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    British shops may have water damaged stock this week. Question is, will you buy them wet or wait weeks for dry replacements?

    Top five comics shipping this week.

    Generation Hope #10 - Phonogram's Kieron Gillen and Hack/Slash's Tim Seeley tell a tale of an innocent becoming a murderer. Probably what this Schism thing is all about.

    Wonder Woman And The Furies #3 - seriously see England and Scotland separated by some kind of xenophobic super power.

    Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker #2 - Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson on this Lock Stock And Two Smoking Superheroes origin story

    Darkwing Duck #15 - essential for cleaning your brain out after reading The Boys.

    WE3 Deluxe. Will you pay $25 for those extra ten pages? Course you will. Also a great book to share with your kids. Honest, I just did.

    So what are yours?
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    (Behold our new Comics Guru, who shall be swinging-by every week to stir our sequential hearts.)
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    Leak? I see no leak!

    Had to Google about this as I'd heard nothing of it till Rich's post. Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere or you've already seen it but this is apparently what happened.

    And even though it's close-ish to my neck of the woods, why the hell would they be based in Cheshire, other than it being relatively close to an airport?
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2011
    Well DMZ I have pulled, and apart from Boys' Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker there isn't anything else on Diamond's list that I would normally be buying - so if it was going to happen any week, it picked a good week for me.
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    Hanging on for the collected TPBs of the new Boys stuff. Bigger chunks are more satisfying.
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    I had a little thing typed out then realized that this thread isn't quite what I thought it was... This is talking about what came out last Wednesday, not what's coming out next Wednesday. I should ask for a little bit of clarification here:

    Si -- Should I stop putting up the list of comics coming out the following Wednesday? I had always put up the list a few days before they hit the shelves that way if something was coming out that people on here felt others would like they can build a little bit of hype and try to get people to flip through it when they went to the shop and it was still on the "New this Week" shelf instead of talking about it after the Wednesday warriors have already paid out their money. (It's a lot harder to get someone to pick something up after it's already been out for a week.)

    For people that have always participated in the "Comics on Sale this Week" threads: (First off, thank you. The last two years has been a lot of fun.)
    Click Here to go to the site that I would get the initial list from. (Alphabetically lists everything they're getting that week, including statues, re-orders, stock, etc. and is in capitals.) Usually updated Wednesday or Thursday evening for the upcoming week.
    Over Here is where I preferred to get the list from. It separates singles, magazines and trades, as well as it's not all in caps. (Lists only new things they have coming in and they tend to order at least one copy of everything.) Usually updated Saturday or Sunday night.
    For the record: You can always check the Diamond list as well, but I found too often they'd list things that weren't coming out for over a week so I'd go in expecting something only to find out I had to wait another week. (Usually it was Avatar comics that they'd list a week early.)
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    @warped savant - no, absolutely don't stop your splendid work. I think the two threads both serve very different ends. You're in the business of building excitement before Wednesday, Rich is in the business of discussing what's been bought. "Preview", "review"...?
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    Si -- Okay, cool. I'll keep doing what I've always done.
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    Yep, two threads needed. I never look at what's coming because I love to walk into a comic store and be surprised, but it's nice to have a checklist afterwards to verify I didn't miss anything. It's also good to have a place to talk about the week's haul. Speaking of-

    Meta4 #5- How'd I miss this? It came out back in May, for god's sake! I'll be gathering up and re-reading 1-4 before cracking the cover, though, because otherwise I'll be badly lost instead of intentionally so by the story.

    Fables #whatever- Still not happy with 20 pages, still buying out of habit. It's always a fun read, but I can feel there's something missing without the extra space.

    Sergio Aragones' Funnies #2- Sergio! Therefore it gets bought and is also entertaining as hell.

    Gladstone's School for World Conquerors #4- A bit of a quieter issue, with more focus on the kids hanging out and less on the larger plots. I'll recommend this series to anyone, easily.

