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    I know its a blooming cheek for a semi-lurker to start pimping his shit on a forum, but this is cool and partly inspired by Whitechapel's 'just get out there and do cool shit' attitude.

    quoting the website

    "Piers are the phallic symbols of our desire to own the motherly sea; our Victorian forefathers covered them with the lace dressings of amusement to prevent the working class getting too excited. Since then they’ve rotted slowly, like Britain's empire and its self respect.

    These cultural outcrops are still fresh in our race memory, however: not a month goes by without a fire, a change of ownership or a ‘battle to save’. They’re going, but not without a fight.

    Two of Birmingham’s most committed journaleers and artists of human experience—a bi-polar working class warrior with a romantic streak you could drown a fascist in, and a cheerful nihilist in love with his own legend—are willing to take on the challenge. The challenge of visiting every one of England and Wales’s 56 surviving pleasure piers in two weeks, because two weeks is as long as it’s possible to get off work.

    Writing alongside each other, but separately, they may agree but more likely the accounts will differ as much as Orwell and Hemingway's versions of the Spanish Civil War. They’re on the same side, and may see the same things, but not always for the same reasons."

    To test it we even wrote a FREE, yes FREE! ebook - HERE

    Please help by spreading the word or even kicking in a few bucks.

    There's a crowdfunder site - HERE

    A facebook page (if that's your sort of thing) - HERE

    and a twitter account for updates and stuff - @pierreview

    *AGENTS OF S.P.U.I.R.R.I.E.R if this is the wrong place, or unsuitable please move or delete with extreme prejudice*

    ** EDITED to add actual links, because this IS the internet after all **
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    I'd be interested to see your list of piers.
    I live on the South Coast and have a couple or three near me, but whether they fit your criteria of Pleasure Pier, I'm not sure.
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    Really which ones?

    the list of piers are all the active piers recognised by the Pier Society - here

    when we've worked out the schedule, if your about when we're near you, fancy a pint?

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    I'm near Bognor and I've been very drunk on Worthing pier loads of times (It used to have a club at the end which was where we all went when I was in college).
    Certainly can do a pint when you hit either of them.
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    blog post where I talk about Elements, group dynamics and the A-team to explain my trepidation about the project