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    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011
    For the last open mic, sir, you get one last SUAVE:

    It's been a pretty quiet week of little else but work and drinking. Just got back from Australia with my mates last week. Some photos here.

    Also, found out that Kieron Gillen will be in town for Nerd Prom Singapore 2011. Did back flips of joy (not really, but let's pretend that I did).
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2011 edited
    Telling you what I'll be doing the rest of the year is pretty much also summing up what Whitechapel has been for me under the auspices of your mad caprice your benevolent philosopher kingship.

    For one, as a result of frankly being jealous of the praise many terrific artists were getting here over the past couple of years, I started drawing again. This year, a lot of threads of that started to coalesce and I should have some sort of a gallery show before the end of the year, possibly in September. Some recent work that's going to be the base of some of that is here:

    twoFour Hours Detailwork in progress detailsketchblotchsitting wipink water charcoal wip

    As a result of feedback I got on a long neglected lofiscifi thread, the boulder has started rolling down the cliff of myself and a friend putting together a film festival of very-low-budget science fiction films in LA, probably in October of 2012. I expect the rest of the year to be filled largely with work on this.

    I made a few friends here, got a bit of inspiration, and had my opinions on things challenged and changed occasionally in welcome ways. So, for all that, cheers!

    Here is a short tribute I put together to commemorate your last Saturday Night with us:

    Please don't kill me for that.
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    Shit man this is it.....

    Well. in the grand old tradition of SNOT, i am typing this while completely out of my skull. but there is not going to be any of that self- satisfied whining and bad typing that is associated with me (well, ok, maybe a little bad typing).

    I will miss this. i will miss the fact that it was a small but significant opening for people to pour out their true feelings and situations. Sometimes the situations was trivial, sometimes it was truly ugly and pitiful. But there was no judging. THAT was the thing about this thread. There was no "fuck you" or "you're a loser HAHA!" stuff. people bared their souls and people on here responded. It was true. it was REAL.

    I have confided things to this thread that i have never really spoken to with my immediate friends. It's not that i can't speak to them about stuff, but this thread is liberating. and i for one will miss it.

    Thanks Warren for putting up with my 7am fucked up shit. and here is a pic of me being fucked up last night. Oh and the mohican is back!...

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    Up to this week: the mad scramblefuck that is deadline week. We're still behind on the next issue. And trying to raise funds for my trip back home.

    What I will be up to: Finally going back to the States (and the 9-5) after a spring spent wandering the Eastern Seaboard and Quebec, a little bit of traveling, and hopefully a lot more creating.

    I wish I wasn't so very often prone to bouts of lurkiness. I feel like I know everyone here, but I never say a damn word myself.
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    You will be missed Warren. It was great to be here while you were at the helm and it'll be sad to see you parachute the fuck out of this place (Whitechapel is some kind of sinister dirigible apparently).

    Finally got my band to agree to a more frequent practice regime. We met up yesterday for the first time in months after I threatened to start a new project because we weren't getting anywhere with such sporadic and infrequent jam sessions. It was very much a case of me throwing my toys out of the pram, but it actually worked so the end justified the means.

    The rest of the year will see me jamming and gigging, drinking lots of fine beer and Scotch, finding a job/sending forms off to my insurance company so they pay my mortgage for me, walking two miles along a beautiful canal every fortnight to the brain-raping hate factory that is the JobCentre, getting some writing done and improving my Chess skills (yes I am a nerd why thank you).

    All the best!
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    Taken last Sunday at Alt. Fiction in Derby. The very end of the Sunday after the last programmed event. Cropped from a large image

    Ah shit, the last Open Mic. I'd really better post to this or else regret it.

    It really is like others have said, Whitechapel's been important to me. To me this has been a social space on the Internet that's mostly been free from gratuitous displays of people behaving like arseholes and filled with intelligent noise. (OK, yes also Godzilla Bukkakie, but I try not to remember that.) And as well as the forum, the IRC channel that's attached to this place is always on in the background and provides a constant stream of weirdness and warmth. Mostly I think good things about this place. There is also inner ear damage from all the shared music.

    What have you been up to this week?

    The usual stuff. Reading. Doing some work for a local reading festival. Arranging a writing workshop/picnic that involves going to ancient sites around the county.

    And how are you going to spend the rest of the year?

    A lot of work for a reading festival website. Moderate the Whitechapel IRC channel with Taphead and Ata. Become a zen master of short stories. Get back into condition fit for rock climbing. Maybe start a business.
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    Oh God. This is the last one is it?

