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    • CommentAuthorEberhorn
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2011
    I'm not really good at writing stuff like this. Whenever I do, I try to be funny and witty, clever and smart, but mostly come across like a sorry douche with a humongous ego, trying to compensate for his miniscule male parts (or maybe it's the other way around, who knows? (I'm talking about the sizes, here)). But I guess that's me. A friend of mine just said of one of my little video projects that it was "clever and engaging" and I subsequently lost all respect for him.

    Anyway, I had heard of Freakangels, as I am an avid reader of Master Ellis's works, but somehow I never quite got that it's free. Yeah, I know. See above, mainly the "douche"-part.
    I started reading about three days ago, and if you're taking the time to read this thread and prowl the Whitechapel forums, you're probably already aware of how good Freakangels is, so there's no point in me telling you. Which is no surprise, really, until you come back to the fact that it's free, and something in your head breaks a synapse and you feel like saying "Does not compute" over and over again. All the praise I could muster would most likely just repeat what many have said before. And I'd hate to be a bore. But, yeah. It's that good.
    In fact, I believe it's the best thing the internet has birthed since Whedon's Sing-along-Blog (although I might have gotten my dates mixed up here). Well, that and midget porn.

    To bring this to a close, I love it. I'm only up to Episode 43, but I love it. And I'm grateful. I wish I had the cash to buy the paperbacks and hardcopies in ridiculous amounts and give them to friends and family and strangers just to show my support. Give something back. In my time I have spent many a penny on comic books, but times have changed, and truth be told I'm having a hard time paying the rent most of these months.

    So thank you for making my life a little more bright, and witty and funny and gripping. For free.