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    • CommentAuthortnperkins
    • CommentTimeOct 15th 2011
    @Davie: Nice sense of light in there! Well done, man.
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    @bbrian love that

    This is my nemo remake/remodel, and some character designs for a tribe in my comic:

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    This Kickstarter-project might be relevant to your interests:

    Sensu Brush: A True Painting Experience on Your iPad
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    @tnperkins…nice lighting on the battle scene and congrats on the art book.
    @davie…nice photo study.

    everyone's Supe crazy this month...I keep thinking about 80's Bruce Springsteen when I look at his current casual look.

    Tonight WIP panel..
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2011
    @Thomas Perkins; I'm online and getting that art book STAT! Looks great, I love the design of the cover.
    @Davie: Thanks for the good words, much appreciated.
    • CommentAuthorbbrian021
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2011 edited
    @mercurialblonde- Thank you. I am loving the character designs you got going on.

    @paul- great to see your work again. The last I saw of you was the graphic novel BPM.
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    Hah Superman wearing jeans! I don't know where you crazy guys come up with this stuff.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2011 edited
    @paul- great to see your work again. The last I saw of you was the graphic novel BPM.

    Oh, I've been busy since then... : )

    Here's the art only version of my entry to this week's REMAKE of Little Nemo...
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2011 edited
    I wanna read a Little Ellis graphic novel.

    Of course, Warren would personally come to your house and barbecue your face over the gas ring.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2011 edited
    More DC supers.

    Power Boxer Batgirl > Skinny Acrobat Batgirl.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2011
    Of course, Warren would personally come to your house and barbecue your face over the gas ring.

    I sent him the piece this morning, so I'm planning on that for the future.
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    It's funny how he hates us drawing pictures of him. Warren's got a great look going, what with the beard and hat and long coat.
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2011 edited
    @mojo, congrats for the comic, & love the last WIP... & the Spiderman ¡amazing!

    @Paul, WOW! those posters are realy great! & the Ellis comic page is so tender... love the last panel : )

    @tperkins, i want that book! could be a real very good gift for somebody special (in that case i should have to get two : )

    @Richard Pace, i´m totaly amazed by your skills as an acting director at the last superhero comic page

    Great art & inspiration this month, thanks.



    "-Go away before we kill you.-
    He scanned their faces for the last time. Then he turned on his heel and walked silently away.
    He was blind with defeat. No possible future lay open to him. To be on one's own in the forest was dangerous; here it was doubly dangerous. If he could get back to the middle layers of the forest, he might be able to find other human groups; but those groups were scarce and shy; even supposing they accepted him, the idea of fitting in with strangers did not appeal to Gren.
    Nomansland was not the best place in which to walk about blind with defeat. Within five minutes of being outcast, he had fallen victim to a hostile plant."

    BRIAN ALDISS "Hothouse"

    The Hound   ( para Celina : )

    the Hound

    " -Hist!- cried Holmes, and I heard the sharp click of a cocking pistol. "Look out! It's coming!"

    There was a thin, crisp, continuous patter from somewhere in the heart of that crawling bank. The cloud was within fifty yards of where we lay, and we glared at it, all three, uncertain what horror was about to break from the heart of it. I was at Holmes's elbow, and I glanced for an instant at his face. It was pale and exultant, his eyes shining brightly in the moonlight. But suddenly they started forward in a rigid, fixed stare, and his lips parted in amazement. At the same instant Lestrade gave a yell of terror and threw himself face downward upon the ground. I sprang to my feet, my inert hand grasping my pistol, my mind paralyzed by the dreadful shape which had sprung out upon us from the shadows of the fog. A hound it was, an enormous coal-black hound, but not such a hound as mortal eyes have ever seen. Fire burst from its open mouth, its eyes glowed with a smouldering glare, its muzzle and hackles and dewlap were outlined in flickering flame. Never in the delirious dream of a disordered brain could anything more savage, more appalling, more hellish be conceived than that dark form and savage face which broke upon us out of the wall of fog. "

    ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE "The Hound of the Baskervilles"
      CommentAuthorHEY APATHY!
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2011 edited
    @ mercurial- love the ink drawing, so cool
    @Paul Sizer- incredible, astonishing, eye popping ect ... especially like the colors and architecture this time
    @ mojo- I want a copy of that comic!
    @ pupato- amazing!! the hound is freakin' creepy
    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2011
    Back to the website redesign. Here is like the third attempt at this corner logo illustration:


    It's getting somewhere now, I think.
    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2011
    @HEY, thanks for the "amazing" comment man! : )

    @oddbill, that´s awesome! love the monster octopus, the background... & the neon is fantastic! : )
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2011
    @Paul - Love the Littel Ellis page, brilliant work man.
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    Another piece of the painting I'm working on:

    new painting (work in progress 10 - 2- 16)

    This will be attached to the other part when I'm further along on the painting.
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2011
    grumpy old man
    Trying to integrate digital paint with lineart. I have no idea what I'm doing, so far. This was done in Paint Tool SAI.
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    @Everyone: It's been some time since I posted anything here, though I've been checking the post frequently; as always, I've stumbled with amazing and eye dazzling art, nowhere else to be found.

    Here's some quick shit I made just to try some new brushes I bought.

    Photo's ugly because ich took it with bloody, crappy cellphone.