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    Hi guys

    I have just finished work on issue 1 of my first self published comic book 'Stronger Than Fiction.' Its the first part of 6 and can be read/bought online at my website

    Its a Sci-Fi comedy adventure, influenced by creators like Joe Casey, Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis. I have learnt a lot from putting this issue together and loved the process. I now have plans to release another comic book series alongside this one.

    I am submitting this issue to publishers but do not plan to wait around for backing to continue making comics. I still have so much to learn and have written many other comic scripts since finishing this 6 part series. So I'm hoping that eventually (with practice) my scripts will get good enough to attract attention from publishers.

    Here are some sample pages

    If you like the look of it please feel free to read it for free or even buy a copy from


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