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    A short roundup of the first few tweaks I’m making. Most of this is based on feedback I got in the “Whitechapelling Round The World” thread. None of it is set in stone, none of it is frightening. Stop blubbing.
    To start with, my most visible role round these parts will be establishing and overseeing recurring threads. Some of these will last exactly one week before being replaced. For instance:

    Remake/Remodel (I don’t need to say much about this, yes?)
    On Sale: Good Comics (Believe it or not I’m the worst conceivable person to be talking about – let alone judging – mainstream comics. So this probably won’t become a Thing until I’ve found someone better-informed to set-up and moderate for me. Suggestions welcome.)

    There will be others, once I’ve secured Authority-Figures to come and wrangle them. Music, film, etc.

    Other recurring topics will last precisely four weeks before being renewed. I’ll probably keep them as Stickys for a fortnight each, then see how they fare alone in the wild. The opening crop will be:

    Around The Net: A rolling roundup of all things Net-related. Virals, memetic pearls, digi-wrongness. If it’s something you should be emailing Everyone You Know, it goes here. (Note that, unlike the current “Around The Net” thread, this won’t include News or Mad Science. Those will now go into…)
    Newstrange: A rolling roundup of fascinating and weird things from the Real World. News stories, mad science, technology. If it’s something people should be talking about round the watercooler, it goes here.
    Ask Whitechapel: The place for you to pose and answer questions. Maybe it’s an existential quandary. Maybe it’s about a cure for toenail fungus. Maybe you need advice with a soul-wrenching relationship-problem and genuinely expect us not to laugh at you. Maybe you’re doing research and can’t be arsed to waddle to the library. Whatever it is, come ask about it. Kudos for respondents will be divided 60:40 among the GoodAccurate and the FunnyWrong.
    Spinning Yarns: Right now there’s not much of an outlet on Whitechapel for aspiring storytellers to expose and hone their craft. There’s a lot of very good reasons for that – some legal, some practical, some fan-fic-sites-are-generally-pretty-fucking-awul based… But no pub-based conversation is complete without an exchange of anecdotes, and this is where they’ll go. That thread I started recently about Drinking Stories? That sort of thing. There will be a Very Strict word limit. I will set the topic every month. Some months I’ll require you to entertain me with episodes from your lives. Others you will be called upon to open your hearts; to remember your saddest, strangest, creepiest (etc) moments. FAKT: This thread has a very high chance of turning into a disaster. Please prove me wrong.

    I’ll be establishing the inaugural thread for each of those topics over the next few weeks: one every Monday. That way there will be a renewed rollover every week.
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    Next, CATEGORIES. Things are going to stay mostly the same, but there are a couple of noodles. Your new list of categories is here. PLEASE STUDY WITH CARE:

    Main Junction: Rules, regulations, updates. General business.

    Disenchanted: News and talk area for the webcomic.

    Crossed: News and talk area for the webcomic, and other stories in the same Universe.

    Freakangels: Talk area for the webcomic.

    Web Nuggets: Any online vilejoy you’ve found, created, published, or borked-up. If it’s on the Internet, it goes here. (Home of the “Around The Net” thread.)

    WorldWeird: Expose, share & discuss attention-worthy news. Includes Mad Science, Crazy Tech and Metaphysical Oddity. (Home of the “NewStrange” thread.)

    Printheads: Comics, novels, nonfiction, short stories. (Includes webcomics.)

    Culturegasm: Art, film, TV, theatre, photography, fashion, express-expression.

    Music: Duh.

    London Zoo:
    A menagerie of miscellany. That which Does Not Fit elsewhere. Not safe for work. Not safe for human consumption. (Home of the “Spinning Yarns” and “Ask Whitechapel” threads.)

    Blogs: Bloggery pokery.

    …nothing particularly new or frightening in there, right – mostly just renames? You’ll note that “Fantastika!: SF & The Weird” has gone. It was getting remarkably little traffic as it was, and I think we’d be better served incorporating it into the two existing arty categories: Printheads and Culturegasm.

    I imagine we’ll be leaving the Freakangels category in place for at least a month or two. Probably longer, possibly forever.

    There are a couple of other suggestions I’ve taken on board. I’ll be raising them in the coming weeks.

