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    Embers in the amber, welcome to Serptamber

    Anyone putting their home playlists through any 2001 musical retrospectives? I've realized not a lot of very good stuff came out that year! :( But I also just started listening out that Unwound album for the first time, what a nice find.

    New music~~~ as Taphead mentioned Tinariwen have their new thing. I like it a lot! I was never very into the last one. This is much more varied, with Western touches that are applied carefully, to serve their sound's natural allure and exoticism rather than distract from it! Their lead 'single' even has an actual hook. Let's see if it Septembeds:

    Tinariwen - Tenere Taqqim Tossam
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2011
    Actually I'm doing an early-90s classics-of-shoegaze thing, inspired by a website I should really stop reading.

    chapterhouse - falling down
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    MENZINGERS-chamberlain waits lp
    PUNCH-nothing lasts 7"
    TYLER-goblin lp
    VACCINE-demo and HUMAN HATRED 7"
    IRON LUNG-exposed 7"
    HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE-mondo blotto 12"
    CEREMONY-one sided covers 12"
    PANIC AT THE DISCO-vice & virtue lp
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2011
    Kasabian - Switchblade Smiles

    • CommentAuthorflecky
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2011
    I got a serious love affair going on with the old sounds.If never heard I really reckon you should give old german band Neu a blast. I've heard many a DJ on BBC Radio 6 cite them as one of the most influential bands ever. They are just so god damn eclectic..beautiful sonic soundscapes with hyper tight drumming.Punk rock riffs with mad howling going on.Electro techno trance dance.Downright just plain weirdness that is hard work to listen to yet when you get into you can understand what they were doing.

    If you like Kraftwerk, Faust , Tangerine Dream, The Sex Pistols ,BIG BLACK , Techno Break Beat, Sonic Youth , Brian ENO etc.then you know how good they are. This is just my opinion.
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    @BrianMowrey Oh God I love Tinariwen fave song being that water is life one.
    @Alana - aah chapter house, I was a young wipper snapper when all that shoegazing went on and I caught them all live, it was all so LOUD (and good).

    I discovered dragontape and made a playlist of music I loved before I was 20

    Follow the link.
    Seems there are no embedsies on it..
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    Balam Acab's album is very beautiful. Trying to get into Splazsh, but so far nothing on it has rivalled "Machine and Voice". Right now listening to the Cults album, which sounds like it was made 50 years ago... But it fits with the sunshine.

    Kozzie's "Spartan Remix" when the frustration need to get out.
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    @ paprika Great mix ! Your teen listening closely matches my own...a lot of old faves here. Except I fear I listened to more Genesis.

    @ allana SHOEGAZE YES.....what blog might this be ?

    I'm listening to delicious indie folksters The Kingsbury Manx.

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    Ever since moving to Texas, I had been avoiding country music like the plague. I now realize I had been prejudiced, because there actually IS good country out there. Just... not what most of the people around here listen to.

    I really enjoyed Jeff Bridges performance in Crazy Heart, and I bought the soundtrack.

    Yesterday morning I bought his most recent album, and I've barely had a chance to listen to more than a couple songs so far, but I'm enjoying it.
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    Shoegaze? Oh yes....

    Some new stuff in my ears....

    some old stuff.....

    And i'm starting a new mix on Monday. A taster sound....
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    Just now listening to Albarn's iPad album The Fall


    Gorillaz - Bobby in Phoenix
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    @flecky - big yes to Neu!
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2011
    Anything dark and electro flavoured is filling me with black joy.



    Darksome Notes

    Also been listening to two very psychedelic hip-hop producers / rappers on Soundcloud:



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    MIXED ROMANCE - A DJ Set by Moon Mirror

    Italo, classical and glo-fi mix, mad as a bag of hammers but awesome. Features 80s Stallone, Mozart, Tangerine Dream, Chopin and Ariel Pink. You need this in your life.
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    I do love Moon Mirror's mix so much. She was telling me she's the great-great-great-great niece of Puccini so she was raised on the opera and classical shyt.

    This week I have been been mostly listening to: CRIM3S (formerly Story of Isaac)
    Their new track "Breed" is rather good.
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    Tridact's self-titled is pretty sweet.
    Tridact by tridact

    Also, other things.
    unknown mortal orchestra - ffunny ffrends

    coolrunnings - chorus
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    Last two days brain has been in Thin Lizzy mode.
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    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2011
    I just discovered this dude/lady and I have been running the whole collection today. SO GOOD.