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    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2011 edited
    From my buddy Noel Lawrence, curator of the J.X. Williams badfilm archive:
    We're launching an event series in LA this Fall that involves time travel through multimedia séances. Click on the link below for more info.

    YOU WEREN’T THERE is a curated cabaret of film, music, literature, and performance that celebrates transitory moments of cultural brilliance. The event is neither a concert, nor a reading, nor a film festival but a multimedia séance that conjures up another time and another place. We are based in Los Angeles.

    Each edition of this ongoing series assumes a micro-historical focus upon a specific era, location, and aesthetic. Starting from this precise temporal and spatial vector, YOU WEREN’T THERE explores a broad scope of fashions, sensibilities, and ideas of the period through anything from an archival newsreel to a reading of a poem to a musical number as well as contemporary interpretations and perspectives on the past.
    Our Premiere

    10.1.11 8pm
    Paris 1929: La Révolution Surréaliste

    In its Fall 2011 debut, YOU WEREN'T THERE takes you a sentimental journey to Gay Paree. Marvel to the sounds of Django Reinhardt! See the restored print of Luis Bunuel’s “Un Chien Andalou” in all of its eye-slashing glory! Thrill to the sensual undulations of the Parisian burlesque that has caused shock and scandal in the salons of Europe! Enjoy the chic sensibility of Jazz Age fashion that has revolutionized the very notion of clothing!

    The Future

    Upcoming shows of YOU WEREN'T THERE include such themes as “Dallas 1963: The Carousel Club,” and “New York 1977: Punk Vs. Disco," and ”Saigon 1969: All Along The Watchtower." Check out our trailer for details.

    The Impact

    Everyone dreams of living in another era: to dance with Edie Sedgwick as the Velvet Underground jams at Warhol’s Factory; to swing a sledgehammer against the crumbling façade of the Berlin Wall; to discuss existentialism with Camus over espresso at Les Deux Magots. Through art, entertainment, guerilla theatrics, and a scholarly attention to detail, we re-imagine that moment.