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    The previous page. Good godDAMN. Oh you beautiful people.
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    Some urban exploration, an area with several rotting wooden villas from over a century past.

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    @Vornaskotti: That yarn seems a bit bright (saturated?) considering the location. Perhaps it's not as old as everything else?
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    It might be. Then again, that's one of the houses that was inhabited 'till the 80's, may be it's been lurking in some sheltered corner where someone has found it later and dropped there.
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    i don't see myself as a photographer but i like a few i got in SF

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    One more from the urbex trip. We also found this guy's diary...

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    More hiking. No snow this time. =o)

    Lost World Trail, Mt. Wellington
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    I do really enjoy looking through this thread, it's always full of great pictures, so much so that i feel quite embarrassed posting here myself, mine are mostly rubbish in comparison...

    Traditional late Tudour pattern rubbish receptacles
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    @roadscum: Since I love puns, I adore your photo/commentary.
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    Spring finally got into full swing in these parts...



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    @smileyfish: Aww makes me miss the ocean.
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    My flickr home page looks all halloweened up - these are the 5 showing right now... this wasn't planned, it just sort of happened:

    beyond the veilone last smilearm of claybetter not asklost classic
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    @allana OH DEAR GOD.

    So I know I haven't posted on here in...jeez, a while. But I'm still doing stuff! I swear!

    Here's a cell photo of my the view I have for my current project which is a timelapse thing at the Rogers Centre (finished product hopefully coming soon)

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    Went out to Ventura when I was in California over the weekend. I miss sea birds.

    The interior of the Bradbury Building. Goddamn beautiful building when it's not filled with rain and replicants.
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    Spring seems very inspiring ...

    Last friday I started a new photoblog called Mondo Corretto and I'm supposed to post one picture a day ... at least for a while.

    The blog already contains my previous photowork in the archives so you can already stroll around.

    Alchemistry [ 1 / 3 ]

    Everytime it rains

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    Not picked up a camera seriously for a while, but here's this from nearly 7 years ago... my daughter Rosie holding her mother's hand, probably 20 minutes after birth.

    Rosie Hand
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    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2011
    That's fucking brilliant, John/Singularity.

    My sister is having a baby in around April (parents' first grandchild, etc.) and, as the only person in the family who has ever wielded a camera in a Sirius Way, I'm wondering what the fuck to do.

    Tips appreciated.