting, and tonight has just been me, a fuckton of Chinese food and a Big Bang Theory marathon. Whoo.
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    Thanks for this place, Warren. It's saved my life a few times; and as I've said a billionty times before, I'll miss you. Hopefully will continue to provide inspiration, entertainment and bits of occasional horror.

    Nothing interesting this week, beyond summer classwork being insane, work being equally insane; the usual stuff.
    It makes me wish there were more hours in a day, as mom's decided to be social/worried about me this week, which means trying to wake me up at 7am to know if I'm okay.
    Never was a morning person.Gruuuh.
    I need more hours for my art and writing. :P
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011

    An Uninnocent Abroad

    Cheers for chiseling another crack in the boundary between creators and enjoyers, I'll be here to read everyone Avatar sends running over your footprints through the minefield. And clicking the hell out of any links they dare present.

    This week kicked ass. One of my articles got over a million views in a day. Which was nice. I've also punched through a first draft for a Machine of Death submission, and am looking forward to the rest of the combo of re-re-re-writing (in between rent-paying gigs) over the next seven days.

    This year I'm getting the first book out the Lulu-door and wondering what country I'll spend 2012+ in. The Lovely Lady X is finishing up a PhD in molecular genetics and now gets to investigate labs while writing about how she reprogrammed living things. I get to be grateful I make my money with a keyboard and can work anywhere, meaning we can go anywhere, absolutely anywhere (that promises to pay her and give her access to expensive gene-manglers.)

    Thanks to everyone who posts in these threads. Now start looking forward the portmanteu of genital descriptors the ever-beautiful Si will bestow on the next iteration.
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    My week was... a week. Next week is birthday week, however, and I've got three days in a row off starting tomorrow. None of those days are my birthday, of course, and my girlfriend works two out of three of them, but they'll be sunny and warm days of rest despite being slightly misplaced in time so damned if I'm going to bitch about it. As for the rest of the year, I'm going keep on going day by day, spend as much time with loved ones as possible, try to save up a bit of cash so I can afford a real life, and write a few video game articles here and there. I've got nothing to complain about.

    And like everyone else has said, thank you for Whitechapel and everything it's become. I've been reading your stuff since Tundra's Lazarus Churchyard, so even when you thought I was a babbling idiot it was still a privilege to talk to you, and the creative people who spring up around you.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    I'll third the notion that you should drop in now and again, Warren.

    Inturweb discussions forums that are worth a damn are few and far between. There's a fine group of sane people here. I don't think that's an accident.

    * * *

    This week zipped by pretty fast. Training meetings at work, one sleepless night walking a dog with the runs.

    Three day weekends light a fire under me. I took off early yesterday to start moving around furniture, preparing for a long-overdue carpet washing. It was a fine hot day today for that. Got everything done by 11; I left the windows open and fans going and headed for Mount Hood.

    It was in the eighties down here in Portland, but up on the mountain it was around 40 F, and there was a healthy coat of snow around. There were people skiing, on July 2nd. Neat. The dog wallowed and thrashed in the snow; I got my feet cold and wet. An hour later, I was buying fresh cherries from a farm stand. Oregon. Neat.

    I think I've finished my mystic lantern project. Now I just need to pack it up and send it to the recipient.
      CommentAuthorJon Wake
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Damn. End of an era, it is. My comic just got picked up by a publisher, and its largely because of the press Warren helped generate.
    It's been a helluva ride. See you in the funny papers.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Wow. It's strange to think of how much time has passed. I think The Engine was still around back when I started school, then we all moved here. It quite easily took me through graduation up 'till this point... and while I'm barely an active member beyond some of the art, photo and SL threads, I have to say I'll definitely miss your presence here. I wish the best for your future endeavors!

    As I've posted elsewhere on the forum, i spent a lot of time out yesterday photographing a couple of live concerts & fireworks for Canada Day. I also happened to roast my upper back in the process, so I'm dealing with a fairly large sunburn. Thankfully aloe and lidocaine are making the process a little more manageable. Otherwise, it's been a pretty busy week - I have a bunch of projects on the go and will be writing up some documents for a new one soon. I need a clone or three to do all the things I want to do.

