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    WHITE WARDS-waste my time 7" (wait, so theres a band with people from IRON LUNG and WALLS and i like it a lot? no fuckin way. plus one dude looks like alan moore)
    CEREMONY-still nothing moves you

    i was recently told by some dude on another blog that i am specifically the reason that he doesnt come to WC, because evidently mentioning punk records that are semi-obscure and no one else really gives a shit about (hey, im not mad. but its kinda true) is somehow turning the whole board into a contest to one-up people? whatever. i just hope none of the good folks of the Whitest of Chapels ever feel like im trying to outdo you by talking about some random japanese thrash record or whatnot.
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2011
    Don't be silly Joe! I've checked out bands I would never have even heard of thanks to yourself, Brian Mowrey, Tacopunch, Allana and a whole host of others. I'm not much of a punk / thrash fan but I am open minded, and I say... Vive la diversite! Sure not everyone enjoys the maudlin hip-hop I post...
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    Pangaea's "Run Out" as shoegaze? Hadn't thought of it like that... A lot of great stuff on that Hessle comp. Personal faves the contributions from Blawan, Pearson Sound, Randomer, D1 and Peverelist.

    Went on an extended jungle binge yesterday: selections from Rufige Kru, Foul Play, Dillinja, Andy C, Ed Rush, DJ Hype and so on. Reached some sort of minor contact with the numinous whilst washing the dishes to Foul Play's "Being With You" Remix.
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    not sure if i'm late to this or not, but ††† are awesome.
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    @ Offtandiscord

    You're not too late, it's been out a few weeks now... They've graciously put up their stems for remix on SoundCloud. Predictably they've had the entire Witch House scene up in arms with their use of symbols as a name.

    Ritualz/†‡† even went as far as to say that they stole his name.

    I personally like ††† but I am a pretty big Chino fan in general, and most things Shaun Lopez has done too.
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    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2011

    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2011
    The guy who quite literally coaxed me into playing music has released a very fine record.

    Clairefontaine - Burden of Drones

    Equal measures of ambient-ish drone things, very beautiful folk guitar music, and unpredictable bits of noise.

    It should be right up several alleys in the general neighbourhood of Whitechapel, give it a shot. I'd appreciate it if you guys would spread the word, too...
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    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2011
    Heavy Doom /sludge trip....

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    This one looks like uniquely suited for the Whitechapel forum. Abrasive rap from the UK with the chorus "If the bad times are coming, let 'em come" featuring P.O.S. and Sage Francis.

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    @ Joe - I don't think you need to worry about that stuff. Everything you post is always great, and I never get the feeling it's about being snobby or anything.

    @ Ebulient - Thanks for that man, I didn't know Scroobius Pip had new stuff on the way. Excellent...
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2011
    Hey the new St. Vincent album is pretty darn good. I'm glad her totally unhinged guitarwork is pretty much front and center on this one.

    (That one is all new-wavey and Bollywood strings and then I had to check if's Bernie Worrell freaking out at the end (it wasn't).)
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2011
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    @ebullient i think i am in love with the girl in the video...but i am married to a redhead with lots of tattoos after all

    @everyone thanks for the kind words. HERE is a live tape of IRON LUNG laying waste to australia in return
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    • CommentAuthorjonah
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2011
    @joe.distort Whenever I check out this thread I never see anything except people enthusiastic about music. I don't feel like I walked into the local pretentious record store or I mentioned the wrong record to some scene dork. That is, it doesn't appear people are virtually sneering at each other like how (I imagine!) a porn store clerk looks at someone buying combination necro-bestiality and scat videos. Why I imagine this I'm not sure.....

    I dunno, I only ever post stuff that gets me high in one way or another. I don't think I'm so special (or fucked up) that not one other person would enjoy it. That's all that matters, isn't it? Or at least it's sample fodder for some hipster douche, other than me.

    Burns out my endorphins. The second part of the video is live action Jim Steranko. I normally don't like videos, but I can't get enough of it. I wonder if they're clips from a movie, a fan film or something else?

    This is one of those songs like "In C" that sounds good playing multiple copies at once.

    The delayed out vocal halfway through kills me.
    Damn, I wish I had heard this album while there was more of summer left.

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    I think we're all missing the point here, which is: Where's this blog and who's this guy and how can we best troll the shit out of him? Sounds like a dick.

    In other news, the new Biosphere album is what I'm doing today.

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    Also, that Clairefontaine album is pretty alright!
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    Today I learned that the main actresses from the show Sister, Sister have my last name almost!

    because of Das Racist

    I watched that show like eight times, I wonder why I never noticed

    PS Here is an interview of those Das Racist young men being interesting and Stuyvesant-High-clever that I found when seeing if the song in question had a youtube yet
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    Oh my gog

    This new St. Vincent album

    It is so squeaky

    This is my face listening to it plus sound and crying

    So good