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    ...was launched, amidst much quaffing and imbibing of the spice, last night. Marvellous to see a couple of Whitechapellers make it along, and I hope my hints about Disenchanted weren't too cryptic.

    As of today, the novel's on sale right across the UK -- in paperback or digiwurd formats. We're waiting to hear about a US release, but if Youse Yanquitypes just can't wait I'm told The Book Depository don't charge shipping fees. That's a good deal.

    Tomorrow Warren will break our hearts by taking away Freakangels, and there will be a period of mourning. In the interim I'll be doing my best to keep the Whitechapel masschat alive, flying the flag of ReInvent/ReDesign, foraged-net-weirdness and similar. In due course new freebie online comics will arrive to perk us all up, as discussed elsewhere. Until then, you guys owe me nothing. But I'm asking a favour anyway.

    Novels - especially weirdo-junkie-sleazefests masquerading-as-mainstream-crime novels like this one - live or die by word of mouth. Actually, that's not true: they live or die by word of keyboard, and that's not as hair-splitty a distinction as it seems. A Serpent Uncoiled has been greeted with a positive hot-pearl fountain of fantastic reviews (which are rounded-up right HERE), but the more of the Internets I can infect with the wrongheaded Good News, the better.

    So any retweeting, blog-linking or sinister-manipulations-of-inebriated-mates-down-the-pub will be met with some serious hat-doffing.

    Send the pilgrims HERE, then come straight back to bask in my sticky gratitude.

    A Serpent Uncoiled
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    Was nice meeting you, hope the evening was a success. You reminded me of a young Eric Stoltz, just before he was told they were booting him off Back To The Future.
    ‘twill be a while before I can comment on A Serpent Uncoiled though, since you used Mind Control to make me purchase your first novel, Contract. And I’m reading them in order just to see there’s been some development!! So far it’s all shootings and murders and interrogations though. Why can’t we all just get along?
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    Woo! I'm going to strap a machete to my chest and get a tarot reading in celebration. I really enjoyed the book. Methinks i'll buy several copies and distribute them to friends as gifts.