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    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
    Skip weeks for SDCC are kind of a FREAKANGELS tradition, and even though we're so close to the end I know, I know -- we've got to do one last one.

    BUT. You really want to click that link. Paul's made us a gorgeous slipcase for the collected volumes, and you do not want to miss it.

    That aside, who all is at Nerd Prom this year? I'm obviously not -- who else is hiding from Nerd Prom with me?
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    Guys -- A quick note of apology on this unexpected skip. The Monstrously Crushing San Diego Doom prevented things from happening as planned this week.
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    Hey guys, also sorry for the unexpected skip week! When I wrote the previous interlude message promising 6 uninterrupted episodes, I hadn't realised what a massive interruption San Diego is for the Avatar crew (in fact, I'd forgotten about San Diego entirely!) I guess this is one last pause before the wrap-up.

    On the plus side, the slip case that I know a lot of you were interested in is here! I put a lot into the design since it might well be the final piece of design work I do for Freakangels, which is a very strange thought.
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    I'm hiding from the nerd prom.

    You aren't going to forget about Caption are you Paul?
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    Here's a closer view of the slip-case, showing the fold-out of back front and spine for those who are interested in a more detailed look before they get one!

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    @Will Ellwood

    XD I hope not. My excuse for forgetting about San Diego is that I'm not actually there and also half a world away...
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Slipcase! Oh... It says for the soft covers. I guess that means it won't hold the hardbacks?
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    Yeah, the hardbacks would be too large for it. I'm not sure if there are plans to offer a hardback-sized one too, but I could certainly tweak the design very easliy to accommodate for bigger spines, so I'll bug William about that on your behalf :)
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
    One day I'll be back for SDCC.

    I have said that every year since '05.
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    That is a thing of beauty. I don't mind skip weeks if they bring us treats like this!
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
    Thank you Paul! There's no point cutting off the big spenders from the tasty merchandise!
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011 edited
    I thought it was supposed to be the penultimate episode... am I wrong? Is the next one the very last?

    Either way, I am glad for the slip cover. Thank you, Paul! And Thank you and Ariana and Mark and Warren for this whole trip! I'd take a bullet for you guys!
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    No, you're right. Two episodes to go after this one :)
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2011
    When these are for sale I will DEFINITELY be buying a slipcase. Looks gorgeous and I love slipcases :P
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2011
    I have no problem with unexpected skips. I think the slipcase is the final straw for me, i'm going to have to spend some money...