    Well, since this has in part turned into a retrospective: I registered on Whitechapel immediately after the Coilhouse Magazine launch party. I had been lurking for several months, and then I attended said party and recognized a bunch of people from here (Mer, Zo, Trotsky, and somebody else who's name I don't remember were the ones I recognized almost immediately) and thought 'how the hell can I introduce myself to these people without coming off as super creepy?' And I couldn't, really. So I decided to remedy that by joining up (too late to make any difference for that evening, obviously).

    In my time on Whitechapel, I've made a couple of friends. i've gained enough self-confidence to give my heart completely to somebody in a way that I never could before (even though it didn't work out and destroyed that self-confidence, and lost me my heart), and mostly learned to enjoy the scenery, and that, sometimes, it's okay to let my brain spill out where everyone can see it. The SPIT, and the SNOM, and the Draw Each Other, and the Vile Hugging threads have kind of become my de facto Whitechapel hangouts, and it's been good. Whitechapel has become my second internet home, and once I nest in a place I tend to stay, so we'll see what Si and whoever else may take up management will bring. I'll always be in the corner with a pint. And probably a broken heart. Thanks for giving me a place to cry, even though there is No Crying on Whitechapel.

    I almost want to put together a self-portrait montage a la Oddbill's thing, but I'm slightly the worse for drink (after hanging out with oddbill, coincidentally), so I shan't. No picture this week.
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2011
    I am sad to see this go, even if it does return in another incarnation. Some have said that endings are important, but I feel like I am just getting started here. In any case, a tip of the hat and a chug of the beer to you, Mr. Ellis, for being the focal point that brought this great community together.

    I suppose I should add some actual Open Mic stuff, or it just wouldn't be proper.

    What have you been up to this week?

    This week has been a bit of a roller-coaster. On Thursday, my grandmother's boyfriend died. I'd only known him for a few years, and he lived a long and full life, so I'm not devastated like I have been in the past. We'd known for about a week that he didn't have long, so everyone got to make their piece, and there was no protracted illnesses leading up to it, either. All in all, it could have been much worse. But still, you know, death.

    On Friday, my ceiling starting spewing water everywhere. Turns out some wanker on the third floor left a tap running into a plugged sink, and then went out. Three apartments, including mine, ended up getting soaked. A few of my light fixtures need to be replaced, and a bunch of painting on the ceiling needs to be done. I'm damn lucky nothing worse was damaged, as most of it came down in hallways or in the bathroom. But it was still an incredibly stressful experience.

    Those were the downs, but there were a few ups as well. I managed to watch a very impressive 10 minutes of fireworks down in the inner-harbour on Canada day (perhaps not quite impressive enough to justify three hours of waiting, but oh well). I also managed to finish the story I was working on for Steevo's super-short fic compilation, which I am very happy about. I may submit it to a few other places as well, perhaps Weaponizer or some such. We shall see.

    You can read it on my website, if you are so inclined.

    I also hung out with Neil Gaiman in late last night. That was a very cool experience. There were only maybe 15 people in there at the time. I've avoided the subsequent broadcasts he's done, as there's generally a few hundred people in the room mere minutes after it's announcement on twitter. But that initial broadcast was a lot of fun.

    How are you going to spend the rest of the year?

    Over the next few months I shall be job hunting, due to me graduating recently (though I still need to finish my resume, something I have been very lax about). Hopefully I'll be able to land a gig at a game company that makes games I like, though I may have to work my way up.

    In the mean time, I'm working on a game with a few other recent or upcoming graduates from my school. We've only got a few more weeks before we hit alpha, which is super awesome. Even if this project ends up making no money, I've learned so much about programming, working with other people, and programming with other people, that I could never imagine not doing it. It's also really reinforcing that this is the right career for me. I really love doing this type of work.
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    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2011 edited
    Well, thanks for building this space and jamming it full of such lovely, gifted, insane people Warren. You do know some interesting folk.
    Best wishes and luck for all your future projects, though I can't help thinking: One does not simply walk out of Whitechapel...

    This week, I went back into a kitchen with a white jacket on, which gets easier the further I get away from the old chef me.
    Hayfever kicked in and my eyes are two swollen fleshy puffballs of hate. The sun shines on Glasgow with fierce disapproval.

