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    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    Just been for a quick stroll around Barking (ok, up to the pizza shop at the end of my road and back). Lots more police than usual and a few little clots of - well, little clots pretty much, all trying to look hard, mean and old enough to legally loot their own alcohol. Fail, fail, fail. Really not much different to any other night round here except for the extra coppers. Most shops, including the Tesco Metro are closed with the brave exceptions of my corner shop, the pizza shop and a couple of other non chain fast food places. Little groups of relaxed but determined looking youths and men are casually hanging about outside one or two places. I don't think there'll be any looting there tonight.

    With a bit of luck most of the excitement has bypassed the Fragrant Picturesque Jewel and gone on to richer, more interesting pickings, i do hope so.

    Be interesting to see what Birmingham looks like tomorrow morning, the place i'm delivering to is right by the Tesco Metro in New Street, and i did hear one report that it was in flames earlier. Mind you i also heard one that said it wasn't.

    Oh, more sporadic sirens just then. Again there's usually a lot of them round here anyway, it's that kind of place. Still, more than usual for this time of year.

    Right, TTFN Whitechapel, i hope you all manage to stay safe and serene, or at least not more than mildly irritated by the stupidity of it all.

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    Jesus, this is horrible. Heard in Morrisons that people had torched South Parade pier in Southsea - turned out not to be true, but the fucking paranoia is running deep...

    @Yoav - I was actually wondering when Camila Batmangheligjh would turn up in a comment piece... tend to sit on the fence as to whether she's a saint or just insane...

    @Flabyo - if Guildford goes up, the end times are truly here. Apparently people tried to kick shit off in Southampton and Portsmouth last night via Twitter and Facebook but nothing happened thank god.

    Just hope this fucking country does a hell of a lot of soul searching over this. The relentlessly ugly rhetoric from the government for the last year has been all about dole scum and worthless, feckless people, describe them like that for long enough and hey presto they'll bloody well conform to the stereotype so I'm not at all surprised this has happened. Doesn't excuse it for a second, and I wish (naively) they'd expressed it in a constructive, articulate way, but with millionaires running the country, and the super rich and corporates getting away with theft on a macro scale, is anyone really surprised? Fucking cunts at both ends of the spectrum.
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    This is my friend.

    they've lost £30,000 worth of gear...
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    aaand my sister is moving to Harrow in four weeks, no big deal

    *keeps vainly trying to reassure himself*
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    An interesting side-note to the whole thing is that the Met will have to foot the bill for the damages, which, in turn, means the tax-payer.

    Moreover, the coverage of the riots and the situation in general once again drove home the inefficiency and complete bankruptcy of journalism (a quick example) in this country. This might prove far more accurate in its seeming simplicity.

    Also interesting was how the media played up the fact that all the local shopkeepers in my area formed patrols and kept looters out last night. As proud as I am all my Turkish neighbours protecting our neighbourhood, the fact remains that it wasn't just a sense of community that drove them but a sense of property too. Yes, they've lived here for decades, yes the looters were all outsiders, however the fact remains that they were protecting their property first and foremost, which, to me, is equally valid given the circumstances.

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    Just hope this fucking country does a hell of a lot of soul searching over this.

    Soul searching? The answers are right on the surface. Within the last year England told a generation of kids that they were not going to get the college educations they were promised and then blew tens of millions of dollars on a ridiculous wedding for an inbred aristocrat. What the hell did people think was going to happen?
  5.  (10129.87) Or in other words, 100 or more small/indie labels fucked over by the fire eating their entire stock housedat the Pias Warehouse.... including Warp, Ninja Tune, Mute, Domino, Renaissance, Rough Trade etc. etc. etc.
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    As far as I can tell some of the roots of this go back all the way to the eighties. From people itching to have 'Brixton Riots II' to successive governments failing the people and repeatedly turning their backs on generations of young people. It's an almost systematic erosion of civility at the bottom of society, skewing what people see as right and wrong.

    No doubt there are other causes (like enough people being cunts to organise themselves and events), but I think the above is a huge part of what fires these events.

    • CommentAuthorEvJ
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    Seen posted elsewhere:
    "Well, the exemplary sentence given to Charlie Gilmour has obviously failed to act as an example"

    Which I sincerely hope was a joke.
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    Spent my twenties in Glasgow and Manchester,and they're both the brightest,best and most toxic societies i've ever been part of.
    So there's larger forces at work here than just shitty rioting.
    If you're only options in life are grey middle class servitude at best, well the culture turns itself into compost to make way for new growths.
    It's weird too how these dark happenings tend to come in waves,the riots,the u.s. debt panic,the tragedy in Norway....all very different things but you feel that strange wind blowing thru the world....
    then you'll get stuff like the arab uprisings and osama put down and it's that celebratory wave, and on and on ,back and forth.
    And every time I think,if the world regained their connection to visionary plants, comparative harmony would bloom...can't see anything else that could rewire the populace with a new ,inspired empathy and ingenuity...
    Anyway hope you guys are okay over there.
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    Wish there something to do to help over here in the states...

    Keep safe Whitechapel.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    ...and now English Defence League wants to play crusaders, according to AP. I'm supposed to hope they survive, am I not?
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    Yes, and earlier on the BNP was tweeting for donations by SMS. Classy.
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    is it inappropriate to start quoting from "Desolation Row" yet?
    • CommentAuthorkhamsin
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    @ Happybomb One of the relatively few in the US who's paying attention to this going on. We're too busy over here with exporting American Democracy.
    Any input from Canada, New Zealand, Oz?
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    There's this, London Rioters which you are supposed to use to browse and identify the mob.

    It also throws out some pretty telling images from time to time.

    middle class fiery rocking horse rage?

    Go Outdoors
    Go Outdoors
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2011
    I was working in Farnham yesterday and by six it was empty and silent. Everyone was either glued to the Riot Channel on TV or the Internets or they were clutching their pearls and barricading the doors hoping the thugs from those nasty parts of London wouldn't think they'd be easy pickings and head down there.

    Spent the evening at a friend's in Guildford and drove home at about half one. Loads of police vans about filled with bored looking coppers probably wishing they could be bashing someone's head in, in London, instead. Can't really see it kicking off there, although Friday in the shitty nightclub end of town might be interesting. It'll either be dead or very tense, but with little happening.
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2011
    Seeing as the three people killed defending shops in Birmingham were muslims and many of the independent shopkeepers affected were Asian, the EDL and BNP is hardly likely to get much gain from this. I'm betting that most of them are out on the streets joining in, as there are some decent fights to be had.

    If they *do* say that they're going to organise some kind of defence or resistance, then fuck... that'll get very nasty pretty quickly. I'd be tempted to go out and throw bricks at them, if they're anywhere nearby, even.
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    For those of us in the US... EDL - English Defense League. BNP - ??? I'm assuming right wing anti-imigrant groups (the uKKK?). Am I close?
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    Pretty close.

    Like the BNP, but not exactly the same.

    BNP stands for British National Party: Nazis.

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