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    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2011
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    Humblebrag - A collection of lovely twitter updates about just how AWESOME you say you are! It even has Ben Templesmith!

    "My cab driver just asked me if I am a famous actress. Guess that means I look half decent for this early on a Sunday."
    "This just happened. bro at failing commercial bank: "why are you a lawyer if you're pretty and you can cook?" #rage"
    "just gave 100 dollars to the homeless man I see every day here in Vancouver. Irrational kindness does feel really really good"
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    This thread has gotten too useful. SILVERBACK FIGHT!

    Silverback fight
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    If you need to work your french a little bit here is a great french rap tune, and if you can understand without difficulty, just enjoy.

      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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    A goat

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    Caravaggio was the ghetto gangsta of Renaissance painting. He frequently got into tavern brawls, knife fights and sword duels in Rome, eventually having to flee the city with a Papal death warrant on his head after murdering a notorious local pimp with a sword thrust to the groin. He joined the Knights of Malta to hide out from the law, eventually getting into a fight with a senior member of the order and being imprisoned in their dungeon. Caravaggio broke out of jail and went on the lam across Italy, pausing every now and again to turn out an art masterpiece. He was eventually caught (historians speculate by Giovanni Rodomonte Roero, the senior officer he had assaulted) and stabbed in the face in Naples, dying a year later at the age of 38. Although he's regarded as one of history's finest potrayers of emotion and complex psychology, Caravaggio's works are notorious for their graphic violence and gruesome imagery, reflecting his life as a soldier and generally violent man.

    Judith Beheading Holfernes - Caravaggio 1598-99

    Taking of Christ - Caravaggio 1602

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    Laurie Lipton is a wonderful artist, especially her all-pencil works. Here's a fine example...

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    No... I'm not afraid of falling either, it's just the landing that bothers me...
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    @keyofsilence: Man. Steve Buscemi really let himself go.
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    Those must be some prominent chickens...

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    Could this guy actually be the most awesome dancer ever?
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    You know what this video needs? More strange. Yup, more strange.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
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