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    It wasn't worth it

    It is a stunningly beautiful comic (thanks Paul!), written by one of the most-revered serial story-tellers on the planet (thanks Warren!), that you got to read FOR FREE (thanks Avatar!)...and since you don't love the ending, your horribly misplaced sense of entitlement gives cause to think "it wasn't worth it"!?

    Well, my dear little Lord Fauntleroy, I guess you ARE a little different from me, at least. For one, you are apparently looking forward to an extraordinary amount of disappointment. Also, you would appear to have developed an original definition for the word "whining". Kudos.

    *edited for to tone down the indignation
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    Back off. People are allowed to not like the story.
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2011
    Thanks, Mr. Ellis, and I'm sorry for my negative comments. I absolutely do respect you as a storyteller, and I still think you're one of the best in comics today.

    ooglie, my feelings have nothing to do with entitlement. It's just how I felt at the end of a very long story. Surely you've felt something similar about some story at some point in your life? How is this whining? Whether it was free to read or that even relevant?
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    I think the ending should have more explosions. Is it too late to put an explosion in the last panel?
    • CommentAuthorashspring
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2011
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    How about an epilogue with many explosions and RKD's smile? Can we all agree we'd like that?
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    I wanted to come in and say Hey! I am (well, more and more "was") an editor, don't speak for me. But fuck it. I'd rather take a moment to say just why I so love Freakangels. Yeah, it's beautiful, the characters are amazingly thorough and well defined, all brilliant stuff particularly when you consider how easy it is to fuck these up.

    But I like messing with forms, with assumptions. I like inverting structure to see what comes out the other end. I LOVE stories that surprise me. And, as the unrepentant hippie Warren knows I am, I've been delighted that not only have the twists of the story meant that these superhuman kids instead turn from their brute powers to their intellects for a solution but that they're confronting their internal as well as group tendencies to stay mired in the mode of thinking that they indulged as teens. I love that they've decided that growing up meant letting go of material things - including people - to show who and what they've been. I love that to grow up they have even had to let go of parts of their identities, and embrace a perspective that doesn't come from "survival at all costs!" (Though granted that gets easier once you've realized there's a good chance you're immortal.)

    I came in not knowing what to expect and trusted in Warren enough to figure at the very, very least it would be fun. I don't read many "normal" superhero comics. They didn't grab me when it was mostly about beating up the bad guys and then a sort of teen drama about who liked whom. When the 'Angels were attacked and they were subsequently slaughtered the invaders I allowed a moment to wonder if that was the direction this was going in, but given the many and huge mysteries around the Freakangels (and again trusting in Warren's ability to tell a damn good story) i figured waiting and seeing would be wise. I felt completely rewarded by the conversation Kait and Miki led for and against bringing in a group of starving, dying people related to the folks who had just tried to kill them. Compassion carried the day and I did a private little dance of yay!

    Again, I'm sure I would have had fun had this story ended up being about kids building and fortifying their settlement against all comers. Saving their corner of civilization and trading with outsiders but protecting their stake and themselves with complete prejudice.... I'm sure it would have been a fun story, cathartic and tight. This is Warren "chair leg of truth" Ellis, after all.

    I'm glad that the Freakangels didn't write themselves off as just superhuman heroes. Throw something heavy, and hopefully pointy at the enemy. Militarize their abilities and insist that what they had was peace through superior force. The 'Angels had to choose which way to go. I am glad - and frankly really surprised - that Warren had some characters of his "give peace a chance" and not by the smarmy, treacly methods everyone who's never worked for peace assumes it's done - they're not sitting on their asses hoping nothing else bad happens. They're not standing down, smoking out and weaving flowers into their hair - the 'Angels have gone out, doing what only they can do to try to grasp it with both hands, clearing away enough of the bullshit that might actually give the world a chance to settle and sort itself out.

    That went on a hell of a lot longer than I meant. But it just seems that it's easy to find flaws. I wanted to articulate what I liked and why I would talk up Freakangels to other people.
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    Back off. People are allowed to not like the story.

    Fair enough--the story sucked, so I'm glad you've acknowledged that people are allowed to dislike it.

    Still, the art was beautiful--and you teased us with promise of substance, keeping us entertained right up to the shitty pratfall of an ending. Surely that should count for something, even amongst the people who were forced to read it at gunpoint?
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    Look, in all seriousness, Boss, you are a very generous creator. A movie producer can turn bad actors into movie stars overnight and is unjustly rewarded with multimillion-dollar mansions. YOU'VE been making stars out of genuinely talented artists for years and still have to scrounge for your whiskey and pudding.

    They can criticize the story. But when people try to say that you don't care... grrrrrr.
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    No story ever written is going to please every reader. The best one can hope for is that more readers like the story than dislike it. FREAKANGELS, for me, fell into the strong Like category. Not only was Paul Duffield's art never less than superb, but the Boss gave me some female characters I grew to love over the course of the series. Don't ask me to choose among KK, Arkady, or Kait for a single favorite character.
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2011
    I can't help but wonder what people who dislike the ending expected to happen. The whole series the Freakangels have been trying, both together and in their own individual ways, to fix things. It was an inevitable escalation for them to try and do it on a grand scale.

    So, I guess everyone wanted them to fail miserably?
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2011 edited

    The story did not "suck." You did not like it. In your opinion, the ending (which, I might well point out, none of us has yet read) is "a shitty pratfall." Fair enough.

    But the story did NOT "suck!" That's like saying a joke isn't funny because you didn't laugh. As long as there is one person laughing, it's a funny joke. And there is a sizable crowd of us readers who find this a marvelous, moving story, a post-apocalypse tale with a wonderfully, unexpectedly gentle conclusion. Confounding certain expectations? Definitely. Sucky sucking suckish? Absolutely NOT.

    It is as razrangel portrays it. Megadittoes, razrangel!

    It was worth my while. I would, and will, recommend it without hesitation. You may not have liked it. It may not have floated your boat at all, and I'm very sorry if that was the case.

    But did the story "suck?" NUH UH!!!!!

    (P.S.: Thank you, Warren and Paul!)
    • CommentAuthorfod_xp
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2011
    Installment #143 was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Massive props to Paul Duffield and his color assistants. This has been my favorite Warren Ellis penned comic, and I'd even go as far as to say this is my favorite comic hands down. I loved the fact you skipped over the cliche ending of having the Freakangels faffing about in meaningless combat, rather you had these 12 darlings take responsibility for their actions and own up to their mistakes, well, at least most of the way.

    I'm quivering with excitement over tomorrow's installment, which will be the last. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these characters. Now, please focus on getting the two last issues of Anna Mercury 2 out before I start flagellating myself with Arse Eels to stave off the persisting withdrawal symptoms.
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    @fod_xp - please focus on getting the two last issues of Anna Mercury 2 out before I start flagellating myself with Arse Eels

    Hang on, you're using that threat to try and get Warren to work faster? ;D
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    Interesting discussion! Obviously I agree with Warren, everyone's free to their opinions, good and bad, but the funny thing is that no-one's actually READ the ending yet! Will be far more patient with people talking about how much they love or dislike it in about 2 hours - once it's actually available.
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2011
    one more hour waiting.... for a final state of (un)satisfaction... (sigh) if only I could manipulate time... I'd remove that time moat.

    Paul, I'm pretty convinced I will be satisfied with the ending in this way that the story is finished and we are left either with answers or with questions, just as Warren ment it. And with the fact that you offered us some fantastic moments with your graphics, I hope WC leaves them online for a long, looooong time.

    Unsatisfied, because the story has come to an end and fridays will be duller, never to be able to welcome a new issue from the FA's.