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    So, Amsterdam is an amazing city where you can't take pictures of anything.

    Thats is too say I have no shots from inside any of the Museums, no shots from inside the Anne Frank House, and I was not about to risk life and limb (or at least risk camera) using it in the Red Light District.

    I do have many pictures of buildings and canals.

    So here are a few of those:

    Here is the Anne Frank House:

    Anne Frank

    A canal shot from a boat:

    The Van Gogh Museum - in use part to the right.

    Van Gogh
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    Is the tree still standing at Anne Franks' house? (they were talking about tearing it down due to disease - but planting a new tree from a graft)
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    Still there, I think, and subject to some debate on how to save it as you imply.
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    The last thing I'd heard on it they had decided to cut it down - just a matter of when.
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    Found a better shots of the canals:

    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2008
    favorite thing about the canals in amsterdam is the constant feeling of being pooh or piglet dropping sticks on one side of the bridge and running to the other to see whose wins.

    also, the lights reflecting, like they are in that pic.

    thanks for posting them.
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    Sure. I am just having fun sharing them really.
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    Amsterdam is covered in churches. Apparently allot of them have been converted to office space, apartments or extended bicycle storage.

    I really like the place, I really do.