    This year, in September, I start honours - Literature and Informatics - I better come clean now and say I'm going to be using Spirit Tracks as a reference in negotiations on my thesis subject. Exactly where that will lead for me, I'm not sure, but I have some tall ideas.

    One of the strongest themes that has emerged here over the last few years is the way we have seen creators developing their skills and confidence, growing in consciousness and ability, levelling up. This is a large part of whitechapel's unarguable inspiration payload I reckon.
    It is maybe less often mentioned how Warren's own work is evolving. Comics Writer has been a hopelessly insufficent description for a while but Internet Jesus doesn't really cover it either anymore, does it? --Mr Ellis sir, I am very very glad that you are out there somewhere battling crap visions of the future, cussing down auditoriums full of blithe technocrats and insisting that tech belong first to the people who use it. If the curtain falling on freakangels means more of your fearsome energy and attention available for that sort of thing, then I am properly excited.

    Go loud.

    Edited to add a pic, since it's the end of the world and everything:
    final boss
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    *salutes* The internet isn't going to be the same without a Warren Ellis forum somewhere on it.

    This week I have been mostly not sleeping. Yesterday I assisted in presiding over Frank Quitely's signing in Plan B Books in Glasgow. This unfortunately coincided with the biggest orange march of the year. It made things interesting.

    For the rest of the year I will do what I always do: write and wait and hope to find an artist for comic projects.

    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2011
    Thanks to Warren I now know how to buy my daughter a pony, I think.

    I'm not sure its going to be the same without Warren poking at stuff but I'm sticking round to see how the new poking goes.

    For the rest of the year I will be growing mushrooms, signing off a transmedia game, lifting heavy weights while shouting to Norse Gods and doing some colouring in.
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    Dear Boss Ellis, just keep on ingesting, imbibing and inhaling whatever it is that allows you to do the things you do and keep inspiring the fuck out of everyone. Thanks for being part of starting the only forum I've ever known that didn't make me want to break things after a couple of months of membership.

    It's a balmy Sunday night in Sapporo Japan and I'm full to bursting with meat, beer and Street Fighter 4 for the iPhone. That's not too bad.
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2011
    Thanks to Warren for bringing this together, as well as for about a thousand pages of webcomic. Hope you'll look in from time to time.

    This place got me drawing again on a weekly as opposed to blue-moon-ly basis, and if my drawing itself hasn't improved at least my colouring has...

    World Trip 2010, New York Natural History Museum

    That's me on the left.
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    I'm at work this morning, on the winning end of insomnia week...

    Definitely feels like things are changing here. People have that "end of summer camp/tearful goodbye" feeling. Enough of us will stay here, methinks, and remain cohesive. But it wont be the same without the boss.

    Actually having people over later this evening for grilling meat & drinking beer, not intending to coincide with the American Independence Day, more of a have cash & food & beer..

    Came home from buying groceries & cute upstairs neighbor girl had some hipster dude in her front door refusing to leave. I asked her if she needed help, and she said she was fine, shortly afterward heard the door slamming, and screaming so I made a second appearance, just looked at the guy, and he left. Neighbor girl is happy to have a big guy like me living downstairs. Felt like I did the right thing without being intrusive; apparently he had not put his hands on her, but he did force his way inside. Time to go, buddy.

    On the end of FA, it's been an honor being here. Cheers, boss.
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2011
    It has been fun, Mr. Ellis. WC's been there for me through some tough times. You've done well at building a community.
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    Ah Mr. Ellis

    Thank you for the opportunity to correspond with everyone here on WhiteChapel. My visitations to this site got me off my butt at times and gave me encouragement. I have taken up photography again because of this site and the community has provided a great area to vent and get support when needed.

    Since I've finished Grad school, over the next year I'm going to try to rework my lessons for school and hopefully lose that other 30-50 lbs I want to lose. I've lost about 47 in the past year and I'm so close to the 50 mark that I can almost taste it . . . so to speak.

    Best of luck to you and I shall miss your musings here.


    Holga me :)
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    Already posted about my day on another thread, but suffice to say it was pretty fine. Fixed broken things, made new things, planned art, ate good curry with my Mum, made the kids laugh before bed.

    Raising a glass to Mr Ellis now as Australia runs out of Saturday. Will say this before you go, Warren - the FreakAngels format worked. The regularity, scale, availability of hard copies, clearly defined story arc, it has been the best webcomic on the planet for the life if its run.

    Just so you've heard it in so many words.

    This place also works. I'll be staying on.
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2011
    Let's see if can get in under the gun on this one.

