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    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2008

    The only food we had packed was a small bag of egg-salad sandwiches. My companion ate all of them in a fit of hunger and frustration at being on an unknown island a thousand miles from home on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately these sandwiches were made the day before, and poorly refrigerated. She was incapacitated within hours.

    This left me with an opportunity to wander around the deserted town we were now residing in. There were lots of houses that looked like contestants for an urban decay prize, but they all had people inside. Most of them were watching tv, or me. The forest was stunning, I've always loved the way bonsai trees grow, and apparently everything grows like that there.

    Christmas day was spent climbing the nearest mountain just because it was there. Also, we thought we saw something on top. After a few hours of climbing and getting lost we found a shrine. Fucking amazing view from the point that didn't come out on film at all. Oh well, it's inside my head and I remember. I also remember our hike was made interesting by our new benefactor's small dog following us all the way to the top of the mountain. It was cute in an OHSHITDON'TFALLOFFOFTHAT kind of way.

    Later that day we were invited into the home den of our benefactors. They served us the best Kimchi Jigae I've ever had, as well as a pot of soaked sweet rice drink. We spent the evening basking in their openness, generosity and television. I've never seen so many creepy Christmas shows in my life. One special was nothing but elementary aged girls dancing to some strange choreography. I've never wished for the simple puppet Christmas story so much in my life.

    The trip ended well, with us learning that making a noise like a broken radio is a sort of a country dialect and an uneventful ferry ride. A good time to look back on and remember. I will cherish it.