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    I'm in Sydney, got mine yesterday. Torch DOA unfortunately but I got a near-instant reply from Simon at BERG, a replacement is on its way. Frankly I'm not surprised that half the planet's circumference in travel while being handled by the likes of Australia Post's private contractors (who may in fact be Small Object Destruction Strategy testers for the ADF), has killed it. I generally advise eBay sellers posting to me to package against cyclones and small-arms fire.
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    Still waiting on mine on the Gold Coast, but I'm not really worried yet. Wouldn't call it "late" for at least another week, and I'm sure it'll be here by then.
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
    It arrived today, torch in working order. It's fantastic. Now, how to keep it hidden from the 8 year old?
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    I still haven't gotten mine, here in Houston. Some mix up with local post office. Frustrating as fuck.
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    Goddamn it!

    Tracking shows my copy of SVK made it to the post office on the 14th! Over two weeks ago! Fucking post office won't answer their phone, and people are helpful and polite, but ultimately accomplish nothing. It's taken twice as long to move my package across town than it has to ship it from London to Houston.

    Fucking worthless government employees...
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    Fucking worthless government employees...

    HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry for your troubles getting SVK, but that's funny given it's source. Of course only those who work for the government know how horribly true that statement is...