    Here's me, taken long before my slow roast yesterday.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011 edited
    Lord Almighty Ellis, I'm only not crying because it's too fucking hot and I need the water and because it'll annoy you. But still feeling all end-is-fucking-nigh and it sucks. Followed you up and down Livejournal but missed the email/Engine-y things. Whitechapel was a natural and quickly became a good virtual weigh station. You've got good people surrounding you, it's been a privilege to correspond with you and get to know the fabulous strangers of Whitechapel. Freak Angelsshould be an anime. Unless that utterly pisses you off. Anyhow, thank you for getting us into this sandbox. Thanks for playing Warden and containing any messes before they got out of hand. Thanks for giving prompts to creative types who feel something burgeoning but don't know quite how to get it out. Those creative people made quite a buzz that got the rest us - well, me - hot and bothered to Make Stuff. Many of us without ever pulling on our pants*. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    In the time I've been on Whitechapel I headed off to New York City - without a particularly useful plan - and got to know Whitechapelers there. I fought depression and an ugly economic term there. And I don't know that I would have made it through all that well without regular SNOMs, Friday Freakangels and Whitechapel meetups at that one bar off Union Square. I can't say for certain that I wouldn't have made it, but I haven't the slightest idea how I would have done it. Ultimately I had to return to Southern California and I still miss New York like crazy. But Whitechapel helps me to remember to keep moving forward. There have been a lot of "I want to" and "I'm planning to" statements I've made here and some I've followed up on, some I haven't, but being able to make them has happened only because I saw other people plowing ahead with their plans and art.... My preferred art is behind the scenes, directing and stage managing, dramaturgy and occasionally writing, so I don't have anything to show here. Even when I perform I can't bring anything to show off. But the fact that people give a shit anyway and cheer me on is quite encouraging.

    This week was tent-poled over Tuesday & Wednesday's voice classes. Everything else felt a bit sleepy and dull. It's been hot. It's like Mama Nature was listening when we whined about not getting a summer last year and decided to let the hammer drop right on Midsummer. I don't remember what chilly mornings are like. I've had trouble sleeping. I can't keep on one train of thought for very long. Ah but my voice classes rocked. Air conditioning FTW. Two different classes, usually two different teachers. But this week one of the teachers was out so my demo prep teacher also led the animation class. Suffice it to say that Steve Staley knows his shit when it comes to voice work. Demo prep was bittersweet since it was the last class out of six. I could have kept talking with Steve for a while but it's a bit rude to keep a working pro from his appointed rounds and even though he extended his time by giving me a lift in his car to where my truck was, we had to go our separate ways with a hug and promise to link over facebook. Of course, we went our separate ways for a solid 20 hours... then Animation class. Heh. Animation was fun (how could it not be?) and I had a good time exploring characters that garnered me a few personal "hey good job!" comments from classmates.

    Going forward I need to make a commercial demo. That's the plan for July. It's a lot of money to drop so I must proceed with caution, but proceed I shall. The plan is own the space I take up, to fill out the noise I make with conviction. I can't promise it'll all be set by the end of the year; it's probably one of those obnoxious "journey" projects. But I am going to take charge of my life and be the agent of change in my own life, as Steve likes to say. I mean, I knew already that no one would swoop down and save me, but now the shit gets real. I'm me. I'm Flor and you're going to listen to me.

    *I usually wear pants. It's shoes where I draw the line between having it my way and conforming to societal standards and tyrannies.

    A friend and me at Piquarius.
    Me (on the right) and friends the day after a most epic annual party called Piquarius. Tail end of February, the night before had been one of the coldest in recent memory (frost in LA is damn rare). Epic inebriation, epic ass-making on the part of a few friends (not the survivors you see here), epic um...indulgence on my part. At this point I'm at around 32 hours with no sleep. I'll go another 6 before I'm ready to lay down.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Thanks for everything, Warren. I learned a lot and became a better kind of bastard thanks to you and Whitechapel =D

    I posted a new Space Shark this week. I've been holding in that particular episode since December. It could've turned out better, but I'm just glad to get it out of my system finally.
    SDCC is gonna be here before I fucking know it. I got my passes for Thursday and Friday only. I didn't get a hotel room for the night so now I dunno why I fucking got more than one day. I guess it's because I had a fucking blast last year and that time it was only one day. I'll figure it out. I always do.

    Anyway, thank you again. I still am baffled by how far Space Shark has come. It has not made me any money or whatever, but it has made me slightly less of a nobody than I was before I debuted the comic. I've made it onto pretty much every comics news site I enjoy/respect in this first half of the year. I am still shocked that I even made it to this point. I still see myself as that punkass kid in the back of class drawing silly shit for friends to laugh at.

