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    Could we come up with some sort of system to streamline it a bit? Maybe just clarify what's a question and what's an answer.

    As for answers, maybe we could use (dare I say it) hashtags? So when you post a question, end your post with a tag (for example #tacticalshotgun or #hitlercats) and anyone answering that question sticks the tag on a line of its own at the top of their post for easy identification.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2011
    Actually that hashtag idea isn't too bad.
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011 edited
    though the formatting options in this place don't change too very quickly...
    That is because the lazyweb is always very quick to suggest that someone else put together some images and formatting options that folks can access with a button, and can we get that yesterday?

    And then a post later, very often, someone else will point out that there's already a pretty-commonly-used solution. ^_~
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    What was that video series, about the girl who got did a cooking show drunk? I remember her being white, short blondish hair, glasses. Hope that helps.
    • CommentAuthorNil
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011
    @Soviet Rocket

    This looks likely
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    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011
    @Fishelle - Thank you!! The Adobe site is the one I've actually been using the most, so I guess maybe I DID find the best option out there?

    And no, I wasn't learning to accomplish anything specific, other than to make simple cartoons eventually.
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011
    #adult swim art
    Tony Millionaire confirmed that it is not his art.
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    Update: ok it seems to possiprobably be the work of Adult Swim's own creative director Jacob Escobedo, but Im still interested in confirming. The website isn't real clear, there

    If it is him, then I was just imagining it was someone I totally recognized! Sorry, internet
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011
    @ Fishelle: strikes me that this is more of a category than a thread. Thoughts anyone?
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011 edited

    I think the only thing that I could say toward making the ASK WHITECHAPEL a category is we'll start seeing a lot more posts that are just a question and then maybe one or two answers. Having a question thread allows all of that to be bundled together without tiny posts edging out current topics of actual discussion.

    Edited (too damn tired)
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    New question: #Operating Systems

    So, I'm re-reading Neal Stephenson's essay on OS, "In the Beginning Was the Command Line," because for some reason Neal always makes me feel better about things. I'm at the part where he's describing a Unix program that allows you to run Windows (and, presumably, any other OS) as a program within Unix. Pretty cool, right? Well, the question occurs to me, why would you want to do that? If you're already using Unix or Linux, chances are good that you don't have a whole lot of use or care for commercial OSes, UNLESS, those OSes can do things (namely, run programs) which your native OS cannot.

    But, an operating system is nothing more than a graphics interface (a metaphor, as Stephenson calls it) between the human typing and the bits flipping. The underlying processes are the same, users just perceive and interact with them differently... right?

    BUT, why then do some programs only run on Windows, or only run on Macs, or can't run on either? Shouldn't any computer code be able to be opened by any other computer code?

    (this question brought to you be the God Dammit I Wanna Play The New Deus Ex Game So Badly When is it Gonna Come Out on Mac Foundation).
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    Different operating systems have different ways of executing programs and storing data as well as different libraries of already written program code.

    In Linux there's an application called WINE which stands for WINE is not an emulator. It allows you to run Windows programs because it acts as a translation interface between how Windows does things and how Linux/Unix does things.

    A metaphor for this would be that different operating systems are speaking different languages with different (although often similar) syntaxes and vocabularies but using the same sounds.

    Does that help?
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011
    Yes, actually - the language metaphor is a very good one, I might just be a dunce because I didn't think of it before!

    In that case, are there open-source WINE-like programs that can run translation interfaces between, say, an application built for Windows, and a MacOS, without actually possessing a Windows OS?
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    #Operating Systems

    Missed the first response while writing a lesser one. Yes, that.

    As to the new Deus Ex game, you can play it on OnLive on Mac, if you have the webs for it.
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    Alan Tyson -- I don't know. but I suspect there's nothing as developed as WINE. Which is still often a flaky piece of software that requires hitting with a spanner every now and again to get things working.

