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    • CommentAuthorAkiramich
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2011
    Spoilers of the film from here on out.

    I was surprised to see my copy of STITCHED show up in the mail yesterday as I wasn’t expecting to get it until after SDCC.

    The film itself is quite interesting. It’s basically a set up, leading up to the first major plot point of a full length feature. Right away you meet the three main characters, who establish themselves as three soldiers lost after a mechanical problem with their helicopter. The film establishes the role of each character quickly so you get to know their ranks without really knowing them.

    As it moves on, there is an interesting scene where they meet the “monsters” of the film, who are particularly creepy looking. There are some quick action sequences before another set of protagonists show up resolving the action. The new group then heads off with a “ to be continued” logo on the screen.

    I’d definitely like to see the full length film. There was enough establishment of the characters and set up of the premise that Id like to see go forward and follow these characters for the rest of the story. Its done with a minimum of set pieces and special effects but there is a lot of mood and characterization in the film that I’m curious to see how they would survive another encounter or make there way across the landscape without the aid of the military while dealing with the “monsters”. And I’d like to see more of the “monsters”—how they came to be, how they’re controlled, etc.

    There are two long features, one a making of and the best one being an hour long interview with Garth Ennis. I am a sucker for comic creator interviews and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a complete one with Ennis, who is one of my favorite writers. Its really well done, where Garth talks about his whole career, working on a lot of series, and he talks about changing ideas and changing tones on different things that he has written. What’s great about this is he offers insight into some of the series he’s written and offers some new insights that make me want to go back an reread the issues.

    This is defiantly a great DVD. Totally worth the $20 or so that it cost.