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    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2011
    He He He... I love you lot you sick sons of a retarded ox!!! Got the big grin syndome going on on me face!! We are most pleased...
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2011
    @ trini naenae. I to utterly despise the catholic church of pain for their most shit treatment of the female..I shake with potential need for revenge..and im a bloke! Must be my twisted sexuality screaming into the void...
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    Here is My Little Faust comic:

    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2011
    @ Clone Artist Me like most cool. Has a nice old skool indy feel about it... and you hit the nail on the head. Well done pet. Will be in my head on the way to the clinic today. I sold my soul for methadone and now demand it back..Good job me and the devil are good mates...
    • CommentAuthorlomopop
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2011
    This is one of my first attempts to colour this way so it's a little messy in some places.

    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2011
    @ lomopop Tis an image of sickness... just heard the word Lucifer on a techno track i'm listening to in real time..there it is again! You have damned me to the rave of despair...God save me from the good shit!
    • CommentAuthorkmcleod
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2011
    @ trini naenae--

    "artists sneaking in something very naughty when they could or yet another example at the levels of loathing the Catholic church has for female sexuality"

    A measure of both, probably. As for me, I just liked the design.

    Meanwhile, Clone Artist doing sequential art is definitely a bonus this week.
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    @hartter…nice old book execution.
    @clone artist….always knew those ponies' were evil.
    @lomopop…strangely dreamy.

    gah...this was a tricky one. Hard concept and powered down skill-wise due to weekend of gaming. Fortunately, the extra time was helpful. Dropped the supernatural element and any sci-fi bits. Wanted gritty but got this least it's a little off. Black market identity trade....
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2011
    @ mojokingbee. We like...puts me in mind of the Ditko at his most weirdly stage with a underlying feel of deranged erotica... reckon the devil has his strap on ready. Well done!
    • CommentAuthorALE
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2011
    R/R: Faust

    Get to work bitches.
    • CommentAuthorAhlhelm
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2011
    Anyone else try this and just see the Quinn / Vigil character in their head and get stuck on that?
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    here we go. Done on the ipad using sketchbook pro and art rage and some comic maker thingy I have.
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2011
    Holy hell, Root!! (hehe see what I did there?) Brilliant & gorgeous!
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    -thanks :) I'm happy with it.
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2011
    @Rootfireember - Well I love that to pieces.
    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2011
    @Rootfireember- I like it. Has a real classy feel to it. It would look marvelous in a cool frame mounted on the wall in my lounge above all my comics. Keep up the good work. You have inspired me.
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    @flecky- I will have to see how it looks printed!
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    @mojokingbee love it, that is great.
    @ahlhelm I did that exact thing. I pulled out my faust series and re-read them, been a few years, now if they can ever finish it.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2011
    Junkie Faust
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2011

    Just in, I hope.