    First, since this has become a Eulogy for the Soon-to-be Departed, the following things are all directly related to my time at Whitechapel:

    1. I've internet-met quite a few people that I would call friends. I don't know they'd say it back in return, but oh well.
    2. I've been turned on to countless bands, musicians, writers, and artists of every sort. Even a short list would be fucking boring to read through, but it's a number of highly talented, highly skilled, and highly trained ninjas.
    3. Avatar (by way of WC, of course) finally gave me an offer I couldn't refuse and got me to go to my first large-scale con, where I met Ben Templesmith, Jonathan Hickman, Mike Wolfer, Ryan Kelly (and, I suppose, William and the rest of the Avatar crew at C2E2 2010). They are all super cool, super nice, and snappy dressers. Especially Ben.
    4. I've started taking photography, writing, design, and architecture seriously. I don't know that the first two are going to be paths of fame or fortune, but I just got accepted into the interior design program at my local four-year. So hopefully that will get me somewhere.
    5. My mind has officially been expanded. I may still be a stupid, indignant twat, but at least there are Important Things in my brain.

    This is a short list, and properly vague, but let's just say that without WC, my life would have been very different indeed. There's going to be a giant "BOTH OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW"-sized hole where Warren's ire used to be. (I have a strange feeling Si's reign will be slightly less terror-inducing, but that remains to be seen.) I may not have met my spouse here, or launched an amazing career here, but Whitechapel is very much a part of who am and what I've become as I claw my way toward 30.

    I'll try to keep up through RSS and your now-sporadic comics work, and I'm really looking forward to this new digital thing you're planning. I will always thoroughly enjoy your essays and prose, and I'm looking forward to Do Anything 2 (if that's still on the plate), the next novel(s), and whatever else your brainloins give birth to.

    As for me? Well, I still look the same as I did three years ago when I started my account, a few new grey hairs aside. I have the standard "several projects at various levels of completion" going right now. My life has been, relatively speaking, fairly stable since WC came along (moving halfway across the country notwithstanding). My outlook and all that hasn't appreciably changed since last week, and with no amazing news to report, I'm out of here for the week.

    Goodbye, Mr. Ellis. Don't be a stranger, though.
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    Dear Sir:

    Your online presence has, in many ways, and many times, literally changed the course of my life. I thank you.

    It is nearly 10am, and I've finally retired to bed. I've just, for the first time, been the sober "older and experienced" person overseeing two friends endure a psychedelic experience, one of whom was tripping for the very first time. All evening a storm slowly mounted, shifting the barometric pressure, igniting the fire at the back of my skull from the brain swelling. Strangely, the pain at the back of my head (combined with my own psychosomatic ability to induce a certain degree of that trippy-taste at the back of the tongue) resulted in my being even MORE able than usual to practically trip along side them. I'm not amazingly well traveled in psychedelics compared to others I've met, but they always felt rather comfortable to me (sans the strychnine). Being so often forced to deal with significant pain, I think, has also given me the ability to endure the brain agony through clinging to the delirium effect. That, and... well, it's rather enjoyable for two friends to be referring to you as a Fox Spirit all evening. Also, I am slightly crazy.

    I really would rather hang out with abstract and odd tripping people than too-drunk people, I think.

    I'm pretty wacky right now.

    I've my SSDI hearing in a few days. I'm terrified.

    I'm also a dirty smoker again. And I've run out of cigarettes.
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    Hello there, Warren. It's been great having you in the helm of this little corner of the internet. Although you don't own it, you're the reason that I started coming to this forum. I can honestly say it's the one that I've been on the longest and, although I don't say much on here, it's still the one that I've been the most active on. I, like others, hope that you stick around and keep talking with us. Just 'cause you're not in charge doesn't mean you can't come and play...

    As for other things now:
    This week, at Razrangel's advice from last week, I've been lying on my beautiful, bordello red carpet and staring up at the ceiling while listening to random 78's on my 1916 wind-up record player. (No, not a gramophone. It's a stand up Sonora that looks like this.) It's been a pretty awesome week. There's been a few problems with my new house, but nothing that my father and I can't fix. I think we might start having an actual father/son relationship now, which is pretty big for us. We've never really seen eye to eye growing up, we started to a few years ago when we went to Peru and hiked to Machu Piccu but we've never really done anything together since. It's kind of sad, really.

    With that all being said, I'm going to go back to lying on my floor starting at my wooden ceiling.


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