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    It's that time once again to espouse your darkest fears and innermost treasures unto the web.

    Has your week been Jawsome, like a Spae Shark? Or full of Fail and tears?

    Talk to each other Whitehapel.

    Let's run this Thing from now until Sunday night, or early Monday morn if you're too busy weekending.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2011 edited
    Oh my God, it's Friday night already, isn't it?

    Last night, had a conversation with a friend that I really DIDN'T need to have, in regards to my identity as a writer. Creative dilemma bollocks aside, it was just an unwelcome reminder about how differently the two of us think, even though we're still close enough to have these sorts of exposed-nerve conversations. It's never been a problem that we think different, but sometimes, I wish the two of us could just agree on something, for once in our lives.

    Tomorrow, my room-mate and I make tire tracks for Toronto, where I'll be meeting the likes of Mr. Hex, oldhat, and of course our gracious and honorable host, Greasemonkey. Grabbed the beer and the car's oil change yesterday, got Canadian money and provisions for the trip there and back today. This is the first time I've ever done something like this, by which I mean meeting people in the meatsphere whom I've previously met on the webbernet, and I have no problem admitting that I'm nervous. Usually when people do this, they do it in the next town over, or at least within the same state. Not that I think I'm doing this "the wrong way" or whatever, and I'm excited far more than I'm nervous, but still: "What if I didn't bring enough beer?" "What if we get lost?" "What if there's an Ebola outbreak and Canada seals their border?" "What if I'm just not cool enough?" Silly bullshit, I know, but one way or another, it's gonna be hard getting to sleep tonight.

    Roomie got a new job which beats the piss out of her old one in every conceivable way - better base pay, better hours, in a field she enjoys - and this is fantastic news. It does serve to drive home a certain worry of mine, however, that I'm pulling not my weight. My current job, at a bookstore, is a lot of fun, and I think I'm pretty good at it, but the pay is maybe $350 a month. The managers keep promising more hours, but I know that's not entirely within their control. It's not like I can't pay rent, and I can live simply if I need to, but at the end of the day, there's still that nagging voice going "You came all the way out here, just to mooch off an old college buddy. You're pathetic. Go back to the People's Republic of Cornistan, where you belong."

    So. Yeah.

    Hey, it's Open Mic Night - how 'bout a little karaoke?
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    This week has been a blur. Work, home, kid+wife, sleep, work, home...

    At work I'm fixing customer laptops sent in from all over the country. I've gotten pretty good at it, ripping a machine to shreds in mere minutes and reassembling it in less time...and I almost always find a place for all the screws.

    There was a nice and shiny broken glassed iPad2 I found in the scrap we go through twice a week. I wanted to buy it, since I know I can fix it. The grandboss (boss of my boss) said sure but the great-grandboss (boss of my boss of my boss) said we'd need the parts to fix customer units since they are still pretty rare. I would've had the bastard for a mere $130 too...

    My wife and I decided to move my mom in with us, since she only has about 5 years left and we want her to be close to family (see last week's open mic). We have a spare room and our daughter will gain another bedtime story reader. My mom went through a lot in her life, from divorce to drug addiction and everything in between, but I haven't really been a part of her life outside the occasional visit since I was about eighteen. She dropped all that stuff a few years ago, but the damage still shows. She looks a decade older than her sister, who is about a decade older than her.


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    Been unemployed for a year as of the 9th. No longer getting unemployment compensation, haven't been for a few months. My wife works a retail job and makes just over minimum wage plus. .02% commission. We've been playing the "which bill can we afford not to pay this month" game for a while. Got a letter this morning saying my car was going into default unless I came up with X amount of dollars by X date. Spent an hour on the phone with them trying to get that resolved, since we only have one vehicle. That got sorted, but I still feel like garbage since I don't have a job, and have applied to a million places. I can't even get a retail job, and there are no design companies or anything like that in our area. So I'm going to have a few beers and pass out and start new tomorrow.