    Anyway, I made the Action Warren figure in your honor, I hope you dig it <3
    Action Warren
    Anyway, I'm spending the rest of the year trying not to get fucking roasted since the balls hot summer is in full effect now. And see how much further Space Shark takes me :D

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    Well, damn.
      CommentAuthormuse hick
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    thank you, mr ellis
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    | <3 |
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    I'm gonna miss these things.
    Whitechapel hasn't changed my life like it has with other folks here. My art is probably about the same as it would have otherwise been, though maybe a bit more willing to say impolite things, and Whitechapel does get credit for giving me the idea for one of the pieces that appeared in my only solo art show. I have gotten a bit more attention on my blog and such; most of my traffic for it comes from this place. But there's not been an incredible change that just threw my life upside down the way it needed to be for things to work out in the best possible way for me.
    Still, it been a place with neat things that make me think, pretty art and comics, and a good selection of people to befriend. That's all I needed it to be, and everything has exceeded my expectations. You may tire of reading the word tonight, but, well, thanks. Thank you for everything.

    I came here a little over a year ago. My first open mic thread I had just said goodbye to the first person I ever fell in love with so he could knock on people's doors and preach about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon for 2 years. Part of my plan for the year to come is to welcome him back at the end of this. It's a good thing I have most of the year to figure all that out, as I fell in love with someone else in the meantime. I won't go on too much about that, but it's been on my mind, having just reached the halfway point of this waiting business and getting a letter on thursday and all that. I keep thinking about something I read in a Jeffrey Brown comic recently, that you don't really get over people, your heart just gets big enough to love more of them.
    This week was frustrating and wonderful and exhausting. I felt like work was even more of a waste of time than usual. We hurried to get some posters done so we'd have nice decorations when a big fancy General came to the base. Of course, they didn't get used. Which would be fine if the last 2 summers of my life, all the things I've laminated and framed, weren't sitting in the back corner of a room gathering dust. If that job we'd rushed so much wouldn't be joining the piles of useless hours.
    On the bright side, Thursday was a short day. It was the Independence Day celebration and I got paid for 5 hours of walking around outside on a day with perfect weather, talking with nice people about things that weren't work, watching a parade and jumping round on one of those silly giant rubber blow up things they have for rich kids birthdays and whatnot. That was a good early start to the weekend.
    Today and yesterday I helped my sister move. A lot of the other people that helped were people she didn't even really know, but were just folks from the church we go to, doing something nicer than they'll ever know. I spent a bit of time looking out the window of the room that will be mine in a couple of months. It's such a beautiful place. I felt more at home in those few minutes than I have in a very long time. I feel like I have so much to be happy about and look forward to.
    In the next year, I will start living there, and going to a new university with a new printmaking professor. I'll learn letterpress and screenprinting, and do more relief work. Maybe I'll make a book or two. I'll come on Whitechapel and see some cool things, as I have this past year.

    Thanks again, Internet Jesus, for letting me ramble on like this. We're going to miss having you around.
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    Old pic, but it still works.
    I haven't really shown my face on a Saturday in a while, but this is worth making time for.

    You said this isn't your Whitechapel. True. It used to be... WC to me now? It's the IRC room where I go in to say hi occasionally and have Cameron capslock some randomness to me. It's the group Skype call on Tuesday nights (and sometimes Fridays) that devolves into a bunch of adults typing "BEWWWWWBS" for no reason. It's most of my Twitter feed; a bunch of little interconnected bits of info and comments. It's the stack of Christmas cards and prints and paintings (which I still need to get frames for) from all over the place. It's the room I am in this very second, listening to an electronic song w/ a Dalek sample. I don't spend a lot of time on the boards nowadays, because Whitechapel is damn near everywhere. I'll try to rein this in before it gets too sappy, but thank you for what this place has become.
    And, goddamn it, I am giving you a hug someday.

    Lately, life has been rough. Surprise, surprise. The fella quit his job Tuesday. It had become a slowly sinking ship, and it wasn't even a very good place to be before the beginning of the end. Don't quite know what's going to happen now. We have bills covered for a couple weeks, but who knows if he's gonna get another job before we get in trouble.
    So, yeah, the whole "rest of the year" thing is up in the air at the moment. But I'm gonna make the best of it.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.