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    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2011 edited
    by Joseph T. Pini

    Work on the Nails Jane trailer has officially begun. I have been busy securing rights for shooting locations and animations. The animation rights have been especially important because capturing the views of deep space and all of Nails Jane’s fantastic locations would not be possible without high quality artistic work.

    We have also been approved to shoot in specific locations around St. Louis. Because this is a trailer for a book, and not a film, we do not have a large budget to use in creating set pieces. Thankfully, I have enough years working within professional theatre under my belt, that I can turn any space into an apocalyptic landscape, rebel barracks, or even a spacecraft. There will be plenty to look at.

    Here’s a taste of some images on my storyboard, with more to come:

    Nails Jane Storyboard