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    [EDIT: Tottenham riots appear to have become London Riots, if not every-fucker-who-wants-to-burn-stuff-in-Britain Riots. Let's keep all comments in the Sticky Post above. --Si]

    It's very sad what happened. A month or so ago I made a film in Tottenham with some first time filmmakers. We went out and asked how the area could be improved. It's for the DocinaDay series of films for MyStreet - a project where you film, edit and post a documentary in one day. I facilitate and teach some of the groups.

    The people of Haringey have very very clear ideas on how the area can be improved and what can be done to engage the youth. It is an area sorely ignored and under funded by government and has a terrible record of public service neglect (baby P...etc).

    We had HOURS of footage but this is the final film the group decided on:

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    My sister lives in Brixton! Luckily she's in the process of moving out and was away, but her bins were set on fire, and her flatmate reported seeing a lot of looters at work - mostly teenagers with no obvious political agenda, but plenty of newly looted shoes.
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    Yoav - that's fascinating. I wonder if you (or your students (if that's the right term?)) have considered submitting this to various news channels? There's undoubtedly a hunger at the moment for the "the warning signs were there" narrative.
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    Don't we have the largest amount of CCTV cameras per citizen of any country in the world precisely for incidents like this? I mean, I bet the police have already seen the Duggan shooting video. It's hard to imagine that it wasn't caught on tape. So what now? It really doesn't sound like Duggan shot at anyone. And I just read the bullet pulled out of a policeman's radio was police issue... so... yeah...
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    I'm a Tottenham boy, living quite close to where the action was on Saturday night. My wife and I were out all day, got back at Bruce Grove station between 9 and 10PM seeing loads of people on the High Road, more than usual, and it felt quite uneasy so we hurried on our way home (luckily we were cycling). Once home I was following the news and Twitter feeds, and it seemed to take ages for major press to arrive. At around 10.30 someone tweeted Sky arrived so I pop downstairs, switch the telly on to be greeted by the footage of a burning bus at Bruce Grove station. Very lucky to have missed that one. Stayed up until 5AM following news and tweets as the looters made their way into our general direction, first torching the local Aldi and then the Carpet Right on the corner. Luckily for us the idiotmob decided to go to Wood Green instead.

    Yesterday during the day was very strange… wherever possible people would go round as normal but there was a very solemn atmosphere, and we couldn't really believe the carnage. Very sad.

    Last night it was fairly quiet, save for the police helicopter who scanned the area at around 1AM. Really hope its not happening again tonight, but I'm afraid it will…
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    Also, the reports on Saturday night about the alleged shoving of the 16 year old girl is rather suspect, as it came from a local who just happened to be pro-riot, but without any references or names and fuelled by a lot of Twitter rumours.
    And what happened has nothing to do anymore with protesting or wanting your voice heard. This is plain and simple scum destroying their own neighbourhood, although to be fair, I did laugh when I read they broke into the local McD's and started cooking.
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    RE the looters - this one seems quite proud of his haul (and will soon be hauled off himself I don't doubt)

    Like a lot of occassions what started as a legitimate attempt to ask serious questions about the Met's behaviour during ops (and don't get me started on the inherent racism of the Met's Operation Trident - 'black on black' crime is in my opinion a terrible slur - they are crimes pure and simple) was subverted by the moron mentality of a bunch of opportunistic twats. Particularly the copycats in Enfield etc.

    A lot of what @Oddcult says abt the root causes are ringing true with me too - there are entire estates the country up and down (and I've lived in a few of them...) where there are no 'legit' jobs, and living from day-to-day and hand-to-mouth has become a way of life for millions
    I wouldn't expect to see much in the way of action to change any of this tho - until the 'burbs are burning then the powers in charge have zero political reason to do anything - apart from the bad headlines. none of their voters are likely to have been in these areas.

    This won't be the last riot this year, I'm thinking.

    Especially if we have a three-or-four day heatwave before the end of the month - I can't remember the stats but I am sure that there is a well grounded theory that there are a greater number of riots during hot/sticky weather.

    Something abt Cameron et al's response reminds me of this exchange:

    "Sir, the oxygen level is bottoming out in Sector G. What do you want me to do about it?
    Don't do anything.
    But they won't last an hour, sir.
    Fuck 'em. It'll be a good lesson to the others.
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    Reports of riots in Hackney on my country's radio news!
    The subway doesn't stop there and the riot police are there protecting businesses. From a friend's Facebook, Tesco surrounded by the police:

    Were there any riots like this after the 80's?
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    Good live coverage

    Were there any riots like this after the 80's?

    We're in the action fucking replay of the eighties. Cameron's not been seen in public because he's metamorphosing into Thatcher in a tank somewhere like an evil butterfly - about now the skin's coming off, the lips are puckering up and the hair's turning bouffant.

