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    Hello Fellow Whitechapelers,

    A friend and I are getting started on some web based comedy shorts and wondered if any of you fellow creatives out there have any leads on good sources for Public Domain Stock Footage (at the moment I'm having trouble sourcing a decent cheesy action movie explosion)?
    Any hints and tips are greatly appreciated.


  2.  (10110.2) isn't free, but they do frequent give aways where you only have to pay the shipping of the DVD (Approx $8) I've gotten quite a few effects, stock footage and SFX off them and have always been happy.

    AlunaBlue is another source of stock footage. Again, not free, but if you sign up to their e-mail chain, you get a free clip every month or so.....but it's their choice, not yours. Still, start collecting now for the future.

    Creative Cow is a film makers website I use fairly frequently for troubleshooting, but they send out e-mails a couple times a week, often with sponsor deals. One recent one was for a month's worth of downloads of stock footage (sadly, that one is over)
    Again, doesn't necessarily help you right now, but is worth looking into so you have stuff for the future.

    When you have a short done, let me know. I work for a Canadian comedy channel, and recommending stuff to be featured on our site is pretty normal for me. It would be awesome to see a whitechapeler's work up there.
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    The Prelinger Archives are free domain...
    Rick Prelinger and The Internet Archive hereby offer these public domain films from Prelinger Archives to all for free downloading and reuse.

    there's over 2,000 movies on there, hopefully should find something you'd need!
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    Actually, now that think about it, I can probably just give you a couple of clips that I already have, if you want.
    Don't have any HUGE explosions, but I've got a couple that might be of use....maybe if you layer them? Depends on what you want.

    Touch base with me this weekend peter AT ihaveissuesproductions DOT com and I'll upload a couple to my server and give you access.
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    Wow, Thanks guys, those're great.

    Sorry I haven't managed to get in touch with you, Pete, it's been a bit of a wild weekend, we're also very early into the project right now but your offer is much appreciated.
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    I did not know about the Prelinger a motion/video designer/artist whatever, this is a treasure trove of useful stuff.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    Structures and (soon)3d renders to build upon:

    I really <3 he saved my bacon on an animation project with zero budget.
    Great skins andcelestial pictures as well as another treasure trove of information on artsing

    This kind sir has opened up his photo archives:
    some images have restrictions most rely on you attributing and sharing alike.

    I have more image hunting grounds buried in my bookmarks so "I'll be back"

    Cool thread.