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    #roommate living: When I've lived alone, I've been a slob. When I've lived with other people, I've been... not a slob. And a boyfriend who remained a slob after moving in... ended up not being a boyfriend. Because I wanted a boyfriend, not a son. Not that I declared "stop leaving your dishes in the living room or I'll break up with you", and there were other issues too, but that's what ended up happening. Bottom line: you're not being unreasonable.
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    #roommate living

    I think I fall on the messy side of the bell curve, but make an effort to keep my mess to my own parts of the house (bedroom, desk, my half of the workroom) and throw out anything that could attract pests. And no one wants to step on other people's dirty clothes or look at their housemates' underwear lying around. I think you're completely reasonable.


    A friend says he has a Wacom Bamboo tablet (I think he said it was the Craft model?) he can lend me to try out for a while, and if I like it, I'll get the Create for myself. I'm very excited! A TabletPC will have to wait, but I've got my eye on them. They look like the future to me.
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    Yeah....contract that up. But either way take a look at the clients to see if they're the creepy type.

    Alrighty, I have a question here. I think I asked it before, but I'm not sure...

    Freelancers! How do you find work for yourselves? I realize there is only so much that internet buzz and word of mouth can do (although it's done a good amount) but what other ways are there? Cold-calling companies? Printing off a zine/brochure of your work and mailing it out? Showing up at their home scratching on the windows?
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    @Johncarpenter - Jon, how the hell can a person run up a 300 quid electric bill from a towel heater?? that's like creating a perpetual motion machine!

    OK - As someone who has lived with both male and female, crazy and straight, i was somewhere in the middle of the clean/dirty curve. I don't like living in filth, but i was pretty much relaxed with putting off the hoovering till the weekend. The only real tips i can give to you are as follows.

    - Always leave the toilet seat down afterwards. I know us guys will never understand this, but it's not worth trying to explain that to women. It just isn't

    - Rotas for cleaning. That's a given.

    - A 24 hours time limit on cleaning things. So if you have a big dinner/ small party, the dishes can wait till the morning. We had a flatmate that insisted that everyone cleaned up all the dishes right after cooking, then eating. It was such a pain in the arse.

    - no personal laundry in communal areas. Socks and underpants are a BIG no no.

    - Note on the living room door if you have a "special" friend over.

    and that's it really. Oh and if you take someone's booze, own up immediately and replace it within a week.
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    @bob - there may have been something else that I couldn't pin down, but the damn thing was on 24-7 drying his socks and it was the only variable I could detect between our previous normal bills and the monstrous one.

    Note on the living room door if you have a "special" friend over.

    Yeah. That. Oops.
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    It's usually easier to change digs than change people's habits, it tends to be better for your stress levels and general well being as well. Just make sure you don't move in with another bunch of beer stealing shitbags.
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    RPGs. Does anyone know of a group or site that runs traditionally paper based RPGs online, or has tools for it?
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    This may of course vary vastly from field to field, but at least in translations mailing lists have been invaluable. Not only do folks forward jobs they don't have time for, but a few wonderful colleagues have actually told me about clients who'd have need for more freelancers and helped make the actual hookup. Networking, babies. IT WORKS.
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    Fantasy Grounds

    I also highly recommend Venture Bros, as it is indeed brilliant.

    Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Last Exile (Anime)
    Xam'd (Anime)
    Origin (Anime)
    Appleseed [both classic and current] (Anime)
    Vexille (Anime)
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    Okay, so here's the deal. I want to move to the San Francisco Bay area but I have nowhere to stay. I'm looking for ideas on how to have a semi-comfortable living space while I get myself established there. I've moved across the country and hopped from state to state before, but I've always had a friend or family member willing to harbor me while I get set up enough to be own my own again (job, money for rent, food, etc...). I'm basically just looking for anything viable.

    I've stayed with anarchists in shared housing before, I'd be down to work in exchange for housing, I'm just not okay with being in a homeless shelter, basically. Anyone have any experience hopping over to a new city without anywhere to land? Anyone know if there's a place that allows people to stay for a set amount of time? Some place insanely cheap, maybe? Any ideas are welcome.
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    Anyone know if there's a place that allows people to stay for a set amount of time? Some place insanely cheap, maybe?

    When I appeared without a plan in San Diego way back in 1993, I stayed at the YMCA. They had a travelers' hostel. It was like $10 a night, but you could only stay a maximum of 2 weeks, or something like that. After those 2 weeks were up, I moved to a residence hotel where I paid by the week until I found a job and some roommates from the classifieds.
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    estate agents sometimes do short-lets in the form of a room in someone else's house. try some of the smaller firms
    also do you have couch surfing communities there?
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    A little late on this one but re: #notgettingpaid:
    This was posted in another thread earlier this year and seems relevant: Fuck You, Pay Me
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    SO WHITECHAPEL. This is gon' get a little personal, so BEAR WITH ME FOR A MOMENT. I've been getting really rather anxious and depressive again in super fun ways (been going on for a while but markedly worse recently). Brain going a mile-a-minute type of can't-control-thought-patterns anxious and depressive, and about all sorts of silly things I shouldn't be freaking out about.

