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    I have a fear. We've seen a movie about Ray Charles, and it was quite flawed despite Jamie Foxx's amazing work. We've seen a movie about Johnny Cash, and that one was good, with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Whiterspoon on their best (I don't know how innacurate it is historically, though). We've seen a movie about Diana Ross and The Supremes, although the movie, Dreamgirls, claimed to be fictional (yeah, right). Oh, and it sucked. Terribly. We've seen a movie about Andy Kaufman, and it was good due to Jim Carrey and director Milos Forman (the same from the magnificent Amadeus).

    My fear: that they'll make a movie about Bill Hicks and fuck it up.

    Bill was, quite simply, the best human being I've ever seen. He meant what he said and he wasn't afraid of saying it. He broke taboos and opened people's eyes, including mine, and he would have done that so much more if cancer hadn't gotten on his way. So there's someone who deserves his life story on Cinema.

    The problem is, Hollywood has an habit of fucking biographies. They change stuff for "dramatic purposes", which means "so the audience will feel more comfortable". A good example? Max Baer turned into a prick in "Cinderella Man", so James Braddock would look more heroic. Note: the script was co-written by Akiva Goldsman. Surprise, surprise.

    I'm afraid of this. Hollywood, most of the time, can't take the truth, and they change it so it will be easier to digest. I hate that. Even when the result is beautiful, I hate that. Like in Donnie Brasco. When a character, knowing he'll die, says goodbye to his none-the-wiser wife, saying he'll go out, and when she turns her back he puts his things in a drawer for her to find later and goes out the door. In reality, the real life person represented by this character didn't die. It was someone related to him who did this. But that way it's more dramatic. And it is a beautiful scene. But I still don't like the alteration. And I fucking love Donnie Brasco.

    I don't want to see that kind of thing in a movie about Bill Hicks. If there HAD to be a movie about Bill, then Peter Morgan (The Queen and The Last King of Scotland) should write it with John Cusack as Bill Hicks. Possible directors could be Ang Lee or Martin Scorsese. With that I believe there might be a chance of it doing justice to Bill.

    But there's such a huge chance of Hollywood fucking it up, that I wish this will never happen.