    I'm finding the looting deeply nihilistic and depressing - protesting's one thing, this just seems nasty and cynical and materialistic. The idea that it's being coordinated via BBM as 'let's smash things and nick stuff' - what the hell happens to people to make them like that, why does doing this seem a good choice to make? Fucking awful.
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    @J0nCarp3nter - The only reaction I can summon at the moment is to find this depressing. At the moment I don't see what is going to cause this to stop and I fear what will happen if serious or fatal injuries start to happen.
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    Oh dear - seems like it has gone viral:
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    There are rumours on Twitter of it spreading it Leicester as well.

    I don't like this.
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    Explain Tottenham to this foreigner! I was catching up on the news and the fact that this begun because the police shot a drug dealer is absolutely insane to me. Was racial tension very high already in that region?
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    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2011
    @Sobriero, yes, there are long standing tensions in that area, and in much of North London. There were significant riots there twenty-odd years ago, that haven't been forgotten. There's a lot of gang activity, and a lot of policing that the gangs and communities see as heavy handed, or even racially profiled. I'd hazard a guess that few people saw this scale of disturbance happening so suddenly, but I don't think anyone was under the impression that things were all hunky-dory.
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    The shooting if the dude in Tottenham was just a spark to the tinder of a whole fuckload of resentment that's been building up.

    Birmingham, Leeds, Croydon, Leicester... and counting.

    The police are being seen as demoralised, overstretched and ineffective, so people are taking the chance to just fucking do something. Even if it's nicking things and burning shit.

    Nick Clegg made a statement that he didn't think David Cameron is showing a lack of leadership. Without irony (because, you know, he's speaking for him as deputy in his absence...)

    This is your fucking Big Society, you sausage faced cunt.

    I'm fucking angry about this. Because the signs were there and you still have smug fucking Fotherington-Osborne claiming he's been all vindicated by events in Greece and Italy whilst missing what's under his cunty nose.

    Come the fuck on, people, back to Tory Party HQ and Fortnum and Mason's, not your own bloody neighbourhoods.
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    However it all started, this now seems to be a large scale version of kicking in the local bus stop on a Saturday night and drawing a nob on the side.

    I've been out at work all day and got back to Barking tonight to find the town centre sealed off and three fire engines parked up at the end of my road, just waiting. There are blue lights and sirens all over the place and the railway/tube station is shut. My nextdoor neighbour told me the corner shop at the end of my road got eyed up by a gang of kids but the police arrived before anything started and they all scarpered. The petrol station just down the road wasn't so lucky and got smashed up. Shifty looking youths are prowling about in smallish groups, had a bunch hanging about on my corner a while ago but they seem to have disappeared now. Still a bit worried about the corner shop though.

    I'm half inclined to grab my little camera and go for a wander to see what's happening. The other half of me is shouting 'Don't be so fucking stupid!' All things considered i think that's the half i'm going to listen to. Anyway there's work at 5am tomorrow, i should be in bed.

    Good luck Whitechapel, looks like the next few days are going to be interesting.
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    @J0nCarp3nter-Herd mentality, that's the only thing I can think that explains all this. And once again I confirm my suspicions that Tory are spawns of evil that Constantine should take care of and cast them back to hell.
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    Especially if we have a three-or-four day heatwave before the end of the month - I can't remember the stats but I am sure that there is a well grounded theory that there are a greater number of riots during hot/sticky weather

    Being a former criminal studies/legal studies student, yes, you are a correct. Crimes (especially in this case, property and violent crime) are especially high during the summer, than in the winter.

    Forgive me for being an arrogant 'merican, but could this be similar to the Rodney King riots? Police showing unjustified force, officer in question getting off, the community pissed that nothing gets done, then BURNING THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS (I don't get that last part, in LA the place where they rioted was pretty much a black neighborhood, where they could have gone two blocks down and burned the rich white neighborhood). There's definitely more than I don't get, so please educate me.

    Safe safe Whitechapel, keep in touch.

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    @King Happybomb When you live in a ghetto environment, your own neighborhood is one of the biggest symbols of societal oppression. In other words, it's only YOUR neighborhood in that it's the place where society forces people with your skin color to live. In light of this, I think it's pretty clear why it's the first thing people lash out against. This behavior is actually pretty common in government paid low income housing, just on a smaller scale. Busting up the walls and doors while you live there ect. I know a guy who makes a good living as a contractor repairing these places, as the tenants wreck the place until it's unlivable, then the state moves them into a different place, while the old place gets fixed up, then they wreck THAT place, and so on.
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    @Birds_Use_Stars. Thank you. That explains a lot more.

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