    (Getting the Amazon Kindle software to run on my Ubuntu netbook was trivial. The version of WINE on my desktop PC still sulks over it.)
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2011

    I'm going to spend a couple of weeks wandering round Nepal in October, anyone been there?
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    Another aspect is that over time (years) as an OS matures it is not just reconfiguring the GUI for the file system, it is also becoming a more complete set of tools and services for other programs to use. If Windows didn't have all it's drivers and doodads, then everyone who wrote a program for Windows, especially one that has to work with multiple solid objects inside or attached to the computer, would have to write to the hardware, in other words do as much work as back in the day when computers all just did one program at a time. All the levels of an OS from kernel upward are basically extensions and elaborations of this service/toolkit metaphor.

    So a program written for Windows is written as "Windows, please ask the processor to do this for me and make the speakers do this for me and if that dude double clicks let me know right away" and so if a Mac was asked to run the same program it would be like "pfffft who is this 'Wondows' guy you keep asking for?"
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    Some of what I understand is that it is based around commercialism. What everyone has said is true (esp WINE being flaky) as to why programmers write for a specific brand is the difference between Open Source and commercial. You will not see popular games released for Linux because Linux is Open Source and to some code is a precious commodity. Classically there were few 'Windows' programs for Mac because the way that Mac's interface communicated with the Kernel was night and day from how Windows did. What changed? Intel. Now that the Mac CPU (BPU) is designed by Intel the communication have become similar and the software giants are seeing MAC as a viable financial gain.

    Also we keep spouting off Kernel which may be Greek to a none 'computer person', so I'll (wikipedia) will define.

    The kernel is the main component of most computer operating systems; it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level. The kernel's responsibilities include managing the system's resources (the communication between hardware and software components).

    edited: not able to document.
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    Ok. I've got one. I have a question for those familiar with the fucked up system of welfare and social services in the US.

    Just three years ago, I started my Disability application living with my Aunt in NJ. A few months ago, I started crashing in NYC out of a necessity to be more mobile. There ended up being a room opening where I was crashing, which I took, and became a part time roommate. I had no income, but used the last of my student loans to pay a fraction of the rent, borrowing from others, all on the blind hope that my hearing would be judged favorably, and I'd be able to pay everything back and be stable. I could not change my address because if I were a NY resident, my Disability case would be transfered to NY and would be put to the end of the waiting line, which would mean an ADDITIONAL TWO YEARS to the 2.5 years it'd already taken to get a hearing date. So, I kept my address as NJ, most of my belongings remained at my Aunt's.

    The hearing was had, and I told the judge that I still had my things in NJ, but had been crashing in NY. That I wasn't paying my rent, that I had to start doing so come September. The judge decided in my favor. It's been over a month now, and I had to go to a NJ social security office for my Disability payment figuring. I showed her my sublet-lease for my NYC place, and she said that it would make things more complicated and she'd keep my address as NJ. So, my payment amounts were determined under the assumption that I live with my Aunt and pay no rent.... but then, Disability is an ability-based program, not a need-based program, right? So, does it matter?

    I went to the Union County NJ Welfare office directly after, told the fellow there the exact same information, and he cancelled my case and told me that I live in NY. He told me to go to the NY Welfare office the next day and start a case there.

    So. I went to the closest Welfare office, which was 15 minutes away in Brooklyn. I arrived at 4:30. I was seen at 8:05. They told me I had to go to a Queens County office, and that once THERE I could get an expedited Food Stamp card and maybe some rent assistance. The next day (today) I went to a Queens office. I got there too late, but asked the people at the fornt desk all my questions. There, they told me that I couldn't apply for a new Food Stamp Card until the new month, AND the guy said that I should not change my address until I start to get my money. That it's too complicated, and that they'd be asking me where I got my money for my rent. (Last semester I used the last of my student loan excess. This semester, I got less money and now owe to my school.)


    If I'm paying rent, wouldn't that change the amount of money I'm getting? Are my student loans considered income? I mean, If my student loans don't cover my tuition, and if I don't PERSONALLY get any money from my loans and it all goes to the school, that's... ok, right? They keep asking me all accusatively about how I afford my rent if I don't work. Is everyone trying to give me LESS money, and directing me the wrong way? Given all of this, can I still get Supplemental Security Income in addition? Can I get emergency rent aid?

    Everyone keeps telling me I'm being too honest.

    But I've got like $10 to my name, and a food stamp card that's going to crap out at the end of the month, with rent to pay and utilities, and school starting.

    Am I dong anything wrong?

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.