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    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2011 edited
    To paraphrase previous years' events (see here):

    1. Request a mix. Challenge people with a fun theme, or not, whatever.
    2. Pick a request from the list.
    3. Make.
    4. Send.
    5. Receive.
    6. Squeal.
    7. Post pix.

    I'ma set up an email address just for this, whitechapelmixswap -at- (since when did Gmail need to verify your existence with a phone number for a new friggin' email address? That is so lame). We can use it for future swaps, too!

    QUESTION: How have people's experiences been with our usual postal-system-system? Do we like the DIY approach: you get the address of your mix-receiver and you do the rest? Or do we want some sort of middleman action? I'm not sure what I have in mind, but I don't mind doing some extra legwork if it means things don't get lost in the mail so easily. No complaints about the DIY mailing approach, so we'll stick with that.

    QUESTION TWO: Do you guys want to choose a generalized theme that will help along the requests? Say, everybody requests a different year, and the mix-makers work around the idea of that certain year? Or, your request has to be autumn-related in some way? Or, the packaging all has to be handmade in some way (jewel cases are for suckers)? Or or or.

    I'll wait until I have at least twenty participants before I send out the list-of-requests. Post in here first, THEN email me with your request and address, if you're for srsbzness. K!

    Edited to add:
    I should also mention: If you want to fulfill multiple requests and send multiple mixes, you are by all means free to do so (note that this in no way guarantees you will receive multiple mixes).
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    Would it be a worthwhile idea for people (who get not great at actually getting to the post office, as in past swaps) to upload mixes to a server somewhere? Complete with playlist?
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2011
    I'm in. If you folks want to create a theme that is fine. I have no opinion about it.
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2011
    • CommentAuthorScrymgeour
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    done....hopefully I'll recieve mine this time ;)
    I like the themed idea. maybe a theme for all the mixes and the people involved get a random recipient and a random creator.

    I love giving/ receiving mixes, mainly for the work that goes into decorating the case/ inlay etc.
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    I'm down!

    Postal is fine, but what a few people did last time was upload the playlist on the 8tracks after the mix was received. I think I may be for that.

    Generalized I like that the individual picks a theme that they want, to be honest.
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    I'm in. I'd prefer 8tracks, but if that doesn't work, there are far, far worse things than making a mixtape again.
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    Also In. I'll be less minimal this time around.

    I would like a break beat and house mix.

    I have been enjoying goth night at the local club far too much lately, and would love to listen to "the new stuff" cats are into these days.
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    i'm game and in favour of receiving the physical item, and the person picking a theme.

    the theme i'd request would be 'retro cool and odd'

    and very willing to send one or two
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    I'm down for it - prefer 8tracks as well.
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    I'm in either internets or by snail mail is cool.
    Themes Quietly angry and/or Songs I love(no asshole not in a ironic way).
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    Count me in!

    Though I haven't directly participated before, I always liked the physical/handcrafted/artsy nature of the mix swap idea, and the creator or recipient can certainly post the mix to 8tracks later, for all to enjoy.
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    so are we pickimg a theme that we receive, or a theme that we send?

    " a straight razor sharp as a slice of light"
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    I'm gonna put my foot down and say that the Mix Swap has to include a hard physical object of some sort in the mail. Uploading/emailing a mix is fine if you're fulfilling a specific request for that, but the fun is in making/sending/getting some sort of package in your mailbox.

    The themes suggested so far don't strike me as great in terms of a generalization that people can expand upon individually. Maybe "quietly angry" would work, or "retro and odd" -- but I'm now more inclined to go without a theme, if nothing really mind-blowing gets suggested.

    @Scrymegour, you're requesting a specifically-themed mix for yourself, and then selecting someone else's request from the master list as your assignment. When you select from the list, you'll pick a top three-to-five, and then I'll make the pairings as best I can based on preference.
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    aaah i see, thanks, sounds good, I'll email you my contact details soon

    i agree with the theme thing for what its worth, i'm happy to hear anything people think is good, but its definately the lovingly created physical object i crave most
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    Count me in! I'm tempted to request something weird and unlikely - 'kinky Spanish agrarian music' for instance - but I'd only be doing it to annoy, so instead I'll create some low hanging fruit and request "music that you think deserves to be much better known".

    Being an old fogey I'll much prefer to both send and receive via snail mail. Having to figure out how to upload files and such would make my arthritic old brain explode.
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    To reiterate, you only need to post in this thread to signal your participation (so I can keep count). Email me with your request and your address. I guess there's nothing wrong with posting your request in here, but I thought it was more fun with that Secret-Santa vibe. But DEFINITELY email me all the details; I don't want to have to be constantly comparing between here and the emails.
    Is this confusing for people? I figured we were following the examples of previous swaps pretty closely.
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    Email sent.
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    The themes suggested so far don't strike me as great in terms of a generalization

    My impression was people are requesting themes for themselves, specifically. At least that's what mine were.

    Edited to remove questions that were already answered above, but I missed because I'm dense...
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    @RadioGuy, we all do individual requests for themes. I suggested in the first post that maybe we wanted an overarching theme-to-rule-them-all, as an added challenge/inspiration. But, forget it.