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    I hope the powers that be don't mind me posting this here...

    I'd only recently posted about my friend Helen who's trying to raise the funds for her album, with proceeds going to the british heart foundation. I'm going to be playing on the album too if she manages to raise the funds for it.

    However, on tuesday night her flat was torched to the ground during the riots in Ealing (link here for a brief story in the evening standard) She was also interviewd by Sky, the BBC, was in the metro this morning and probably others that i've not come across yet.

    She and her fiancee lost around £30,000 worth of gear (he works in TV production and had equipment in their flat). A fireman managed to rescue her violin but apart from the clothes on their back, that's all that survived.

    I'm going to be doing some fundraising to help them get back on their feet (they were also trying to save money for their wedding next year!), but if you want to help then you can still pledge toward her album (money going towards the british heart foundation) here: Or please please please spread the word however you can.

    this is what she does:

    Hazlitt - Introit