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    Bombing of government buildings, including Prime Minister's office
    And now, shootings at a youth camp outside Oslo, also today

    Does anyone know if our Norwegian friends are all right? What's going on?
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
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    I never think of Reuters on my own, for some reason. Thanks.

    And apparently they've captured the Utoya gunman alive--good news!
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    I've been here and they are reporting
    An eyewitness has told the Norway national broadcaster NRK that he saw more than 20 bodies at the Labour Party youth camp in Utoeya.
    Bad. Really bad.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011 edited
    A college friend's wife and kids are spending the summer with family over there.

    I'm hoping the hell they stayed home today.

    (EDIT: They're OK; just caught in a traffic jam.)
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    I'm not sure how reliable this is, but a group has claimed responsibility
    • CommentAuthorMrMonk
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011 edited
    According to this blogger, the claim was withdrawn. I believe that this is the same blogger who initially reported that the "Helpers of Jihad", or whatever their name is, were involved.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
    BBC latest updates here

    A suspect has been arrested:

    2145: The justice minister has just confirmed the suspect arrested today at the youth camp in Utoeya was Norwegian.
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
    When I saw this I got very angry, not at Warren but at the morons on Facebook, I kept an eye on my feed and am happy to report I don't have any ignorant friends. I pray for the victims and their families, and everyone in Oslo.
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    A religious conservative decides to mass murder children. Hope he spends the rest of his life tortured.
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
    Have to confess, my first thought was that I hoped any Norwegian Whitechapelers were safe. I don't think Oda is in Oslo though.
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
    This from Associated Press :

    A homegrown terrorist set off an explosion that ripped open buildings in the heart of Norway's government Friday, then went to a summer camp dressed as a police officer and gunned down youths as they ran and even swam for their lives, police said Friday.

    The attacks killed at least 16 people in this peaceful nation's worst violence since World War II.

    A police official said the 32-year-old ethnic Norwegian suspect arrested at the camp on Utoya island appears to have acted alone in both attacks, and that "it seems like that this is not linked to any international terrorist organizations at all." The official spoke on condition of anonymity because that information had not been officially released by Norway's police.

    "It seems it's not Islamic-terror related," the official said. "This seems like a madman's work."

    The official said the attack "is probably more Norway's Oklahoma City than it is Norway's World Trade Center."
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    80 dead at the camp, another 7 from the bombing. My wife knows someonewho was wounded at the camp. It's a terrible tragedy
    • CommentAuthorAnanzitusq
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2011
    I'm usually pretty unflinching when it comes to atrocities (thanks jaded worldview!), but the unexpected and just inhuman savagery has left me unable to speak. I feel like a new language has to be invented to even begin to make some sort of sense of this.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2011
    Some updates.

    If it is true that some of the US's right-wing nutbags helped inspire this guy, well, just another reason to despise their message even more.
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2011
    I'm not going to link to it directly but with the name of the shooter having been released, it was only a matter of a simple google search to find screenshots of a facebook account in his name (the actual profile has now been removed ).

    In contrast to the Gabrielle Gifford shooter for instance, this guy seems to have an online presence that doesn't leave the impression he was a total nutcase - just a guy who enjoyed vocal trance music judging by the recent posts he made.

    As part of the planning stage of his attack I wonder if he made sure there wouldn't be any incriminating info on his internet shadow - links to groups to that could lead to an accomplice for instance.
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2011
    Heard about it just as I and my merry band of backpackers were about to board a flight home from Istanbul. Told each other it can't possibly be the rightards, spent all the waiting on an unreliable airport connection trying to find out more. Until a quick browse of the commentary fields on the newspaper sites made me want to retch. Then facebook messages describing a tall blonde policeman murdering kids starts coming in. Fuckers.

    I think I know the type, though; a new kind of racist in the Norwegian kook bestiary, assembled from a cherry-picked pool of internet memes - US-republican "clash of civilizations" replacing nationalism and "scientific racism", steeped in fundamentalist conspiracy theories about information technology, and liberal helpings of junk statistics - incubated in chatrooms, blogs and debate boards gone rotten. One of the central datapools for these twats in Norway has been a site called, which is now being swarmed by the curious...
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    This is a good piece on exactly where the Oslo-was-an-AQ-operation story began:

    “Experts” who supposedly study this topic — almost always white men and very often with military or government backgrounds — direct suspicion toward Muslims by pointing to claims of responsibility on “jihadi” web sites that only they have access to. Notorious attacks invariably inspire false claims of responsibility, or false reports of claims of responsibility, but this apparently doesn’t discourage the media and experts from giving them undue attention.
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    Will McCants forgot to add "not intended to be a factual statement."
    • CommentAuthorOda
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2011
    I just attended a big gathering in the city centre of Bergen where everyone lighted candles and hugged every familiar face they saw, basically. It's very weird, all. Friend of mine had a cousin at Utøya who they still haven't heard from. I was supposed to be in Oslo for an ear piercing yesterday, the studio is like one block away from the bomb site and apparently quite wrecked, but I cancelled because I was flying home to Bergen instead (just missing the whole bomb threat show at Gardermoen Oslo Airport by an hour too). I also have friends who were supposed to be at Utøya, who've lost several old friends. Everyone is just very shaken and we've all started to realize what's actually happened. People say it's like a world record of people murdered by one guy in such a short time. Friend of a friend of mine survived by lying under corpses. It's unreal! In times like this you realize how small Norway is - everyone is touched by it. Even the most blasé state of mind people can't help but react to it.