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    I've drawn something! I feel I sort of cheated, as I've been trying to give up using the right hand and train the left instead, but my glasses are at the bottom of a pond at the moment, so it all evens out, I suppose.

    Drawn and inked by hand, then scanned and colored.

    (if this is too huge, please do yell at me or edit it into a link)

    I've Always Been Lonely. (part one)
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    heres a teaser for a new comic i am working on with writer, curt pires. it will debut this month online. more details soon to follow...



    Proud to announce that POPTRASH will be launching here in the next couple of weeks. POPTRASH is a web comic by me (Curt Pires) and Justin Mcelroy . Justin Was my collaborator on Blue Cassette for those of you who read it and is very talented.

    What is POPTRASH about you say? It’s about getting lost in time when you try to pick up women at bars. We’ve all been there right? One minute your laying it on thick for the leggy blonde , next your bleeding out your gut in prehistoric era earth.

    POPTRASH will always be FREE to read digitally . Always. Were even going to compile the issue’s into CBR format’s eventually so you can read them on your IPADS, IPHONES, and whatever the else you dirty little techno freaks have.

    For those who prefere a more tactile form of entertainment it will also be availible in a DELUXE PRINT edition, with behind the scenes content, process work and Fun Stuff that people like.

    But lets not get ahead of ourselves, you all will want to read this thing first and make sure I don’t shit the bed. Stay Tuned , I will come at you with Our Site AS SOON as its up.
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    A piece I did for a "playtime" thread on The theme was how we would handle Doctor Strange if given the chance. I knew pretty much nothing about the character, so I read up on him, and discovered that we both had nerve-damaged hands. So I based my interpretation of him on... me, 15 years from now.
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    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2011
    @imaginarypeople: That's really cool. Cool drawing and colors. Nice striking image
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    "To Kevin Spacey"
    hour lunch sketch 09.01.2011 pencil 11 X 17 tone/levels in ps-cs4
    fast ship?
    of the
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    really great @ initiatezao

    Quick digital sketch:

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    Watercolor on paper. See more at my site!


    Edit: First acrylic piece I've done in years.

    vagina detata
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    "She's fast enough for you Old man!"
    love that SNL skit, Spacey does one of the best Walkens ever, and that's a great sketch (I mean your sketch)
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2011
    @Imaginarypeople: I love that image!

    I've finally convinced myself to start experimenting with colors; so you've got wooden pencils
    Ackbar is a star cruiser super pilot

    and Photoshop colors
    Paris is a pink convertible super pilot

    My guess is that it must be almost a first for Paris Hilton to be on Whitechapel :)
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    One of the first things I saw as remarkable about the city of Louisville was this old reservoir. A little research and I found that it’s about 150 years old, build in the 1860?s before the War Between the States! I knew that I had to draw it. There are a few other darn cool buildings that I know of which also need to be put to paper. So keep watching for more of historic Louisville sites.
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2011
    @Miranda - love those mate, especially Ackbars colours & Paris's eyes.
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    @Kyle-latino: that is an amazingly awesome building you've drawn there!

    Here's a couple I've recently did. The first is a drawing inspired from a Dr.Sketchy's I went to in Grand Rapids, MI. I call it "Prom Night". The second is one that I actually put a sketch of on here back in July or Aug I think, just got around to inking and coloring it. I call it "Chokes on You"

    Prom Night

    Chokes on You
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    Me colour picture

    Drawn free hand, hence slightly elongated form.
    Colour, of a fashion.

    Failed at background, as I couldn't initially thing what I wanted for it, then upon sniping the lovely generator, realised this had taken far too long already, and opted for a slight bit of a shortcut.
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    Blog post

    I did a step by step inking thing on my blog showing the rough->b&w of this image (interesting only if you literally enjoy watching ink dry) which you'll find via the link above.

    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2011
    @kyle-latino gorgeous.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2011
    Can FINALLY start sharing all the work I did for Thomas Dolby's FLOATING CITY online game...
    Here's the character I played as a moderator for 3 months, in secret, Soot Sparrow:
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    thanks @ miranda, your colors are looking good, what kind of colored pencils did you use on the ackbar sketch?, also love your lettering.
    @vertigojones - your voodoo cow woman is awsome
    @paul sizer- i love the way you draw clothing and accessories on your characters.

    i should have my comic up pretty soon been working on it pretty hard lately. heres another preview panel-
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    Gorgeous, gorgeous work from you all.

    Here's the coffee table I've been working on, finally finished.

    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2011
    @Grease your recent furniture work is profoundly cool.
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    Thanks. Just one more piece to go, sadly; making a small corner table for the living room and then we're out of space.