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    So I liked the character design and general attitude of the new Supergirl, and bought the first issue. I've made better decisions. Supergirl shows up and punches guys in powered armor. Um... ok? Total waste of time. I have no reason to give a crap about this character at all, other than her name being on the cover.

    Witch Doctor, as I mentioned elsewhere, was awesome.

    I'm probably going to enjoy Red Wing more when I gather the four issues together and read them as a single story. I'm not regretting the series at all, but there's a lot of ideas in here and they probably fit together better without the gap between issues.

    And a new Fables. I hope the series isn't running out of steam, but I just haven't felt the interest I used to. Almost 10 years is a long time, though.
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2011
    Hey folks, I am pretty sure you'd all like Justice League Dark by Peter Milligan and Mikel Janin. So far it is right up there with Animal Man for being the best of the New 52 that I've read. Granted it was not all of them it is reminded me of Morrison's Doom Patrol. Oh, and Superman
    gets torn up pretty bad by flying finger nails and teeth,
    so that alone is worth the price of admission.
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2011
    Bought the new Kick-Ass issue today. Sometimes I love that comic. Other days, it's just a bit too brutal for me. Today was one of the latter days. I'll probably like it better when reading it again some other time.
    Still, good art, well put together, exactly as expected. A very good comic indeed.
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    Yeah, this issue of Kick-Ass was way too brutal. I'll finish off the series to give it a chance, because it's been good before, but this issue isn't a story I wanted to read. It's almost like I was reading a DC superhero book or something...

    Brilliant #1 is interesting, but it didn't really hook me in as much as I'd have liked. I do see the spark of something really good in there, though, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. Plus with art by Mark Bagley, it doesn't seem likely to fall into the Powers/Scarlet trap of two issues per year.

    I think I'm the only person on this entire board reading Shanower's Wizard of Oz adaptations. I've no idea why, they're just ridiculously fun.

    Secret Avengers was awesome. Obviously. :)
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    Secret Avengers #17 -- Great fun, awesome lines, some panels I liked the art, some I didn't. I miss the days of stand-alone issues.

    Rachel Rising #2 -- Really piquing my interest. A good mystery starting up, awesome art because it's Terry Moore. So far I'd suggest this to anyone.

    Weren't these threads supposed to be weekly? Not that I mind, I'm just curious...