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    Well, now that I've read the whole thread in one go and completely destroyed any chance of sleeping tonight...

    There is a rather large abandoned cement plant complex near my house, directly to the side of a bicycle trail that at one time was a railroad track. A small creek runs between the complex and the actual path, and you have to get across this creek and then through a chain wire fence to get in. My sister and I periodically broke in there to get photographs and to explore, so we were pretty familiar with the place.

    During the winter, a while back, I was walking the trail at night with a friend, having a heart-to-heart of some sort. We drew up next to the complex and paused there, looking at the water and the barren trees against the sky and so on. And then we noticed a silhouette of a figure standing there, watching us, on the far side of the fence. We paused our conversation and stood there for a bit, staring back. The flashlight didn't carry far enough to illuminate the figure, and it didn't make any sound. Eventually, weirded out, we calmly and coolly vacated the area. As we got further away, we heard voices, so this silent person must have been meeting up with friends.

    All rather mundane. Except for the fact that I swear, when we first caught sight of the silhouette, it was on all fours, and much, much bigger.

    I went back to college after that, but at some point I asked my sister if she had gone back to the cement plant to get more photos. She informed me that on her last trip she found a deer leg sitting in one of the buildings, perfectly sawed off, just sort of lying there. No blood, no other deer parts, just one sawed off leg.

    We haven't been back since.
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    When I was in college, I lived in a bungalow in West LA with three other students. One of my roommates had two dogs. One was a sweet medium sized Rottweiler-Collie mix named Vladmir. The other was a very huge, very submissive neurotic Doberman named Nadia. Both of them were friendly with me, but stayed out of my room for the most part. They weren’t mine.

    One night about three in the morning I’m fast asleep, and Nadia starts to put paws up on the bed. She’s whining and jumping, uber - excited and very annoying. After of a few minutes of pushing her off, I realize that this is pretty strange behavior for her. I wonder how she got into my room because I usually shut the door when I go to bed. So, I open my eyes, and Holy Shit!

    There’s a small blonde haired little boy, about 4 years old standing next to my bed petting the dog! Nadia’s tail is wagging, and she’s looking at me like - See! See! There’s someone here. The boy doesn’t look at me at all.

    Then I realize that the room is brighter than it should be, and I look over at the door. There’s a man standing there that I don’t recognize. He’s giving the kid a hurry up lets get out of here look. We lock eyes; I look back to the kid - and they’re both instantly gone.

    I went to bed completely sober. If the dog hadn’t been there, I would have thought that it was a dream. It was the only time this dog ever woke me up in the middle of the night. I’d felt weird things before, but this was the first time I’d ever seen a full on apparition.
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    I was thirteen or fourteen at the time. One day I got roused by my mother. She asked me to go next door and asked her friend if she had any spare cigarettes. Off I go. I say it was mid-may and the sky was fairly light in the morning. My family and I lived in a row of terraced houses.

    So I walk to the neighbours front door and peer through the front door window. I can see the hallway beyond, in the twilight grey hue of the early morning where light is filtering in but its not that bright yet. I could see a man stood there, smoking a cigarette staring at pictures on the wall , his hand rising and falling. I knocked on the door, taking a step back.

    It took five minutes before the neighbours boy opened the door. It didnt occur to me, of the lack of cigarette smoke or the fact that if that person was actually there, he would have answered the door. The son went and asked his ma for cigs and she ran out of them the day before. So off I went home to tell my mother the news.

    A few days later, as my mother and her friend were sat at a table in the kitchen, I brought up the man in the hallway smoking. She freaked out majorly, running home and back with a picture of her husband who was killed by a bus. He seemed familiar, I just said ye, I recognised him. And the pictures he was looking at were his kids. She almost mentioned hearing footsteps in the attic for the past few days and me saying I saw what was her dead husband, pretty much freaked her the fuck out.
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    @jurgan: I've had a couple those. "Hypnogogic dreams," they're called. You're conscious while in a dream state, unable to control your body.

    Had one a few years back, while sleeping in the family vacation cabin in the Adirondacks. It was well below zero out, but in the dream it was summer, and there where great gaps in the walls through which I could see a bunch of goofballs, including one dressed up in a blue robe and wizard's hat, roaming around spraying water at the place. I really wanted to pound on the wall to get them to get the hell away, but couldn't.

    Another occurred at a time when we had mice in the house. I felt, under my finger, a mouse's tail. Real as hell, right there. I couldn't move my finger to let the mouse go, nor grab the thing to keep it from biting me. Eventually I realized that the "tail" was the tubular piping that edged my blanket.
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    @Jurgan - don't want to delete either story straight away because they're good'ns, but they've ripped the 300-word-limit a new hole and left it sobbing in its own soiled hopsital-gown. Suggest you edit the above post and chop it into 2 - one story in each segment - and check they individually don't push over the limit. I'll give you until tomorrow before unleashing the gridbombs.
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    It was in the middle of the night, I was dead asleep. Yet my conciousness drifted into that state of sleep where you're dreaming. I was asleep. My eyes were shut. Yet at the same time, it was as if my eyelids were open, as I was sleeping on my side facing the tumble dryer with the alarm clock on top with its LED display dimmed. I could see these details clearly, yet I knew, without any doubt I was asleep.

