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    ...given how slow WC moves these days, i dont exactly have a whole lot of hope for the future iterations unless there will be some new blood.

    New webcomics will doubtless bring new people here. I'm sure Si and Avatar etc will keep it ticking over.
    • CommentAuthorUCLGeogPhD
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2011
    I am new here here, hello by the way, and probably overstepping boundaries, but may I suggest perhaps if you want more web-traffic to the board and more new blood that you put a direct link to the forum from your main website (as well as the one to FreakAngels). To me that would make sense. But anyway its just a 'thought out loud' kind of suggestion.

    Best Wishes

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    You're new here, so you probably don't know that I'm leaving Whitechapel in less than two weeks...!
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2011
    @joe.distort when SI builds it they will come. There are a lot of Crossed fans out there.

    @UCLGeogPhD that's not a bad idea but it would be Si's site and we should probably pimp new feeds on twitter more, even through most of my followers are WC as well (and pretty much all of my G+ folks).
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2011
    I'm sure Whitechapel having a link on Warren's front page would drive a lot more people here, and I'm certain Si's efforts and the new Crossed comic will upthe numbers. One idea that springs to mind though - we all have websites / Tumblrs / blogs too. Couldn't we make some sort of widget to post on our own front pages, advertising the forum, to encourage new members? Sort of like the old Freakangels widgets Avatar used to do? I know we don't exactly have the same draw as a celebrated writer, but We Are Legion. I'd definitely be game for something like this... put the recruitment drive at least partly in the hand of the community, after all all, it is in our interests to see Whitechapel thrive.
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2011
    @†3X†UR3 - that's a good idea dude.
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2011
    I like Texture's idea. A blog aggregator is a grand idea. That's a whole bunch of content right there, from Robin's beer blog, to fiction on Weaponizer, Kelsey's musings and my own genre-related fuckery.

    As for new blood. I've been on here a year a half and I still feel liek a newbie at times. I think it's all about engagement. The more you put into Whitechapel the more you get out of it. I think the SPIT threads are good, because if you don't do art, or music or have a ton of ideas and opinions to share you can at least show your face (figuratively and literally) on a thread like that. Plus putting a human face to electronic communication is invaluable.

    Sad to see to the Swami go. Work commitments I assume. I missed the memo...
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2011 edited
    A little while ago, I asked whether or not it would be possible to have a feed for posts in a single category rather than a feed for all posts or none. I couldn't help noticing that the latest release of Vanilla which runs Whitechapel seems to support this....

    I suspect that Ariana will now hit me for suggesting that a changing of the guard might be a good time to upgrade the platform we all use, but I'm a geek, so <ducks, but offers assistance if required />
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    Slogans for the Whitechapel Widget...
    "Come for the conversation, stay for the ass eels"?

    But yes - good idea for little nodes of the Chapel's disease sprayed all over the web, like... well, like bukkake, really.