    But onto other things, finally trying to pull together this project and trying to make it into a short and then keep it rolling into a web series. Still need to do a ton of work first.
    So yeah, that's been my week, I'm done bitching.
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    My wombsplosion anniversary ended a couple hours ago, once Saturday hit the East Coast. It was not a Bad Day.
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    I'm going spelunking tomorrow! It's "research" for a project I am working on. (And to be clear, "research" involves dicking around in a cave all day.)
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    I look around at the things some people round here are going through and it makes my petty problems fade into insignificance. Still, i have a most pressing need to outgass and more than enough time to do it. Just look away for a minute or two, this shouldn't take long.
    So, they phone me up last night with a nice easy little job for saturday, two shops down on the south coast, 4am start but you'll be finished before lunchtime.
    Now you can see where this is going, can't you? Every bloody time!
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    And because i'm sitting in the cab, writing this on the phone, i keep running out of word space. Grrrr...
    Anyway, i fell for it, did the two shops and then noticed they'd tacked on a collection up in Wembly. Ok, i can do that, puts an hour or so on the day but it's all overtime, i can do that.
    So i turn up at the Wembly warehouse and the little chap in the office says 'stick it on bay 8, should be ready to load at...'
    At this point I'll ask you to remember i started at 4am this morning, yes?
    So he says
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    'about 3pm'
    '3pm, provided nothing else comes in'
    There are days when i wonder if i'm not working for a bunch of lady's private parts. Fatherless ones.
    Ok, all done, you can carry on reading now.
    Ooh! I think i just saw a forklift...
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    i've done nothing i planned, this week; seeing three or four apartments today, but nowhere close to signing a lease. i am definitely edging close to overstaying my welcome at my friend's place, as i get cranky without a fair amount of personal space. i don't have a long list of places to couch-hop, though.
    speaking of which, we went out with a few of her friends last night; not sure if it's the crankiness speaking but i found them all tedious and self-absorbed. one of them actually stopped during dinner to update her blog via iphone. christ, christ. is that what people do on friday nights now? "i mean i know i came all the way here to situate myself physically among this specific set of people, but i just really need to make one more comment about justin beiber, okay?"
    i'm hoping tonight's WC meetup restores my faith in socializing for one more week...

    however, i might almost have two jobs. and my first catering gig in a few months went splendidly, ending in a free bottle of wine from my boss and maybe a third job offer. so that's cool. i'd really rather have a home than an income, though.

    minus the bear - monkey! knife! fight!
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    Hey folks!

    I'm kinda jealous of all these IRL meet-ups you guys are having. We British 'chapelers need to pull our socks up and arrange some sort of national gathering.

    I'm snowed under with prep for my Edinburgh festival show - only got roped into it last minute, it's a one hour solo show, and I've decided to combine short fiction, poetry and original music. I have about 5 weeks left to write / compile it. Fun! Also involved in a collaborative project, which is also mixing my SF stories and electronic music, and hosting a weekly poetry cabaret... I thought I was gonna have a quiet August, but it seems not!

    Played a gig last night - weird crowd, it was a private party, most of the guests were folk who worked together in an office, so as a result they all got realy hammered and were staggering drunk by the time our band came on. Still, had fun with the vocoder though (no, it doesn't make me sound like T-Pain!) and those that could stand and dance seemed to enjoy it!

    I have 2 weeks of day-job left, then I'm a student again. Can't wait! A year of writing (full time) and teaching (part time) stretches out in front of me, so much better than another year of full time work... I know I'll leave debt-ridden and probably no more employable, but it is going to be one hell of an intensive year of writing and critical dissection, so I'm possibly more excited than I've ever been.

    Life is good. No moans from me this week. Whitechapel, you are beautiful at all times.
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    My week has been amazing, the whole month even. Even though I was kinda a bit depressed at the onset of the month, it's shaping up to be amazing though! :D
    I'm getting to work with other people(including an Editor!) on a major comic production in a capacity other than "flatter" for the first time (I did ink a comic for a friend awhile back, so that counts too but we didn't have a proper editor and what have you).
    I am soooo excited ouo going to channel all this energy into work! :D Womanthology is going to be amazing guys. I get to draw a robot armadillo. XD

    Also I got 4 fillings put in yesterday, so that
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    Hooray for Robot Armadillos! That totally, awesomely rules.
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    I organized a group of whitechapelers who write into a virtual writer's group over the Google+. The first bit of their work is printed and in my bag, waiting for me to find a few minutes to sit and read. I'm pretty excited. I gave them my current screenplay. I've missed all the competition deadlines by now, but it needs at least one more polish anyway. Several more sets of eyes can only help. My 3 year old daughter figured out how to swim a week ago Thursday so we spent all morning in the pond. I expect we'll be back out there when she wakes up from her nap. That's the good.

    Now the bad. My phone is dying. Most apps crash before I can actually do anything. I'm torn between getting a new iPhone now (and if so, what size). Hunkering down to research what droid I would want, or waiting until September when the iPhone 5s are rumored to be coming out. I already waited until June and I'm not sure I can wait any longer without smashing the thing, as it's getting worse. Also, work is a giant shitstorm at the moment. I just got promoted, so I'm expected to take it with grace. I'm also leading a team, so I'm not just responsible for getting my work done, in spite of the fact there is too much to do in a day, but also to make sure theirs gets done. At least my paycheck will be a little bigger.

