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    Filmmaker Chris Marker is probably best known in America for his justly famed short film LA JETEE.

    July 28 marks the filmmaker's 90th birthday. In San Francisco, the Exploratorium is marking the occasion by screening a trio of his shorts, including THE SIXTH SIDE OF THE PENTAGON. Wonder if cinephile Whitechapelers know of Marker birthday celebrations in their part of the world?
    • CommentAuthorRobson
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2011
    Now THIS is an occasion worth noting (and I'll see you at the Exploratorium on the 28th!).

    Film Comment often has interesting things to say about Marker (indeed, the man's so prolific that there's much of which to keep track - he often turns up in the weirdest palces). The current issue has a fascinating page on a rare self-portrait. An older issue offers an overview of the museum Marker constructed in Second Life...

    The man's Wikipedia page is here.