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    Greetings, comrades. Welcome to the "The Listening" thread (July area for talking).

    Let's talk about our listening. We can also talk about our glistening here, because of the terrible legal decision. Welcome to Obama's internet

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    going to abuse the thread and edit top post; it's too embarrassing to have the same recommendation up for more than 10 days

    For this month, I am also focusing on rescuing stuff from my previous purchases that I've forgotten about ahem ahem toomuchmoneyapparently

    this album was quite cool

    Brother Ali - You Say (Puppy Love)
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    New D.O.K EP on Hyperdub is tres funkalicious. Saw Elijah + Skilliam last Thursday, and am convinced that this instrumental grime stuff is still the most exciting thing happening in London dance music right now. Jumped up and down for a solid hour, twisted my foot, but kept going. This music COMMANDS!
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    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2011
    I don't normally do the dancey noises, but I've taken to Skrillex
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    @Stoto, thanks for that. Guitar loops are amongst my favourite things in the universe.


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    This weekend was all about....

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    Metal & Anime = Double Win.

    Also been going back too

    Missing singing in a band like this.

    But mostly, these guys haven't been off my playlist/mp3 for longer than a couple of songs. More proof that being Japanese makes you cooler - when western bands try this style they just sound & look awful.

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    Last night I dreamed that famous malaria survivor Anderson Cooper was trapped in a well and Lassie said the only way to save him is by listening to the Indian film music equivalent of 'Marque Moon'! Fortunately that is a real thing:

    Pal Do Pal Ka Saath Humara

    You're welcome, America
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    sup, guys. haven't heard much that is new; mostly been putting the latest Battles and Tune-Yards albums on repeat every day for the past two months. ugh.
    also i've been in shared spaces, so i haven't really even gotten to crank anything.
    BUT i did see Jaga Jazzist live on thursday night, which is such a mind- blowing fact i'm not sure i can really articulate the significance thereof.

    this is from the chicago show, but it's somehow from exactly the same vantage point i had in toronto. so that's cool.

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    Roots Manuva - Watch Me Dance

    It's available now from Big Dada as a free DL

    And while I''m speaking of UKHH Free Downloads - this is from Mystro (AKA Mysdiggi) - Dreamin' Feat Lupe Fiasco
    click for DL

    This is a little different:

    Nas & Com Truise - The World Is Yours vs. Glawio (DJ Skarface Blend)
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2011
    Toxic Holocaust - Hell on Earth, Overdose of Death
    Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da
    Orange Goblin - Frequencies from Planet Ten
    Santeria - House of the Dying Sun
    Brother Dege - Folk Songs of the American Longhair
    Acid King - III
    Bauhaus - In the Flat Field, Mask
    Crowbar - Sever the Wicked hand
    45 Grave - Sleep in Safety
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    BRUTAL SUPREMACY 2x7"- a kind of 'state of grind address'. IRON LUNG, HATRED SURGE, SCAPEGOAT and MIND ERASER kill all of your hopes and dreams. THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THEM.
    PUT TO DEATH 7"- side project of other popular powerviolence bands. while it is pretty raging, it also has no real hook to it besides the first track sounding like THREATENER
    TYLER, THE CREATOR-bastard -after giving OFWGKTA a bunch of chances because id heard how punk they were, diy edge kids who get rowdy as hell etc etc i finally came around to about a third of this album. the rest is still too slow for me, but SEVEN and ASSMILK get me goin. need to check out GOBLIN now. lately when im boozed up i want either insane screaming chaos or hip hop. the hip hop part is hard for me because i just dont like so much of what i am exposed to.
    MENZINGERS-chamberlains waits- needed a new gruff, drunk, beard punk band to get down on, and this is it. some fuckin jams.
    IRON LUNG-a lot. two man destruction crew.
    CINEMA EYE/AUDION-split 10" looked for this goddamn record forever, then found one in crisp pretty condition for cheap. yum. cold synth-er.
    SAM THE BUTCHER-assembly line 12"- old phx band that i saw more than 50 time in high school. just announced a reunion show in the fall, pulled this FUGAZI/DISCORD-esque lp out of the bins to celebrate. the early stuff was kinda cheesy ska. avoid that.
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    This girls gonna be big!
    Lana Del Rey - Video Games
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    I rather like the Lana Del Rey stuff. Specifically that Video Games youtube is the collage music video of collage music videos, I mean fook. Brilliant having sound from the drunk girl walking come through

    More 80s Bollywood extravagance

    Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nai Jung Hai
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    The last four minutes of this never fail to send a shiver down my spine.
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    This week so far has been a quite nice relaxing week music wise that is the rest of my shit is all apart.

    Final a Physical copy of their music I can get my hands on is out.

    The creep interviewer is great. "I bet you do."