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    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2011
    What's Gorilla Sign Language for "Bobo hate Mondays"
  1.  (10089.142) really just needed that red...lovely!
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2011
    @mojokingbee - you're not wrong lad! Yeah, much better, cheers! :)
    • CommentAuthorALE
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2011
    That's going in the inspiration folder, nice one.
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    Spidey MAN!
    After Miles Morales this is what the next Ultimate Spiderman will look like. :>
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    red sonja

    Something I did! I'm making 11x17"prints of this for at the Toronto Fanexpo this weekend.

    • CommentAuthorCurtPires
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2011
    @neil , that piece is unreal. Love the colors , reminds me of why I think your the next templesmith :)

    Superman Redesign
    " alt="" />

    More 52 Redesign: They Kept the old superman logo, which I thought was stupid. It’s dated and archaic. Not iconic enough.

    The thing with the action comics logo, is its brilliant and timeless and a total work of design art. The Superman logo on the other hand is just some (imo) boring typography.

    The beauty of the Superman crest is it is not only a key part of the characters costume and attire but rather a symbol that permeates the masses senses and the pop culture membrain. It’s Iconography in the most raw and unfiltered sense.

    Another thing that I feel is really overlooked is how the symbol can be defined without multiple colors. The interplay between the negative and positive tones create the symbol.

    Let the symbol put the book in peoples hand, superman will do the rest.
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    @richard - Fucking Aces.

    Let the symbol put the book in peoples hand, superman will do the rest.

    So fucking simple. So fucking true.
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    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2011
    Great Red Sonna @Richard! See you at Fan Expo.
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    Here is my latest parody painting, based on Goya's The Sleep of Reason

    And as always, check out all of my parody paintings here.
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    Two very different creator owned projects:

    Numbercruncher with Si Spurrier (currently finishing up in the Megazine... I suspect it's not widely known about, but I think you'd all dig it) and Dept of Monsterology with Gordon Rennie - which will have a metric fuckton of monsters. This is only a small number of them...

    (Colours on Monsterology by Steven Denton)
    Also - because I designed it and I really like it, the logo:
    dept of monsterology logo

    lots more stuff on my blog!
    (I apoligise for how rarely I get to post anything in here... will try and do better!)
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    @lucky…aw..very cute.
    @richard…awesome pose.
    @curt…simple and bold always works.
    @used…lovely pages.
    @pauljholden…nice lines.

    finally finished my 8-pager and of course, the last one had to be a 12 panelled one. Just about ran out of juice with this one. Done, done done….off to the next one.
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    Manga studio and no idea what the hell I'm doing
  10.  (10089.155)
    Indie Comics Reboot over on Comics Alliance

    Colors and Context in the click through

    Process here:

    inks -

    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2011
    Fucking hell, this is an awesome thread this month - talented swines the lot o' ye! :)
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    My Muse has taken over and shoved me into the passenger seat now. Here's a small snippet of the warm-up piece I just started a 20 minutes ago. Work on this may well derail me from sleep for a bit...

    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011
    Vertigo! Wicked piece man! One of the best I've seen you do in Manga Studio- well done!
    Amazing month of work here folks.
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    in progress font preview upper case

    work in progress font, here's a preview of the upper case characters
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    VandalHandle -- What program do you use to make a font? (Asking because my grandfather used to make them, and I'm curious to see what other people use.)