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    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2011
    So on my drive to work today, I was listening to some of the fine mixes that I've found here on Whitechapel, and then listening to some of the new music I'd downloaded recently, and a thought hit me that perhaps there was a way to bring the two together.

    The concept is to provide challenges, sources and inspiration for mixing - not "Hey, gimmie mixes!", but trying to get at some of the creative juices flowing here around WC and provoke further lubrication.

    Regular Listeners:: Ever been listening to a totally non-techno song and think, "Damn, this would make a great hook/sample/riff, if only I could DJ?" Post links to songs, beats or found sounds (or song titles, poem/prose titles, etc).

    Deejays:: Scoop up sounds, remix/repost stuff, post requests for inspiration ("I need something to bridge between John Zorn and Kate Bush...") or propose a theme, contest or challenge.


    Proposed initial theme: Folk/singer/songwriter stuff that inspires remixing.

    Contribution: Savages, by the Webb Sisters - the harmonies on this track are fantastic, instrumentation spare, and the chorus just begs for lifting and remixing.