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    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2011
    I really wanted to say something good to all the people upthread that are suffering, but I can only say: Keep trying. It's all we can do.

    What I have ended up writing: My ideal theory for this thread was that The ?????? Open Mic should run from 6pm Friday to 6am Monday. And that, if possible, it would consist of live reports of people's on-the-ground experiences at that time. (Of course, considering time zones, that 6+24+24+6=60 hours isn't the same time everywhere). Something to think about.

    I say this at 2:50am Monday 5th September BST. It has just begun to rain.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2011
    @trini_naenae Thanks. I still feel like this current piece is more along the lines of 1)The idea/research/reflection 2)Being annoyed that I'm not getting anywhere 3)Start working on a crap piece that says nothing particularly worthwhile, just to get a grade 4)Procrastinate, because I don't want to work on crap piece 5)Just do it anyway because it's too late to change and I have no ideas.
    But really, I still appreciate that an awful lot. The fact that you listened and took the time to answer, and everything you said were all pretty wonderful things. So thanks.
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    Fishelle - I find that grinding through something when I feel like a tallentless hack is best just because finishing a piece has value in and of itself. Also, you can sometimes discover that you were just psyching yourself out and that there really is something of value in there. I do this with writing and music, but I'm pretty sure it's applicable for you.

    Trini - Creating in a vacuum is frustrating. I wish I had an answer for that. I just keep doing and believe that some day I'll crack the code and have a whole body of work at hand for whomever it is that wants to pay me.

    Alan - That's some scary stuff.

    I spent the weekend writing and faced the sort of frustration I talked about to Fishelle. Even so, I managed to get about 16 pages into a comic script only to discover that my outline leaves me several pages short. Now I need to figure out how to insert stuff without it feeling like filler or screwing up the page transitions that I've already crafted. On the upside, I have no one to draw the comic, so it's not like there's any sort of deadline. One of the cute bartenders where I write asked me about what I was working on and was genuinely concerned when I explained the premise that I might be killing the main character. She felt strongly I shouldn't. It was real cool to see that kind of a response.
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2011
    I have been working like crazy, and never get much time off. Mostly, my nights with the boyfriend consist of "hi." showering, eating, and going to bed. Rinse & repeat. I take ONE evening (tonight being said evening) off per week to make sure we get to spend some time together. We have cleared with each other that this is our "date night" whether we stay in or go out. He is currently, at 9:15pm, WORKING. Somehow, he seems to think this is totally cool, and I am overreacting when I ask him to wait until tomorrow. Funny, that.
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    So last week, an inmate informed me that another inmate had asked him to build something with explosives.

    The snitch told me he was an engineer in the free world, and that inmate who requested the explosives really knew what he was talking about. I sent him to speak with the Lieutenant, and maybe 20 minutes later he came back on my unit, I wasn't told anything else.

    Later, while taking my lunch break, I happened to see the same Lt. I asked him what the situation was. He told me that the snitch had identified the other inmate as a middle-eastern Muslim, and that the FBI was now involved and was investigating the situation.

    I only work on that unit once a week, so today I return and neither inmate is to be found. The Muslim inmate, I'm told, was locked up in solitary yesterday, pending an investigation. The snitch, I assume was locked up as a witness for his own protection.

    Either way, I just have a funny feeling about the whole situation. Perhaps, I was involved in catching a potential terrorist before he had a chance to do anything (while in prison). Perhaps I just helped perpetuate a stereotype, and just added to the level of fear when working with middle-eastern Muslim inmates. Either way, it's out of my hands for now.