    And the ugly. I need to find a place to live (common theme here, it seems). I've been at my mom's since my marriage ended two years ago, but I have less than a year before I have to be settled in a town with better schools than my ex's. Unless she changes her mind, she's agreed to give me custody of our daughter if I can do that. Otherwise, we'll be back in court and things will get ugly. None of this would be a problem except that I walked away from the marriage with 100% of the debt (10s of thousands of dollars) so a good third or more of my after tax income goes to paying that off. Of course the towns with the good schools are the most expensive, so I predict I'm going to live in a one bedroom, where the bedroom goes to the kid and I sleep in the living room. I dream of the day I live somewhere where I can spread out beyond one corner of a room.
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    Developed artist's block!

    It seems I can't be allowed to take any breaks from my self-imposed schedule, or else all manners of fuckups and excuses follow. Started drawing comics daily 2-3 days after I lost my regular job in December. Managed to keep daily work routine until mid/late March, thus making it three months of constant creativity. And then my tablet became useless and I got stuck with unfinished pages that I couldn't ink (neither digitally nor traditionally for I pencilled them in a sketchbook on BOTH sides of paper thus making it impossible to do anything with original art at all).

    As I was waiting for the spare nibs (because of course Wacom Volito2 tablets did not come with any) I found myself doing nothing but occasional doodles and sort of preparing for a work on a b/w comic that was meant to be all pencils (in case the nibs took ages).

    Well now I have spare nibs (and the tablet works mostly, but it appears it's not only the nib being worn out but the pen itself being somewhat battered and needing more pressure to get anywhere) but the unfinished pages are still unfinished.
    And the b/w project is still stuck in occasional sketches!

    So now I'm making a "visual random plot generator". Take 10k images of everything you can think of (people, places, architecture, furniture, dinosaurs, animals, views, stars, concepts, ideas, historical events) and select randomly a number of them. Look at what's on them, write a story using their elements, DRAW!

    I'm at around 3k images + additional 3k in a folder needing sorting (filter out porn and too repetitive themes, heh). After the weekend I'm hoping to start generating and drawing ideas. Nothing fancy, short crazy comics, but yeah, I NEED TO START DRAWING COMICS AGAIN! *shakes fist at the asshole gods of artist/writer blocks"
    • CommentAuthorTAL
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    My parents got back from a 6 week vacation. I got money for taking care of their house and lawn. Sweet!
    Tomorrow I'm gonna scrub the floor in my apartment. Less sweet!
    • CommentAuthorSteve Toase
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011 edited
    Had a great writing week. Got two stories published:
    Glockenspiel Girl at Sein und Werden, a story inspired by Mirror Touch Synesthesia
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Beyond This Point at Weaponizer
    Beyond This Point

    Found out a local arts charity are going to pay me for one day a week to do their press for them.
    To top it all went to an excellent open mic night in York on Wednesday, then spent today on a Writing on the Move creative writing course as part of the Harrogate Fringe Festival
    We don't need no steenking knives
    We don't need no steenking knives
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    Sunday morning over here now and I'm half awake. Saturday night was awesome fun. It's been far too long since I really cut loose. Saw 2 bands and sketched them. When to a club night playing northern soul & garage and danced all out till 3 am. Also, in between dancing and/or while dancing, also sketched the dancers. Motion drawing training. Fun night had by all and I'm spent physically & mentally (although people probably thought I was on drugs or crazy). And bonus, I'm not even too sore this morning. Must do it more regularly.
    Ps: only had 2 alcoholic drinks the whole night, honest.
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    Went to the pub tonight. Missed the first fight where someone apparently got knocked spark out after declaring he'd beat his opponent to a pulp.
    Second fight happene near 1am. Couldn't see it but the landlord chucked everyone out.
    AT least I got to see a guy dressed as Batman fall arse over tit off a chair and end up folded over on the floor unable to work out hw to get vertical again.
    Batman fail.
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    Had a great band practice on Friday - The Mechanical Repeating Dance Band is finally at the point where we have mastered our ridiculous collection of foot switches and can now loop and layer damn near everything on the stage at will. Got inspired a bit on the ferry to Cockatoo Island for Underbelly (annual arts residency & festival in Sydney) - the prop shaft for the old ferry runs through brass bushings which sing ethereal notes at certain revs. Sometimes they harmonise. I'm thinking about wine glasses and loops now.

    Taking the kids out to a mate's place now to eat all afternoon. Packing Bourke St Bakery rosemary and potato sourdough and a mushroom pie I made last night. Should be fun.

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