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    [With apologies to GREASEMONKEY for nabbing the microphone: I'm making this a sticky. Warren will probably hate me for it, but he can just bloody lie back and bask in the stickylove whether we have to hold him down or not. -- Si]

    Warren -

    For the endless hours of reading our shite, weeding out the idiots and keeping this the most civil and brilliant collective of writers and artists and musicians and history buffs and general cool-people-who-love-cool-shit anywhere on the internet; for the R/R threads that made us stretch ourselves to accomodate your demands; for entertaining us for free with the excellent Freakangels graphic novel, six pages at a time; for being Stalin and Internet Jesus and the Love Swami and Big Bald Bloke With Computer and Ming The Merciless:

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    Shocking to admit, before I stumbled across FreakAngels I had only the vaguest idea who Warren Ellis was. Now, several years later I have had my mind violated in a large number of interesting - and for the most part enjoyable - ways, both by Uncle Warren's own works and by the community he's both fostered and disciplined here with his iron fist in a velvet glove rammed up a rectal eel.

    Mr Ellis, I am not the same person I was three years ago, and some of that blame lies at your door. Thank you.
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    It's a lovely house that you and the Avatar crew built here Warren and i thank you all for it. I'd pretty much given up on interacting with people through forums before I came here cause they're usually just a horrible mean-spirited free-for-all. Whitechapel has never (well not often) felt like that. Thank you, good luck with the novel and hopefully you won't make yourself too scarce from this little corner of the world.
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    He's not *dying* you guys.
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    I remember, many moons ago, and right around the time I was just starting to get into comics, I had just come off reading something or another and asked a good friend of mine to recommend me something. His reply, I believe immediately, was Transmetropolitan. I told him no, I want something actiony, that is the mood I am in and that is what I am in the mood to read. But my friend decided that was a bullshit excuse not to read a wonderful comic and simply told me, hey, in the first issue the protagonist blows up a pub with a rocket launcher. As soon as I started reading I knew that this was not what I had asked for, but continued on to see if he was, in fact, being truthful about the bit with the explosions. I feel bad about that, in retrospect, but I was very young. By the time I found out that he was telling the truth, I had to finish the first issue. By the time I had finished the first issue, I was hooked. After I finished that, I had to read the rest of Mr. Ellis' work. So I did, to the best of my ability. In the course of that accomplishment, I had read thousands upon hundreds of issues of comics of all types, the list of which only continues to grow. Warren came to me at a time when comics were little more than an interesting distraction and turned it into so much more. Now, I write. I write and I absorb knowledge and I never stop because I've been taught better than that. It's not surprising that these things eventually led me to Whitechapel.

    Whitechapel is, as far as I've found, my favourite forum on the internet, and one of my favourite places there altogether. It is smart and informative and entertaining and funny and does everything possible to make me want to spend time here. It is not always perfect, but it is a home to me. I've discovered more things here than I can count, met many interesting people and even got to shake a few of their hands in the meatspace, which is a rare occurrence for me. I would never want it to change, but change is inevitable. I both accept and realize this, and what I hope is that it stays at least near to the ideal that it is now. I also have hope that it can improve, but unlike most things in the world it is not necessary for it to improve, so long as it progresses. That, I trust to happen.

    I sit here with little more than an hour left until The End. I will miss Freakangels. It was a high point to every Friday and gave me something more to look forward to at the end of the work week. I will miss having you around here, Warren, because you are raw and clever and don't take all the stupid shit we throw at you. You are much of the reason I write, and thus part of why I am who I am. One day people might blame you for that, but right now I am but a kid. A kid who is not sappy and does not gush and is probably breaking some unwritten rule of Whitechapel more and more as he continues to go on. So rather than going on further, I will get to what I have been saying in my own prolonged way, which is really just echoing what everyone else here has already said:

    Thank you.
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    so long and thanks for all the freaks
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, at the risk of sounding like I'm burying The Love Swami and not praising him--I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing creatively without Whitechapel. While I was recovering from The Worst Three Years Of My Life, Whitechapel was there in a way The Engine just wasn't. The Engine was intimidating, whereas WC felt challenging. It was like physical therapy for my writing brain, first, just by dint of being around all these amazing people, and then getting involved through Weaponizer.

    Now, after--what, four years? Now I feel like I'm ready to Get Excited and Make Things, and were it not for this place, these people, who knows? Maybe I would have started writing again, and maybe I wouldn't have, but it gave me the kick in the ass I needed, and now I'm better for it.

    Thanks to Warren and Paul and Kate for the wonderful story, and to Ariana and the good folks at Avatar for giving us this proving ground of the brain and the heart.

    See yez on the other side.
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    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2011
    Raises a can of Red Bull.

    Thanks to you and Paul for the wonderful story. Thanks for Godzilla Bukkake.

    Looking forward to the next novel and please don't be a stranger (but be as strange as you like).
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    I did this as a sort of thank you for Warren:

    warren ellis

    He can't arse eel me now! (Well he probably still can, but...)
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    Right, you mad bastard. C'mere.
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    Warren is going to space-laser the fuck out of all of you.
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    Whitechapel was one of the first places I felt "welcome" like I had found a community to be a part of. It got me to get of my shell a bit.
    Thank you Warren for making that, and for making such a great comic, and other great comics and generally being awesome.

    *flees from the arse eels*
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2011
    I have a feeling if any of us tried to give him a hug he would beat us about the head and neck with something heavy. So I'll just say thanks and I've enjoyed Freakangels and Whitechapel immensely over the years. I can't wait to read whatever you come up with next
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2011
    Next time you're at some sort of event round these parts where there is drinking, I hope to get you one. Looking forward to GUN MACHINE, among others. Lang may your lum reek!
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    it's worth the risk - i always thought the arse eels sounded kinda playful!
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    This is like the Warren Ellis Eulogy Thread. Whitechapel isn't going anywhere and Warren isn't dying.
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    the only way this could get even more outrageous is if someone spoofed Alan Moore and created "Whatever Happened to that Mad Bearded Bastard From Southend??"

    Either way, let the regeneration from Warren to Si begin!

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    Good times, great story. Warren, you keep setting the bar ever higher. Bastard.
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    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2011
    Oh Warren, we hardly knew ye! If only we'd had more time, the things we could've done and seen and dare I say, become. Arse eels left unsent. Whiskey left undrunk. Empty Red Bull cans not packed full of cigarette butts for lack of a proper ash tray. Some would say you had time and time and more on this small corner of teh netz, but I say it wasn't time enough. At least I have solace in knowing that my brain isn't done absorbing your abominably succulent word monsters. Don't blame people for crying over you, you've handed the eels to Si and he seems unlikely to send them slithering over this. So farewell and good luck in your next life, whatever you make of it, I'm sure it will be awesome.

    This is a eulogy, because Warren Ellis is leaving and that deserves a send off.

    Paul, don't think I've forgotten about you and your beautiful pictures. Even though you never made your presence felt in the same way as (only) Warren (possibly could), when you spoke on these boards, people listened. Like Silent Bob in Kevin Smith movies. I know it's not a perfect analogy, but you get the gist. We'll miss you as well. It's going to be rough not being able to get your gorgeous art for free (how did we swing that one, internet?). I already knew Warren's work before FA, so when I read about his excitement at your involvement, I automatically said to myself, "Who the fuck is Paul Duffield?" You've been great to get to know. Thanks for giving us 3+ years of fond memories and candies for the eyes.

    This is Paul's eulogy because I'm going to miss him too.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.