    Also, DMZ v.5, which I haven't had time to read yet. I've been combing the corpse of Borders for stuff, and I think that's the final thing I want from what remains of the graphic novel section. The Portland store is picked over pretty clean, and the nearest one beyond it is a 2 hour drive north, so despite getting there while visiting family the other week, its shelves packed with wonderful goodies will remain mostly unmolested by me. Although I did manage to snag Agatha H and the Airship City.
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2011
    Discovered today that Gosh! comics in London has moved. I liked it's old location right by the British museum a lot more than I do the new one down the end of Berwick Street in the dark heart of Soho, but the new store is a much airier, brighter, bigger and downright better space. (although I miss the really cramped little spiral staircase down to the backissues they had in the old place).
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2011
    I've not hit the stores for ages..To be honest i don't know whats going out there because i'm a tight git who tends to fester in the bargain basememts..can feel a urge to splurge coming on... at the moment i just want to get a Grendel T shirt. Bet i travel to the westend in fucking vain...Will be a chance to open the old peepers though. Naive our Uncle Warren taking respite from the rags? Guess i should delve further into foul internet...
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2011 edited
    Angel & Faith 1. Giles! (sniffle)

    Secret Avengers 16. Nicely efficient arse-kicking superhero comic, the same sort of inventive pace as dear old NEXTWAVE with a straight(ish) face.
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    I got JLA #1
    Stray Toasters
    And the New Mutants from a few weeks back.

    Probably wouldn't have gone into the store today but for the JLA #1 hype.
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    No DC for me, thanks. But I quite happily got-

    Secret Avengers 16- Which is as awesome as expected.
    Herc 6.1- Canceled with issue 10, so I guess I'll just finish out the series instead of dropping it, like I planned.
    Invincible- A more thoughtful issue, which I enjoyed quite a bit.
    Deadpool Max #11- If it didn't have only one issue left, I'd have dropped it a while ago. I bought it for the writer-artist team but it never really took off for me.
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    Infinite Kung Fu was sold out what the heeehll

    Got some other Top Shelf stuff (ahem, they have a really convincing email service) -

    -Homeland Directive: this is really good! It's very into weaving the drama out of mundane details as well as high stakes. Like, I love how the ultimate tool of secret governmental conspiracy is the fictional "Bureau of Consumer Advocacy"

    -Any Empire: Really infuses the boy character's experience with a hallucinogenic surreality that is a little scary. Suburban scenes are rendered in the duality of a child's point of view: every corner is teaming with secret pathways and tingling meanings, and at the same time the blandness and flatness hedges in at all corners, claustrophobic and broadly oppressive. Also, an emotional drain to read, even as it is really dazzling. So I haven't gotten too far in it yet.

    -Newish Blankets HC reissue: I didn't own this before. Ok, I admit I haven't read it yet either! So, presumably it's good and stuff? Coo.

    I looked around all the Super things I haven't been following. This Hickman FF deal was interesting but looked sparse... I didn't end up with anything floppy.
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    Picked up Secret Avengers #16 -- I felt like I was missing something not having read the previous 15 issues but afterwards I don't think I did. Ellis dropped me right into the middle of the story. I like it when that happens but I've only really seen it done with a new series as opposed to one that's already established. Great art, good dialogue between the characters, brilliant ideas.
    I like the idea of a group of one-shots. I miss when comics use to be like that.

    Also picked up both Umbrella Academy trades but haven't read them yet.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2011
    @mercurialblonde- I hope Stray Toasters hits the spot. I found it totally insane and the sort of thing you can consume no matter what frame of mind you are in.Some of my mates dissed it. Guess thats up to them. Bill Sink-o-vitch in madness mode. I will have to give it another read. Good stuff..
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    Stray Toasters is one of my favourite comics -- very much worth everyone's time.
    • CommentAuthorGeoffL
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2011
    Secret Avengers #16 was the only single issue I picked up this last week, and I quite liked it. Is it going to be a different artist for every issue? Or is McKelvie on for all of Warren's run?

    Didn't pick up the new Justice League of America since I'm not the biggest Geoff Johns or Jim Lee fan, but I am very much looking forward to some of the titles in the coming weeks, particularly Scott Snyder's Batman and Jeff Lemire's Animal Man.

    I've been looking forward to Nate Powell's Any Empire ever since it was announced, and it definitely did not disappoint. One of the best things I've read all year.
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2011
    Geoff, it's a different artist.