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    I have two colorists to choose from. Trying to choose and would like some help. What do you Whitechapelers think of these pages? Who would you choose?

    image #1

    image #2
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2011
    2nd image isn't working for me. :S
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2011 edited
    The first seems a bit more lively and attractive, but the second is much more natural and believable. Squinting at them both, I find the second easier to look at, but they're both nice. It depends, really, on what sort of mood you want to set for the page, and the comic as a whole (I'm assuming there are more pages to come).

    Edit: I think what's really bothering me about the first page is that light. I know sunlight through tree leaves might look a little green, but it sorta looks like he's being fried with a disruptor beam.
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    I like the warm palette on the first set, but the second set is more harmonious. I'd go with #2.
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    That's the problem that I am having. I love the detail on the first pic, the obvious attention to detail is fantastic. I also love the palette. While the second is simpler, and has less attention given to it, the lighting in the last panel seems a little less garish.

    I am hesitant to pull the trigger on this, as they both have qualities that I enjoy. Should I post the pencils for a further look?
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    Here are the pencils if that helps with your thoughts.

      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2011 edited
    Yeah, looking at it again, it seems the second piece had a bit more thought put into it. The place I'm seeing that especially is the wood grain texture on the trees in the last panel. While the first image is brighter and, in some ways, friendlier, from a purely technical, craftsmanship standpoint, I still think the second is the better of the two pieces, and you're more likely to get consistent result out of that colorist.
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2011 edited
    the results are affected by the image you used.

    This page consists of a really lot of skin and a lot of medium-shot foliage

    The 1st one realized there was not a lot of opportunity to show off in that landscape and overdid it to make a better sale. The 2nd one was just like, "this is what skin and plants in pretty even light look like."

    Hard to judge who would server better in the long haul from that.

    But since the first showed a lot more of their range and did a solid job in all points, I would guess number 1.
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    While the first one is far more saturated than I like, he (?) uses the information from the line art to better effect and makes me suspect he'd be more responsive to a larger variety of material.

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    Thanks for the input guys. I have decided to go with the second colorist for the interiors and use the first for the covers. I think that this will be the best of both of their talents.

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    Cover #4

    Here is a treat - the cover to chapter #4.
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    Nice one. Using the two colourists ths way was a good choice.
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    Thanks Greasemonkey. The results so far have been amazing. My artist, German Ponce, equated it to Solomon's choice and the comment made me laugh a little. :)