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    Any 'chapel folks in the Bay Area attending/exhibiting at APE this weekend? If so, chime in here.

    I'll be at Table 343 as part of Third Option Press - with this:

    wa deluxe
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    Looks awesome Brian, I am eager to see so much good independent work from so many people.

    I will be at Table 131 fallen sun asylum dot org with tons of loot: books, buttons, original artwork and prints.

    My first ever printed book, a 28 page full color preview of conceptual work for the upcoming sci-fi/jidai-geki tale set in Japan of the far future where a fallen hero struggles to find redemption across an empire of ruin.

    includes a 6 pack of small ICHIDO mecha prints

    LUNCH SKETCHES Volume One A 28 page black and white sketchbook collecting my favorite 25 lunch sketches over the last few months.

    includes your choice of 1 small print from the book, here is one example

    First time at APE, hope to see you guys there. Tomas
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    Fantastic, Tomas! Will definitely pay you a visit!

    Anyone else...?