    Right. Back to work, worms.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    Looks good, boss, but question about the Spinning Yarns bit: So, Spinning Yarns is all about personal stories, rather than fiction (that's not to say that people couldn't end up being lying liars what lie but that's different from them posting fiction meant as fiction), set to a particular topic? Or will you be relaxing the FICTION = EELS rule?
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    And when we eventually get to the SPINNING YARNS category, I'll make it clear how the Land Lies.

    (Which is, in short: if you're not happy about putting it in the public domain, don't make it up.)
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    We are a vain lot, so what about SPIT?
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    Happy for that, and other favourites, to keep running. Up to you whether you want me to be Daddy Enabler or not.

    Generally speaking if something hasn't come up for a while, I'll start it off. Might experiment now and then to see if there's enough traction to make things recurring/monthly/whatever. Slowly slowly, we'll come to some sort of routine. And then fuck it right in the saliva-glands.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011 edited
    Can I just say how happy I'll be to see a monthly Spinning Yarns thread?

    One question, in regards to that - would it be considered kosher to provide links for longer life-tales? I ask because you say you'll be implementing (for damn good reason) a strict wordcount limit, and I can operate within that limit, but... occasionally the words take me on a ride I wasn't expecting (see the Roommate Thread's multi-part epics), and I like writing those, and people seem to like reading them. Now, obviously, I've no desire to dominate or derail such a thread, so the quick solution might be to dump all that into an external source (a forum-based Blog, mayhap?) and link back to that. If'n, of course, that's alright with El Bosso del Warning.

    Also, will these Categorical Figures of Authority be chosen from our humble ranks, or will you be bringing in mercenaries outside contractors scabs friends of yours to run these? Either one could create some very interesting scenaria (fuck you I think it sounds cool and besides I'm a writer, I get to make up words whenever I want).
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    In the context of Spinning Yarns, links to longer pieces ain't on the cards. Certainly not to start with, anyway. The whole point is to share short anecdotes which can be enjoyed as part of the thread.

    I may at some point implement a recurring "link to your short stories" thread. But be warned: in my experience of similar setups, very few people bother to follow those links. I probably wouldn't, for instance, for a whole host of reasons.

    Anyway. Each of these recurring threads will be clarified as and when they occur.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    Would you consider creating and alternative to the Ellisian rectal trauma eels? While it is considered by all to mean STOP NOW, I think it would be nice if they retired with their master. I feel that the eels would like to be released from our posteriors back to the wild. I have now doubt that you could devise a greater terror to the masses.
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    But you are the arse eels' natural habitat Beamish.
    It's like saying let us release the whales from the oceans, the bears from their forests, and whatnot.

    Keep the arse eels!
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011 edited
    See I always thought of them as Warren's attack creatures who slithered their way in, not as creatures which were summoned out.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    I've got to say that I agree we need something for longer stories. Many of the best stories in previous threads went on for several posts.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    I get the feeling that our benevolent masters would like us to use "blogs" for that sort of thing.

    Whitechapel is all about the short, sharp shock.
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011
    And yet I love Government Spy's stories. Each pause due to the text limit leaves time for people to remark on the story so far. You know, kind of like a pub. I guess.
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2011

    Kind of like the end result of a dead drop hanging.
    • CommentAuthorOrpheus
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2011
    Maybe i'm the last man on earth winding the air raid siren, but...

    Food and Cooking thread?
    Used to love checking in and viewing creations. Also the term 'Culinary Necromancy' comes to mind, can't think why,

    Or is that something that would need to be sustained by the population, rather than sacked and re-spawned each month.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2011
    @Orpheus: "Culinary Necromancy" might be my fault.

    I feel like that's something that should come and go as the community decides - no need for such a specific topic to be set and run by a moderator.
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2011
    And is there a Bat Suprioso-sponsored Open Mic-like series on the way? *bites lip*
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    Actually, yeah, I'd completely forgotten about Open Mic. I like that sort of thing.

    I think... I think that's probably something to run on Fridays, right? Get a week's worth of spleen out of our systems. Hrm. I'll give it some thought. If you don't see it straight away, don't fret - things are very fluid right now. Soon!
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2011
    Any chance we can have a board-wide moratorium on ANYTHING approaching the old IDNNTST Image thread? My eyes and brain are still recovering...