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    Didn't get to go to SDCC but just looked through people accepting Eisners and saw a picture of one of my friends.
    It wasn't her that won it, but she was accepting it on behalf of a comic shop in Isreal.
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2011
    @Brian Schirmer: Glad to read you had a good time At SDCC. and Yay Trickster! :D I hope they can make one happen at the Emerald city comic con too.
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    Warped Savant:
    I got a few pictures of her accepting the award, but she's the only person I couldn't find a name to match the face.

    Can you let me know who she is?

    Pics are here:

    Pics for the rest of SDCC are here:

    And as usual, I recorded a bunch of panels, including the Eisners and they are here:
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    Jamie -- Thanks for the pictures, I will send them to her. Her name is Miriam Libicki. Really nice girl, writes an autobiographical comic about the time she spent on the IDF.
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    Thank you, her pics now have her name and my Eisner photoset is complete. :)