    But I couldn't move a single muscle. My body was paralysed. Then a weight settled down on my bed behind me, as if someone just sat down on my bed. I could feel the curve of the mattress sink in. I struggled to breathe as my lung stopped working. Panic set in. Began to hyperventilate or try to, trying to gulp in air as panic completely took over. Focused everything inch of my willpower to move my hand.

    Just to touch the alarm clock. As if I needed the light to scare away the person sat behind me, sitting comfortably on my bed. My hand inched forward. So utterly impossibly heavy. Only a few inches to raise my hand to this clock. Yet I could have been moving my hand for miles with the effort it took and my breathing became even more ragged.

    Such relief I felt when my fingers touched clock and the light grew brighter at the touc of a button. That I opened my eyes. Or they were already opened in the first place. The weight behind disappeared yet I refused to roll over and check. The panic and the dread was still there, my breathing was ragged to hell.

    How the hell I went back to sleep I dont know.
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    A few weeks ago I was at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at Earls Court 11 a.m in some sort of passive aggressive political bookshop.It was on a sunday morning and i think i had had about 1 hours sleep since friday.

    My mind was in a state of chemical inbalance.Everything around me was so bright it was overwhelming.

    About 10 minutes into the meeting i saw some sort of insect creature scuttle across my torso.It looked like a purple veined eight legged chestburster desperately trying to find a orifice to burrow into.So vivid and horrific was this hallucination all i could do was flinch and squirm in my seat.The room was full of addicts from Chelsea..the posh kind.

    I believe i exclaimed the good old "AAIIEEE!"The whole room,very crowded,looked at me.After the person who was sharing had finished i jumped in with "My name is flecky and i'm a detoxing addict.Sorry about that..i just saw a horrible little spider thing,like".

    Most of them looked at me as if i was king of the sick ones..but a few of the good ones laughed along with me.

    The other night i was sitting on my bed and suddenly Sadako from the original Ring film was bang right in my face! All long black hair and twisto eyes.I shat meself and flung my body onto the bed.She was only there for a micro second but fuck that was enough.

    I no longer watch t.v..just DVDs.
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    Every time we tell stories around here I feel that they all need to be collected into one big volume of short stories. Every single one of them.
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    this has been a good read. the doorbell just went and i jumped out of my chair. this is a reliable benchmark.

    *checks doors and windows again*
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    Okay, so...this was when I was about 12.

    My best friend at the time was part of Air Cadets and went on a trip to an American Air Force base. Basically, he got sneaky, went to a restricted area and took pictures that he wasn't supposed to take. Nothing serious, just controls of certain machines. He prided himself and showed me the photos. So of course I had to put together a prank.

    I explained the situation to my mom, who works with military sometimes, and asked if she knew anyone who could talk the military talk. She introduced me to a guy who was born and bred in a base, was a high-ranking officer out of Langley and could definitely talk the talk. Together we worked out something. And because we didn't want any chance of this screwing up, I informed my friend's parents of his plans. They agreed to go with it.

    I was in my friend's house hanging out with him when he got a call from an officer telling him that security cameras caught him entering an unauthorized area of the base taking photos and after working with the Canadians and the officers of the squadron he was from, he obtained my friend's information. He informed my friend to stand by while, in full cooperation of the Canadian government, they figure out what to do, but he stressed that he was in a whole world of freakin' trouble.

    My friend seemed shaken and preoccupied after the call. I had to leave later on but he then received a second call from the officer, saying that he was to go to Ottawa and surrender the photos and the negatives. There they will decide what the punishment would be for a minor who has committed treason. When my friend's mother got home he ran to her with tears welling up and told her of what happened. She sighed with disappointment, gave the best "you're in trouble" look that only a mother could and told him just how serious an offense treason was. Not sensing motherly support, my friend called his stepfather, who sympathized, but told him that his life was over, as he would be spending it behind bars.

    After a few hours of letting him sweat, I went back to his house and told him the deal. He punched me in the arm. A few times. But we all laughed.

    (EDIT TO ADD: HUGE apologies for going over the limit. Already knocked down 100 words, but have another 100 to go to get the 300 mark. Please don't delete!)
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    That's one masterful prank! Si, any chance a future Spinning Yarns could be dedicated to pranks, hoaxes and practical jokes? I'm sure the folk here have been involved in some good ones over the years. Govspy, I'm looking in your direction ...
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    I can only think of a couple, I've never been much of a prankster...
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    My aunt and her friend were living in an apartment on the other side of the building to mine (previous tenants arrested for chaining their son to the radiator where he died.)

    They had been living there for a few weeks and my aunt's friend had a little girl, she began telling everyone that a little boy lives there with them and likes to play with her toys, she says he is quite nice and likes him. The little girl is about five and has had quite a bit of trauma done to her in her own little short life, all of us are just glad she is happy and seems to be fine with her imaginary friend. One evening while she was playing on the floor, she looks up and says "ok" and walks over and sits on the couch. No more than a few seconds later the ceiling fan drops to the floor where she was just a moment ago. Panic ensued for a bit getting things cleaned up and making sure she was ok no glass or broken bits hitting her ect. She was fine and not bothered by the situation. We asked her later why she had said "ok" before she moved- and very matter-a-fact told us the little boy said she should go sit on the couch.
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    @ curb: o yes..i've been a very naughty..NAUGHTY.. piss taking prankster over the years. He He He..(GRIN!)