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    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2011
    Yet another thing I find aggravating about these bastards:

    Their assumption that their atrocities will cause the masses to "rise up" and join them.
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2011
    Just got home; flowers everywhere. Some pictures must have trickled onto the net by tomorrow. The Sentrum district is covered in them. Must be every damn rose in the city; on statues, on public squares, hanging from rails, fences and balconies in clusters. Estimates now at 200 000 people on the street. Been crying a bit.

    If I remember the bit in the speech right, it went "We will punish this man. Our punishment will be more generosity, more tolerance and more democracy".

    And the news that Glenn Beck decided to compare the dead kids to Hitlerjugend just hit norwegian newsfeeds. I'm not sure the description "swine" quite covers it, but that seems to be where the consensus is heading, so I'll stick to it until I can think of something worse. Finding the tolerance part a bit tough at the moment.
    • CommentAuthorStefanJ
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2011
    Comparing Glenn Beck to swine is an insult to swine. I'm ashamed to live in a country where people like him have an audience.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2011
    The faction in US politics that seems to think that global isolationism is the way forward being so strong (and by strong I really mean vocal. I know that people as a whole are quiet until they're called upon to act) is not scary. It's just sad.

    This is a rubbish world right now, but the fact that people seem to be rooting for 'shrink away from anyone that isn't like you' in so many countries around the world as the solution is just downright depressing.
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2011
    Well, I just got home, and there were more people on the streets than could be properly organized. I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a royalist, but I think our crown-prince made a fair point with the words "there's a lot of love in the streets today".

    We've met hatred and bigotry, fear-mongering and sheer mad cruelty with kindness, love and dignity.
    I'm not a hippie, but right now my country is. And I love it for that, and that alone.

    Perhaps this will weaken the slightly mad rhetoric, perhaps it will increas it.
    My people, so to speak - the civilians and society my friends and colleagues died to keep safe, have proven their worth so far.
    I hope, in spite of reason, they won't forget how they handled this. (Clearly, we sort of failed to keep them safe, but I won't get into that now.)
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    The faction in US politics that seems to think that global isolationism is the way forward being so strong...

    All things considered, I think the USA could do with a bit more isolation and a lot less dropping bombs willy nilly.
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    So this is a strange request, but please hear me out - I would like to get my hands on a verifiably early copy of the manifesto. Like, one that was downloaded before every hacker on Earth decided to start putting out joke copies of it to dilute its importance, a project with which I do sympathise but which is inconvenient in its timing.

    Yesterday the Sydney Morning Herald published this very coy little remark: ?"It emerged last night [that Nazi fuck in Norway] may have followed Australian politics. In an unverified online version of his 1500-page manifesto, the former prime minister John Howard, Sydney's Archbishop, Cardinal George Pell, and historian Keith Windschuttle are mentioned."

    What I want to do is check an early copy of the document and find, if possible, where that murderous arse praised our local crypto-fascists, so I can personally rub their noses in the putrid fruit of their ideology every damn time they poke their ugly heads over the parapet.

    Can anyone help?