    What are your own personal favorite coping techniques? How do you push away "the sads"? EDIT: Including or not including professional help. I understand that professional help can be invaluable for some people (myself included), but I also know that many people have developed their own routine and I'm rather curious.

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    I make art about it.
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    Ditto. Art.
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    I find intense exercise helps me. Getting up and running, jogging, or simply jumping up and down on the spot until my heart's pounding and I'm wheezing like a racehorse on steroids. It seems to kind of 'shake out' the anxiety - gets rid of the tingling skin and churning stomach for a good while and helps me refocus.
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    I'm not personally as familiar with the high-level anxiety that you seem to have, but I am very familiar with "the sads".

    What I've noticed is that once depression gets started, it's self-perpetuating. I am depressed because I didn't get anything done today, and I didn't get anything done today because I was depressed about not getting anything done yesterday (and so on). The big trick here is to break this cycle.

    Short term, I find it really helps to do an emotional reboot by looking up stuff I thoroughly enjoy. Specifically, stuff that I find really funny, or that otherwise brings a smile to my face. Upbeat music (like some Passion Pit) and funny/smart TV (Firefly is a show I keep coming back to for this reason) are the order of the day.

    Long term tactics depend on the source of the depression. Most of the time when people get depressed, there's a triggering incident (you haven't/can't pay your bills, someone died, etc.). In an ideal situation, the simple solution is just to solve or deal with the triggering incident (get some money, pay your bills). However, often you can't deal with the triggering incident satisfactorily (necromancy has a tendency to be impractical at best), or you've got clinical depression (which is like regular depression except there are no triggering incidents; it just happens). In that case, it's much more of an ongoing battle. More of the first solution can help, to an extent. What I really find that helps is to get a project of some sort. In my case, this usually involves programming something or writing something, but different strokes and all that. Getting excited and making things goes a long way in my book.

    This is all stuff that works for me, however. Whether or not it works for you is another issue. The main point that I have found to professional help is that they have enough knowledge to help yo figure out what works for you. I'd give a few of the things here a shot, maybe mix in some stuff of your own, and only consider visiting a professional if it persists for a long period of time (more than a few weeks). Professionals also tend to be rather expensive.
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    I become funny. It helps me to get into conversations with people when I'm really depressed, but NOT talk about being depressed. When I'm depressed and in conversation about anything other than the reasons of my depression, I am apparently very, very funny. I can't make that work when I'm feeling normal, but it is a very reliable skill when I'm miserable. I used to be very funny all the time when I was young (which is to say I was mostly depressed), but as I aged I evened out emotionally and now have long stretches where I'm content but not funny.

    So, if anyone ever finds themselves laughing uncontrollably at things I am saying, just keep in mind that I'm probably dying a slow, lonely death inside right at that moment. That should help the humor.

    Actually knowing that I'm likely to be funny in the middle of a depression does help the depression a lot. It's worst when I'm down in it and can't find anyone to be funny with. I tried tweeting the depression out a couple of nights ago, but it wasn't as satisfying as the tweetvoid does not lol:

    (It's twitter, so bottom to top:)

    tweets of bleakness
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    In Fresno I had regular pick me ups that I did without really thinking about it. There was art hop, which occurred on a monthly basis, which I did with a group of friends. I bought comics weekly. I had favorite tea shops that I visited on a semi-regular basis. I was still taking classes, all of which were art classes, so that got me out and doing stuff. The key was doing things regularly enough that they were routine. Things that you do without even thinking to do, but will make you feel better. I'm guessing you'd rather not be spending a whole lot of money, but there are all sorts of small things you can do to feel something, and something good.

    When I was Florence I wandered around the city, people watched, and had favorite places I went to every night. Especially when life is chaotic, routines and rituals are really helpful. Do you live near anywhere pretty? If you can take walks in those places, especially alone, it can be very calming and centering. Or with someone you are very comfortable with. Have days where you wear whatever you feel like and be comfortable. And have days where you dress as nice as possible and feel incredibly glamorous. And now that I'm thinking of it, I should be doing some of these things too.

    #finding apartments to rent
    I'm at a loss here. I can't seem to find any available apartments that are in my price range and desired location. I'll even settle for having roommates if I must. I've tried the classifieds, craigslist, and google (etc). What are your favorite sources for finding apartments?